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The Frmtport Irou and Lumber Companj own 13,000 aeren of land and have a capital of L750,000. Patento were recently iusued to citizena of tliia State aa followB : Hoe, II. Johnson, Three llivera; cultivator, M. Johnson, Three Rivera ; car-couplingn, J. Graliam, Detroit ; careouplings, J. B. Winters, Attioa ; bootleg turning-machines, D. Bisuel, Detroit. M2KSONAL. The stamp clerk at the Detroit Postónico gives notice tliat it will be uselesa to ank bim to lick any more stampa. He kas been so impoBed upon in this lino that ho feelu like a hvmp of gum arabic, and frequently tlreams that ome onc is boiUng him doi to be bottled. A yoüno man at Portland, noarly crazed at seeing bis father belpless from dnuikeniiess, thought he was about to die, and callod frantically in the hotel for Iüh affianced. 8he de miin-ed at iirat, but by the tulvico of her mother tned to administer conaolation to the griefdistracted youth. The Ionia üentinel says : I "The Hpectators tbought Cupid was among 'em ' wifch store clothes on. AU at once tho mad lnvp.r nalmad down and became aa gentío as a dove. Then that good old mothcr, with happy face and fhitteriug liandkerohicf, crowded up and Bftid glowingly, ' There, I told you it would do hira good. It will do any man good to hug and bo lnigged.' " Edward Sassen, of Grand Kapida, bas been called home to Holland to take posaession of a fortune of 05.000 guilders loft him by thedeath i of In father. CBI.HK. WnxiAM La Foüntain, a resident of Lapeer county, eloped with a married woman named Bcarman laat week, and took tho train for Flint. La Fountain íh about 50 years of age i and leaves a wif e and six childi-eu. In a dranken row at st. joscpn a iew utn ago, two brothers named Lysanta wero shot by : a traveliug salesman, eme in the leg, the other in the abdomen. The latter irfU probably die f rom his injuries. CuniSTiAN Leandeb, a Germán living at Detroit, committed tmicide a few dayn ago by shooting üimtself with a musket. CASUAITIEH. The roüidencc of Thomas Thompaon, of Eaet Saginaw, was bnrned a few uiglitn ago. Mr. Thompson, who is an old man, was rescued ! from the bmlding with the greatebt difficulty. j The los is ostimated at 19,000, on whioh there WiÉH no insuitnice. Tue ffiith Wnrd School at Bay City was doHtroycd by iiro last week. The loss amounto to $13,000 ; iiiBiired for -if7,ono. The residence of David Herrick, of Aliine, Kent county. wan deétroyedby 6 laetweek; loss, f5,000. A fikk at Negaiineo a few nighte "go de! stroyed the reeidenoe of Oeorgo Sheldon. But littlè was saved, and tho total luss on the house and funuture is l,000, on which thero is an nsuranoe of $0,500. BEATHS. Mus. Asiï Vandemakk, an okl womau living at Niles, was fro.on to cloath lat weck. Iuvcntigatóonu, aitcr death, rcvealed a most horrible SHw wan lyiflg in a bed in a rickety old shanty sha had oooupied for a imnibcr of yeara ; the Windows broken in, the door off its hingen and propped np, without a bit of tire in the house, or fuel with which to make a flre ; no victuals of any description in the hoiwo, and the miserable woman hatl probably eaten uothing for a day or two. ïhis is, perhaps, the vorst case of destitutiou in Nilcs this winter. ÏIAIT.ROADS. Uuiuno the late "coldsnap," four pansonger trains wero uowed in between (rand Eapidrt ui„l Kturgis, at one time, at four different pointe on the road. The drifta were three miles long and ten fcet deep. The wind was so high that the. snow driftod in as f ast as it couia be hoveled out, for three day. This has been the most severe etorm ever oxperienced on the road. MISCEIXANEOUS. W. F. Wiiaabd, of Ferrysburg, was last week paid $2.000 by Mesura. Korby & Co„ ship i ers