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Extra Session Of The Senate

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r.y tht rrcMidout of tho umteci states 01 America, a prociarmtion : iir.i'.F.As, Objecta of itUrort o tte United Stawa reqnire that the Senate should te convcned at 12 o'clock on the Stil day of March ncxt, to reuoivc an act upou Huch Communications au may bc made tn it on the, part of the Executive : Now, thcrefore, I, ülysse K. Graut, President of the United Btotei, hai Lag conridered it to be my duty, do iun this, lny proclamation, declaring tbat an cxtruorilinary occasion rtquircs tho Sonate of the United Stutos to convone for the transaction of buüinesn at the Capital, in the city of Washington, on the 5th day of uatdh QBlt, at 12 o'clock at noon on that day, of whlch all who sliall at that time be enütled to act as menibers of that body are hereby required to tt notice. Given under my hand and the scal of the United Staten, at Washington, on the Bevenleentli day of February, in tlie year of our Lord one thonsand ii"ht hundred and Bcvcnty-flve, and of the indcrendence of tho United Staten of America the nmety-ninth. U. S. GnANT, l)y the President: IIamilton Fish, Secretary of State.


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