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Grammar In Rhyme

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The namo of the author of the ing effusion should not have been allowed to eink into oblivion- " unwept, imUonored and unsung." On the contrary he deserves iinmortality, and the gratitude of generations yet tmborn, lor -we havo never met with so complete a grammar of the English laaguage in so small a spaoo. Old, as well as young, shoukl commit these Unes to memory, for ny : their aid it will be difficiüt, if not ïmposoiblo, for them to faU into errora concerning parta of speech : i. Three little word3 you oftcn nes Are Articics a, an and the. il. A Noun'8 the name of anything, Aa school or garden, lioop or ttnng. in. Adjectives, tbe kind of Nonn, As rent, tmhtt, pretly, ahite or iiroisn. IV. Instoad of Noras the pronouni standHer liead, hú face, your arm, my hand. v. Vurbs toll something to be done- To read, emmt, lawjh, sintj, jiimp or run. VI. How thijigs aro done the Adverbs teil, As elowly, quickly, M or tuit. VII. Conjurictions join the words together- As men aiid omen, wind or weatlier. vin. The Preposition stands befor A Noun, as in, or through tho door. ii. Tho Interjection Hhows surprise, Au Uh ! how pretty- A h '. fiow wir-e. The whole aro calina Uine Tarta of Speech, Which rading, wriüng, sptakicg, tcach.


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