at Grand Haven, for threo sticks of timbor which he got out of the woods near that place. It is reported that a cook in a lumber camp on the Hanistee rivor bas faUen heir to $3,000,000. The pretty-waiter-girl-saloon-busineBS is good at Grand Eapids, no less than five saloons of tliis class naviiig been openod there in tho paBt thirty days. Complainta have been made to the Mayor aJking him to revoke their licenses. A ciiAMTY baix recentlv given at Detroit netted $1,200.80, which was turned over to the Relief and Aid Society. The State Eeforru Ausociatiou ia to moet at LmiBiug on tlie 3d of Marcli. Tue Kegcnts of the Umversity held their regular meetdag at Ann Arbor a few days ago. Amona otht'r trannactions they petitioned the gÍRlaturo for 15,000 for watev-vorks for tlie Jnivermi.y ; lü.000 Íor the Hospital, nnd ■ ►12,000 för outstawling dabtB. Tiioy alo greeS o do the bent possible tliing te tbc íaJopoMá lomoopatldc school, provided tlio Legiulature ippropriates any monoy for it. Teams are erossing Lake Erie frora Michigan to Long roint, Canada, a distance of tlmty mUes, on the ico. This has not been done before in thirty years. Tue Michigan Amateur Presa Association will meet at Jacknon sonie time in April. Michigan ñremen will msemble in convention at Battle Creek, April 13, for the purposc of orgaurang a State Firemen's Association. " The lïattle C'reck l.'onimune ia ui n"" . of a oommuuinüc society recently organb.ed at Battlo ('reek, with P. Brmkerhoff as "the Hub," and T. S. A. Pope, j fonnerly of Chicago, Secretary. ïhia is their only " law :" " Let no mau cali Ood hia fltther who treats not man a bil brother. I tice to the laboring man and woiuau, who, by virtue of thcir tobWB, have the power to yet ; makc capita! their Herver." THK LKGISI.ATUHK. Tuuhuay, Feb. 16.- Nranerons pettUom wero reoeivod, üie more importéBi bolng me f,,,,,, the Etaglnaw vallry, MKtag the rope! -'f J law for the [nBpeotíoü "f lnmber; one rwm tho i„ rmtt'mUHt of BchOOU. ;,„,-Tho loint renoluüon asklng Oongree to allow the Boldiem nd aflora to acqníre home rtca.l land without regard to time of sttto,,„,„. and Qiát affldng .!„ ,.,,.....■ tl. - KithM qpoüea tite harbor ol r.-i,iK.-, mul t 'rrtlliM "fT.vA'XS of i ■■■ tition w( ro rooclved foi the etoblfcllmnt ,r „ ,, npmrUqiKin; al.. ■■! to lmvr ).r..U,,M,„.V h w mo3e ■".■■. Lirinti-ul ; tor Uvo repcBl of ,, ,;;..v taxing mortgage; to UbUh choo pi fcnürtryat Michigan ünlrewtty ; ná f-r :!.(,.- iaüverean -t toOongreiw to award discharged boIdteï S L2lon 1200 in money, mstead of l " of land. WjbxkjmbAY, Fel, 17. Señale The btate Printer communicuU'.l to the Sonate that 4,000 of each of the State reporto fot 1871 wort l'rinted, half SÜStAÏ'SSBSP the p.ans, wouldbcnott exceed f7n,iniu inr uouirc jomi rwoluUon asldng Congress lo construct a üjht-houRe and place rog billa on the west bar of Moi-kinnw irtaml, iuhI the 1-. i 1 1 convoylnR to the United Siatea governnicnt two tracts of laml ut Sault 8te. Mulo, adjcent to and needcd for the enlrgement of the Rbip canal, were paased. JfoWKf-BOla introduci-d : FacilitatitiK the inspoction of record in bflSops oL Registen of i'-1k; authorïziDg the appolntment of guardiana for uiarted women undcr 11 e age ol i ■■ ■ -t '. and to ropeal net-' creating !!