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A Sanguinary Affair

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Always cork up your catsup bottles ighÜy. Goiiig out on the steam-cars hé other day, we observad a man place i bottle of tomato catsup, neok down,vard, in the rack abcve his seat. Pres;ntly a friend eatne in, and in a few noraents tho friend who was cleamng i lis nails with a knife, introduced tho subject of athirdtermfor Grant. The j iiscusaion gradually becanie warm, and is the excitement increased, the Lian With the knife gestioulatod violently with the hand containing the weapon, as ne explained his views on tho question. Meantime the cork jolted out of the bottle overhead, and the catsup dropped down over the owner's heud and coat and collar without bis perceiving the fact. Directly a nervous old lady on the opposite seat, who caught sight of the red stam, and iinagined it was blood, begon to scream " murder" at tho top of her voice. As tho passengere, conductors, and brakemen rushed up, she brandished lier nmbrella vicleiitly, and esclaimed, 'Arrest that man there ! Arrest that irülin' ! I see him do it. I soe liim stab tlmtoiher 0110 with his knife till the jlood spurted out. Oh, you fcretch! 3h, you villiuours rascal, to tako human life in that scandaleus rnanner. I sce rou punch him Avith the knife, you butoher, joi ! and I'U swear it agm you in court, too, you awdacious rasoal. They took her'into the rear car and soothed her, whilo the victim wiped the caisxip off his coat. But the venerable old woman Avill go down to the ailent grave with the conviction that she wit nessed in those cars one of the most awM and saiiguinary encounters that have occured since the affair between Cain and Abel.-


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