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How He Got Even With Him

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In East Toledo tliere is a man whcm the boys all regard as a crusty old bear, without one grain of sympathy m h - composition, and who rogards all thü boy a,s so maivy pest8. lts a sort of mutual feeling of disliko on general principies. Monday uight onc of the aforesaid boys was on his way home trom town, and passed the dining-room wmdow of his particular foe. A big, uglylooking dog liad lollowed him ; his particular enemy had a dog that waa if anything uglior and inite as largo, lhe family were at supper, and the head ot it sat in his shirt-slceves and bare feet, doing vigorous justico to a píate of eold pork and beans. Am mea seizea m iu . ; He softly approac&ed the door leadrag hito the dining-room and opened it. His newly-found dog, after the manner oí all dogs, plunged into the room without ccvcmouy, and tlu-u the boy shut the door and ran for dear life. The brute naide went for the strango dog, and they commenced chewing each other s gullets with all the cordiality of oíd acquaintanc- s They knocked over chaira, upset the table on the oíd man, and nearly küled the baby. The frightencd oíd íel low Bcrambled out from under the ruin of nis supper, tore open the door, and 1 ran down street in hia bare feet through the snow and over the ice, flourislung a caseknife and shouting for help. His j vvifc gathored tho littio ones, mcludmg the denioralized baby, under her arms, j aud fleeing to a bed-room for safety, j tivnclu-d herself in the middle of a bed. Finally the dog who belonged t the house whipped the stranger, the old man retorned. aud order was again stpred.-


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