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"old Pomp"--great Doings Over A Dog

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Few of your readers wno nave visiteu i Georgetown and stopped at the Barton j , have uotknowu wmethingof Jim White s splendid, , ■ land "Pomp." In his youth and prime he was a noble animal, íull of life and ioT, and desperately devoted to his master. It has since been plainly evident that the aft'ection was mutual. But I sat downtoteU you that "Pomp" is dead at last. Age, with ita infirmities, catohea doga as it does men, and carries tliem a-.vay to the " hereafter-" by much the same proeess. i . . On Tufcsday morning about 3 o dock he passed awny. A handsome casket, süver mounted, was made, and the remains inclosed tlierein. As he lay m state, stretched out at full length, ma head reposing as naturally as life npon lus paws, scores of pcople who had known and loved him carne to take their last farewell At 10 o'clock Thursday momin" Mr. S. W. Nott drove up to the Barton ■with a four-horse sleigh, and the remains were transferred to it. Ine horses were appropriately adorned Tvith Btreamers of crape, also the ball-pearers w.o t-nok eharere of the ceremonies, bix wge dogs, bearing orape streainers ■bout their shaggy necks, were ranged n doublé filo in rear of the sleigh, as nourners, and the solemn cavalcade noved slowly away to the cemeterv. Irriving at the grave the venerable ïtephen Decatur made a few touchiDg 'Cinarks on the Ufe, character, and ; bility of the deceased, and was followed by one of Georgetown's prominent lawyérs, Mr. N r. Mesura. L-- . p e, and B tt, pall-bearers, tiicn Lowered the body to its final rest. TKe processiou then refornied, and marched directly to the Barton Kowae and drank peaceto " Old Pompey" ia liis happy hunting-ground. ïhus after nine yeaM of faithf lü devotion to his master, -whose appreciation was always tender and kind, a noblo brute went, let us hope, to the highest sphore of dog-heaven. Jim, his owner and friend, is üioonsolable.- Georgetown Cor. Colorado Jtegist&r.


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