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Chandler's Libel Suit

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From the St. Louis Democrat, March 4. It has been understood for soine time that Zack Chandler was thirsting for Ruell's blood, and that proceedings would be instituted to convey the offending parties to Washington, there to be tried lor the publ'cation in the Detroit Vree Press of an item that the said Zachariah was fuddled on a certain occasion, and made an exhibition of of hiruself. Yesterday an order for the transfer of Buell's body was served on the body in person. The body appeared before Commissioner Clarke, yesterday morning, erect and walking on two legs, and acknowledgcd that it was the body of the veritable Buell described in the information. The body was then turned over, metaphorically, to Marshall Newcomb, to be by hiin turned over again to the Marshall of the District of Columbia, and by the latter taken to Washington for trial. In reality, however, the body walked out of the Conimissioners office humming : Old Za-chariah climbed a tree, His lord and master for to see. It went in search of Colonel Broadheac its attoruey, and in the afternoon that gentleman appeared before Judge Treat, of the United States Court, with a petition for a writ of habeus corpus to to turn the body out of the custody of the Marshall, and turn it loose upon the world as the corpus of a free and white American citizen. Mr. Werner, the Clerk of the United States District Court, wrote out the writ of habeus corpus, and placed it in the hands of Captain George N. Stevens, the Bailiff, who served it upon Marshall Newcomb. The writ is returnable in three days, and the matter will be argued by Colonel Broadhead, for the defendant, and by Mr. Patrick, the United States Attorney, for the Government. The case is one of very great importance, involving, as it does, the constitutionality of the Poland Press-Gag law. A late associated press telegram says : " Judge Treat, before whoin the case was argued, rendered a decisien on the 9th. He held that what is commonly known as the Poland press-gag law does not apply to the Buell case, and under it he was guilty of no offense under which the court could take coguizance A MAJORITY of the Dioceses that have voted refuse their consent to the coniecration of Dr. DeKoven aa Bishop.


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