■■ oAce !' Cnxamiailoner of Iwamp Landa, nd Btatcroadi - The Auditor Genpal was roqnrati '! I" Furnirti informatlon as to the inonni "f taxable prop rty '" the Dpper Peninanla ud the wionnl of S&to kaxe ierived Bieïeirom .r ii i rlod of yoori down to 1KV4. Thcbsdaï, Feb. Sonate-The Committee .n the IVaf, Dumb, and Hünd report that thcre are KWpupib n tí"' iiiHÜtiiti"". '11." y mommond au appropriation of $125,000 tor the' rapport of the inutitution for two ;■ ars, and for various improvrinr.nts. A bilí to that effect waa introthicrrt The Committee on the Innanereportod i bil] appropriaüng $'.10,000 for tho support of the alylnm ut KaumsK for the next two year Bill wera Intrpduced t" repeal the act of 1H."'5, irt'VciitiiiK thf1 Ritlr of liquorR ; repealiug the act for the íiiki' ction of Umiber, and uiuui-roiiB others offcierely a local nature - Among tho bül pam4 IMK tluiKC conceruing Uie recording of patéuts for liiuil, for Uie recordinü of Ulo canceling of morteacps the truiiHf.r (,f action by inanriincc couipanien, and "U" 1B "f 'v ]eBa important nature. . , _ ; H ■ i .1 - f At n I Mi tu'- i ÜO xtCgí 'liis ui uhj umx-ioiij """■ ■- - special appropriation to enable thora to supply Uiat inUtution Wlt pim: wat, r. . . .The ltaüroad Commíttcc repoited favorably on the bilí prohibiting tJiiuno of kerosene oil a an illuminating material in railrüad cars . . . . Bill wcro introduccd making an annual appiopriaüon to thn State Pioneer Booetji alnciuling tlic -cti.m of the gonrral railroad law which roíera to feúcos and cattlo-guardn ; and for tuo enconragomont of manufacturing coropamcn. Fkiday, Teb. 19.- Seríate- Bills were paeBcd ■ amonding the general railroad law, requiring all railroad companies, at reasonable timos, and for a reasonable compeneation, to draw the cars and mcrclumdisc of other railroad compUÚM, oorporatiolM, or Individuáis, under a penalty not exceccling $500 for each offense, and abo requlring flagman, hrldgea or ates to be uiaintainc-d at smh Btree or blgbway cn,B6ing a in the JudgmeHt Of toe KaUroad tmnmiiwionTR are necesKarj-. The bilis for the protection of inn-keépera, anfl rogulating the rale of forfeitcd univn-Mty and x.m.ol Unds, wcro also pad. lialxocV, Ín vow of the charge oí Ule jmanagement of the A,yhnu for tho Deaf, Dumb aud BUnd at l'liut, moved for an invertiation of the níatter, and the. Oomuiittee on th A.ylum wore ordeied to iuqiúrc into the working ofthe institution generaüy, with JxneT to nena for nwni and papaw. -v bul ha been reported giving thiK institutie $105,000 for itt fnpport dm-mi; the coming two yrar, $10,000 of whlch ís ior a deheit m the fundw. y,,,,-The Governor notificd the House that he had Btgned the bilí organizing the County of Banga, and the joint teBolation In rejatlon to the non-ratiflcation of the reciprocdy MMT-...1U OTrintíoaucedtoetabllhohool "f minea, machan, andteohnology, in Michigan Oniyeniity ; to a„l ,„ ttó conrtractioá ..f a ruilnrad thirogb the Monomtaee iion range by a grant of mn Wb, and to organlze tho couutxa of Glaflwm aml Satubday, Feb. 20.- Smae- Oreiwcl'B bill, which makes provifion fqr tho examination of witnesBcs in crimina! mms, K) as to obviato tho nccessity for imprisoning oh as cannot furnish bail for their future arpearauoo, was favorably Ported on by the Judiolary Committee. . . .Bills were intro.Iuoed to anona the divorce laws, nsddng pm is.on _f r cases where imanity was dcvcloped ; to permit raUrod companicB to bc-11 ticket at special rato" on special occasiouH, limtting the timo of th(1r val.jli J and to prevent masters of vesaels from Blgntng falao biUs of lading. Tfouse-The Auditor General reportad that thcre had been expended, so f ar, upon the Agrieultmai College, very nearly $415,000. Tnc proceeds of tho Kües of Agricultural College tanda have boen $100,000, and the annual Interest pon the f nnc 1 is 114 Ó00 . . A bill to make the l'rotaibitory Uqnor law more striügent. and one embodying the "g option, were introrturod. aa atoo a bilí for tte tormation of Bonietics for the prevention of cimltj o cliil.lren The most important biU pasw-d relates to the'incorporation of gyinnaati.: aMOOlatUma.


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