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day, a joint resolution proposing an amendments to the Coustitutiou increasing the salaries of circuit judges was rejected by a vote of 19 to 11. This action, if tinal, is to be regrotted. No lawyer really competont to hold the office of circuit judge, and possessing energy enough to discharge the duties prouiptly, can afford to take the office at $1,500 a year. Honce the continual resignations, which will increase in freqnenoy and number, unless the occupant has his fortune already made or is unBucces8lul in his practice at the bar_ The only remedy is an increase of salary to a fair figure. That failing, the circuits will be made smaller and smaller until we shall have a county court system, with froni forty to fifty small judges, and such innumerable appeals that an adlitional supreme court will be neoessary to review the decisions below. The truo policy is larger circuitsj larger salaries, and larger judges. The salary should not be less than $2,500, and ought to be 13,000, and not more than fifteeen circuits should be permitted, at least for the next ten years. The present salary is nearly exhausted in traveling expenses and board bilis, while the slow coaches who are content to starve upon it year after year (or not being slow coaches, to live off accumulat.ions from practice, farming, or rea estáte transactions), make long and ex pensive terins for the people to pay for If the average farmer, who is supposet to be the foe of liberal salaries, wil charge hiniself with the produce consumed in his family, he will surely come to the conclusión that evon a salary of $2,500 will soon be exhausted, and uo margin lel't for a " wet day." We shall probably be told that there are plenty of candidates for judicial honors at the present salary ; and so there are for town constable, alderman, or even mayor. The question is not one of number but one of quality, legal attainments, judicial ability, and aptness and promptness - so that three or four court days need not be used in doing the work of a session of three hours. A judgo with these qualities will be cheaper at $3,000 a year than one of the ordinary run at $1,500 or even at $1,000. We hope that the Senate will recousider its actiou, and that both Seuate and House will agree upou such an amondment as will bejust to both the judges and the people, as well as creditable to the State. In the Senate (at Washington), on Wednesday, a bilí was passed admitting two " rotten boroughs " - Colorado and New Mexico. Neither of these Territorios proposed to be converted into States, has a population suñicient to entitle it to a single member of Congress, and vet each is to be given two Senators and the power to neutralizo in the Senate the vote of New York, Ohio, or Pennsylvania. Besides, the population of New Mexico is of the half-breed and mongrel type, unfit to intelligently exercise the elective franchise. An neither State will be able to bear th burdens of a State government. But there are oandidates for Senators in both, and the dominant party thinks it can secure four new Senators. It is to be hoped that the House will defeat the bill. Ik the Legislature the Senate Coinmittee on University and Normal School has reported favorably on bilis to pa; the outstanding $12,000 of interes bearing warrants of the University anc the bill appropriating $5,000 for water supply. The House Committee favorably on the bill appropriating $10,000 for a hospital. A bill has also been introduced in th House, appropriiting $30,000 for a new Normal School building. The Hoar report, on fourth page, i really a minority and not a majority re port. The majority report claims a fai election in 1874, concedes the electio of a Conservativa majority in the Leg islature, and condemns the action o the Returning Board. The two las points were agreed to by every membe of the committee. The New York Times predicts a flow of gold from Loudon to this country. It is stated that with the present rate of exchange it can be shipped from London to New York at a profit of $400 on every $100,000 of coin, clear of freight and insurance. Advices are that on two days of last week $1,000,000 in gold coin was shipped from that city to New York. A memorial has reached the Legislature aBking that the penalty for the desecration of cemeteries be increased, and that the authorities of the UniverBity be required to keep a register of al bodiea received, of whom received, the name of the deceased, and wbere and how procured. The subject presenta " grave " difficulties. At WASHINGTON, on Wednesday, the House session was prolonged all night, the new enforcement bill being the bone of contention. The Radicáis are near the end of their rope - March 4th - and are determinad upon all the partisan legislation possible. A BILL is pending in the House (Lansing) making the 30th day of May a legal holiday. It ought not to pass. Better take up gome of the legal holidays now provided for. Compulsión in this direction has gone far enough. The World classes the new United States Senate, whieh ia to meet in special session on Frinay next, March 5th : Radical Republicana, 36 ; moderate Republicans, 7 ; Demócrata, 28 ; Liberal, 1 ; Independent, 1 ; vacancy, 1. i n WEDXE3DA.Y waa the last day for introducing bilis into the Legislature, and about 200 wero thrown into the House and 75 in the Senate, among them two or three of local importancu. With to-day but five working days remaiu to the Forty-third Congrs.


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