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Mountains Of Silver

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Tho Virginia City Enterprise of the 7tli had the following " big talk" about tho Consolidated Virginia- (" take it or don't tako it ") : The Consolidated Vir ginia mine is bcginning to give out some portion of the vast store of wcaltli lymg in its lowcr levéis. The company are now sendiug away bnllion almost daily. Day before ycsterday they sent to the Oarson Mint forty bars, weigliing 4,000 pounds and worth 130,000. The oleaning np of thoir milis began on the lst in'st., and was concludcd yesterday. They do not all clean up on tho same tliiy' tli; rejLSOio. that it woul.l the capacity oí their assay office. One mili cleaned ii]i on the lst, another on the 2d, a third on the 3d inst, and se on successively till yesterday, the Cth, when the work was completed without any blockado in the mtliim; and aflsaying departments. To-momw (Monday) ; fche bulHon lor the nionth of Jaouaiy wül all be in bars, and the value of the whole will V)o lmown tp a cent. We li'-ar it said there wall be so neor $1,000,001) that it will probably not be $5 over or ouder that buih. Although the present nicmth contains but twcnty-eight days, Mr, Maokey informw us that he expeota ' to take tut soniewhero betwaen .1,200,l 000 and .$1,500,000. Next raonth they n „kH, tnlr nut. '2.00(L000, and ; ïfter the 120 Btamps of the two new j milis haye been added to the present orushing oapacHy, the bonanza will boerin to declaro itself- will begin to make fts esstenee manifest, In a oonvexsation witb Mr. Maokey a dy or twoamoe in regacd to Öie bonanza, he Bftid tha waa iiHlispntublv the greatèit mae of Hilver ore ever diacovereel in any place w the world. "Ten yeaia trom now, aaid he "pêople wil] all luiow and admit thte. They cannot ffee it now, nor can it be shown in a short space of time ; but wlien all our arrangemeata for working tlie Consolidated Virginia and California mines are oompleted, it will begin tu bë noen." Last week six vessels arrived at Baltimore from Bio Janeiro, bringinj? 28,000 bags of coffee, containing 3,924,000 pounds, valued at $900,000.


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