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A Cool Burglary

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Tho Brvaii (Oliio) Democrat givos tlie following'burglary story : For coolnese, deliberaron and uudacity tb e burglary of Wertz Bros.' grocery, on Suuday morning is without parallel in the criminal history of tho country. So delibérate and impudent was the tnuisaction from beginning to eud, that it seems likc a huce Joke. About 2 o'clock bnnday morniag a gang of thieves, vanously ertimated from five to oight in number, stole Amlrow Stóith's liorse, hitchcd him to 8 O. Moore's bob-sled and tlien drove to tlie west side of Wertz Bros.' grooery, souÜiwcst corner of the public square. Au entrance into the grocery was easüy effected through a nielo uoor. vuue mside, the fire was smothered with salt, and the work of pfflage began. Every drawcr was Muósackèd and the cellar searched. Sonie chango was taken from one of the dravers, and Hovend liams lifted from a barrel in the collar. Thon, to cap the climax, the andaderos rascáis actually lifted and carried out nn iron safe, Weighing nearly 1,000 pounds. Once loaded, they attempted to start, but Smith's horse was too conscientioiis tor the business, and rofused to pull. Carefully placing him in tho atable, they went to David Gettle's stable, over half a milo away, got out his dray horse, drovo up through the heait of the vülage, hitched hiin to Ule bob, and away they went. They drove south on Lynn one square, then east on Mapie, crossnig Main, to near Allen, where they halted, ! tunied tiie horse adiift, and within ten rods of Mr. Barstow's rcaidence, dehberately cracked the safe by smashing the door to ainithereena. Alas, for all their paina they found no lucre- nothmg but age to the safe, the loss was mconsiderable It is the impudence of the tnck that surprises ld astounds everybody. They were heard crossing Mam street betren 2 and 3 o'clock. Tho safe feil off the bobs twice en route, and the thieves ckrried cord vrood and bmlt up a tramway to nid in relonding. The safe was smfwhed vithin ten roda of where Barstow and his family were sleeping. About 4 o'clock a young man, returmng home from ft protracted visit to lus giri, saw the party at work, but hadn t sutH- éient curiosity to go over and see what they were working at.


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