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Col. Bill King

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CO the Legislatuïe or ttinnesom : (xENTMSHEN, SkNATOUH, AND lvEl'UK BEHTATrviw ; It luis beeü my gooa fortui m to collie intö poslsesision of a COpy of certftin joint resolutions relating to mysclf, which resolutions aro saidto liavc beon paas&a by the House of Representntives on tlio"30tli day of Janwu-y lust, and by the Senáte on the 5th tlayof lebruury, 1875. Aside fvom any bearmg these resolutiona mny have upon jnyself, Üiey are, ns coming from your body, very extraordinary in character. Ihey are, gentlemen, very extraordinary m so far as tliey correctly illustrate your Jack of knowledgo of the comrnon propneties and decencies of ofticial position, your painful disregai-d of truth in youï official .,,.;,„,. vonr false imd hypocriüoü pretensos of virtuoos rogará for the honor of tho State of Minnesota. ín dealing with you and your joint resolution, therefore, I nhall, gentlemen, speak of you as I know and understand you, paying no regard whatever to that (inicial greatneaa yon so pompously assiune during tho brief fáxty days alloted you wheretn to fit and completo yourself for that undying political famc and iramortality whieh each of you no doubt snpposes himself to have been bom to. As for your joint resolutions, gentlemen, in which you so indecently assume the falsehood that I have accepted money as a consideration for my services in aicung the passage of a subsidy bill in the mterests of the Paciiio Mail Steamslup Company they are interpreted in other and more conmon lauguage, Legislative hes. They are lies in a doublé sense, inasmuch as they not only charge me in tho broadest implication with having "accepted money fot my services," etc., butiaaspvt.ino-. bv thè samo broad implication, ;hat I havo refused to appeai before tho 3ominittee of Ways and Means to testify is to my connection vitli and knowledge jf the passage of the Pacitio Mail subridy bill ; for I now again aascrt, wbat I to y ears ago truthf ully stated under oath , shat I nevcr accepted or received a dollar is a consideratioñ for my services in aidbig the passage of the bill, white I took sn-eat pleasure in appearing beforo the committee at the very opening of their investigation, and testifyiug fully as to all I knew coneerniug the matter. EherOfore, it is, gentlemen of the Legislature, tbat I distinctly charge you with having spread upon the records of your respective houses flagrant, iiudaeious falsehootls concerumg myself- an act which, to use your own languflge, is ealculated to cast dishonor" upon the escutcheon of Minnesota unless you hall have tho deceney "to at once rectify position by expiuigüig these disgraceful falschoods from your journals. Under what armngemetit I did receivo a largo sum of monoy about tho tune of the passage of the Pacific Mail submdy bül is a matter whieh 1 (lo uot propose to disclose to the world, except m my owngoodtíme, nor until the emdenoe, wliioh I am imable to reaeh now, can be secured; to the end tíiat the exact faete i m the Oase oan be prosented to tho public, whieh mil bring to me the fullest and most complete viudicatum against the falsehood wliich you have spread apon your respectivo joiirnaln. Until tliat time, wliich, 1 trust, wffl not be for difltent, 1 ha% only'to say that not one dollar ot the money recéived by me, oí wluch so much has been talked and writton, was eveí intonded or íipplied to influence a vote npon tho Tuciftc Mail subsidy, and no word or üne of the evideuce that has been taken during this long and most searching invi-stigation even " pomts to any such conclusión. Ánd so, conscious of my own rectitude in the matter, and pausáag here to tender ' to that one Eopreseutntive who was just (Miongli toward me to refuso lus asaent to your lying declaration my grateful thanks, I pasa on to some other pomts whioh f propose to present to your, and tl rniblic's consideration.


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