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11BF0BT OF TUK JIOAlt f.i UIM I 1TEK. The following ia a synopsis of the report of the niajurHv of the lloar nuli-eoiimiittee, as lreBouted to the Iloueo of Keprosbntatives: Fint - l'hiit there Unta in lbo White Men's i'iirly ■ purpose to teke poesessioo, by fwroe or rand, "f tlioHtate government, Vflthout regard to the i[mstinu wlio may faxe numericftl majority at auy fauvL,,;„,'l- 'i'bat, In the oaeontloa al thie purposo, IIh-v wiU not hesitate to use uny Iñstruinenfahuos wliich Ihov Ihiuk deeigEOd to uscompllch tlu'ir ena, whether thé 8mc bc murdep, fraud, oivil war, or ooeroion oí teborora by thrir employer. Third- Whilo there are mlij whlM meu of mod orate meanB ho do nol themselvee use mr appro? of thosc nnlawful ïm-nns, sucli men deslíe the ; oomplithinent oí the Mme end, and are powerle ander the leaderfhij) of their more ïnflueuUal as i'ourí'l- Xtooe causes have made it easy for the rtútomentoeountte: The fact that the adminisratton party in Loulsiana is made ip almost altozother of negro Totes, with a fcv: white vote, Uxge'vfromothcr States; the Lact that there has been laladnünistration by Bopublican officials ;tho belief by a large mmiber of the white poople that they liavi been twice ilefrauded of the residís of the sucFiflh- Whlle thcBC ihings aro deplorable, the eourse of the white pcople themselves ha tended to brini! them about. The pimple and peaceful remedies of obcdience to law and decent treatruent of opponent woold, if they had pursued them, havo moven effective long ago. giïtft-Whlle we believe. Gov. Kellogg rccelvcd maiority of votes in 1872, and while we believe there was vlolence anil fraud in many of the panshes in 1374 the illegal order of Judgo Dnrell, and the Ulegal conduct of the Keturning Board in attcmpting to ciu-c ono wrong by another, have fmnished substantial bast for oomplalnt. Seventh- There has bccn muen aiRnouosvj im eorruption in Loutsiana. For these the ltepublican ñlneials under Warmoth's rule are largcly reepomnblc, although many of their opponenta have been equallv guilty. The effect oí all thia haa been to put au end to the authority of law throughout a largo portion of Louisiana, to deprivc tho negro of ircodom and Miirrage, and to destroy thesafeguards provided by law to seeure fairnef.s in elections. This. Btate of things overthrows republicau govcrinncnt in Louisiaua and teriously meuacen the ivholo country. Mnth -A ucw election umler national authonty is dcnired bv neither Bide. 'j'cntli- Congross shoukl oxercisc it constitutional powers. We think Williain Pitt Kollogg was th êhoice of the majori(v of the voters in 1872, and should be recognizeü. . Klrrrnth- loBBt remedies are but superficial. Efficiënt educational aid would have done tauch to m-eveut the uvil. and may do ïnuch to effect the cure The public sentiment of the rest of tho country without distinction of party, may do much to remove as it has already unfortunately done much to nggnvate, the evils of Lomsiana. The pcople Bho3d bo made to uuderetand tliat tho anthonty lodged in the national govermm-nt to prcuerve a repubUcan f orm of government and to protect the rights of all cilizens vill be ldmlly bilt foarlessly and stcadily exercised, and that no party in thia country víiíl accept the allianco of uien who are .■nvinir nrraprrliv micli methods as we have been compellcd to describe. Únicas tuis can be dono, thc overthrow of the froe msütutions of the whole United Stut. s will not long survive the destruction of those in tho South. The report is accompanied by a reolution reoommending the recognition of Kellogg and the return of t!ie five Couaervative members ot the Legislatura. The following are the conclusión of that portion of the report which relate to intimidatiorj : We ennnot doubt that the effect of nll these thrngs m to nwivent a f uil, frec, nd fair olcction, and to intimídate ihe ódbaei voter and the white Bepublicans. The very foitnation of a white mtm'8 party was n mcuace of a terrible import to thoee wno remember Coliai and Bouier. ïh prem waa üïïed with threata of viólenos, The anfwment to doharge laborera, the suggestion that wild beust are tamed liv hunger, was evidenoe of thc general spint. The overcmow oí im; ovana wwuiuui j White Lt-agao on the 14th i SeptemtM r; tlic barning uut of largo numbera of parish officials in thocounty by compelling tliciu to floe for thc-ir liven ; the fcarful lcKKon of Oouahatt; the formation, armmg, and drilHng of the White League, ie natural succeiwors of the Kuighta of the White Oomellia ; Ihose thinKa in í commnnlty where therc is no leg.-.l puuisbmont for politlcal morder must in the nature of thingshavo ftlled with terror a peoplo timid and rentlc like colored pópiBation "f Louniana, even [ we had uut taki-u abundant eTidenoc as to special tctgof violencc nd crime. and their effeot on parLcnlar noighborhooda. Tl ie report is signad by Meuans. Frye, Jioaiuw! Wheeler. Foster aiid l'bplpa agreo witli heil wwociates in mnny purticulare, bnt diHagroc ss to iutimidation. aOKSEBVATTVEB 1NTEUVIB:W THB I'liKSlIll'.NT. Mossrri. Zacharie, Burke, and Lconard, repreBenting tho Ctonservative party of LooisUna, had in intoiview with tlio Pretlient tLo otiierday. Mr. Buike propoeed to raad liis amendment to the Wheeler propoeitíOB, but tlio rrcHidevit infonned liini fuut lic could not bo a party to:my agreomout, nu lii dnty wan to exeonte ttielaw, and nut enter into my negotiatiou or compromiae, but lie would bo rejoicm if Hm mmowiiir nartiCH in I.ouifiiaiia couli coma to soma anderetandlng by whichtbe prcsent content ioiiH in the State coukl bo Hottled. He spoke in tho bighest tcniiH oí Repreaentative Wheelor in the characterof a compromiso!-, and said nomo miHtakes had been marte, but if be had been (lovernor of Louisiana at tlie time of the September troubles, liewouldhaveturned tbo ditsturber of the peace over to the courte iuBtead of conBulting wifli them. Tho l'resident informed the Louisiana committeo thatbe wotild consult with tho othor partios to the contost in Louisiana, and aid no man would rojoice more ttian bimself if n arrangement, oould be nuulo by whiob conflicting views coidd bo reconeiled, and the peace and proaperity of Louisiana Beonred. The coramittee tlien called on Mr. Wbeeler, who promptly rejected the proposed amendment to the eompromise.


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