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Women Lobbyists At Washington

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It ia now accepted and ttnaerstood that no decent womau can frequent these lobbies end cali out mombers of Congress without taint. The lobby in the rear of tho Speaker' ohair should be devoted to tho use of mombers, instead of being now, with tho Spcaker's room, ovorrun with lobbyist, male and female. From the room originally devotod to öe use of the Speaker, that functionary has boen dríven to one more remóte, and now tho apartment originally Sptended for tho presiding officor may lx; found at all hours during thö sossion crowilcl with painted women and corrupt men pressing their various scliemes on Congresamen. - Tho Capítol. A man and his wifo both eloped from Kearney City, Neb., on the samo night a short time ago, each leaving a note íor the other, saying they had gone for good: "Two soids with but a single I thought," etc.


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