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He Was Through

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Saturday mornuig, at l o ciock, ijw pólice found a horse and cutter coming in from the country on the Pontiac road, wit tho driver so nearly frozen ihat he wao lopped oyer on tlio seat and unconscious. Ho -was taken to the station, and they thawed him out af ter an hooi or so. When he covdd speek, ho askt-d : "Sargeant, will I live? " " Oh, yes, I gfuesë bo," was the answer. "Welf, I'rn sorry," mufled the youug man. " I wanted' to die, so that they cmild put on my tombstone : ' Here lies ono'who mis tuol enough to ride twentyfsix miles to Bjark a red-headed girl.'-" - Detroit Pree Press. Tiie Youkq Wifk. - ïlie luarriago of middle age ia öómpanionship, Öie second marriago of maturity, perhaps the i tion of a mistake, perhapa the pallid transcript of a liiu'iied ioy, but tbt; marriago of tlic loving young is by tlio direct bloBsing of Go3, and tho complete idea of a lovoly human lile. Let tliose wlio have found that pirl of gteat piice, keep it safe. Within tho doors where love dwells no cvil tliings should enter, and the loving bride yrho Trould be the happy wife must speedily guurd a; her own impatienoo and despair, wïieu the lover is mergi;;? into iho husband, the flfttterei into the friend. - Margaïet Pulla: 1 Akkington, 111., has Mm th3 time. ' Pnole Job Stephens ; age, 85 ; walked tL Fnirlield, a distanee of twlvo n and thfíu walked back agajfl, whoíe diatr.noe, twcnty-four miloí; ; time, oq. day ; date, ïucsday, March 2.


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