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- The animal charter election fcikes jilaee the fifth of April. - Next Weduesday is tlie natal day of Ireland's Patrón Saint. - The Burleigh-Eoss assault aud battery case has been discoutinued. - The High School Junior Exhibition will take place next Friday eveuing in Union School Hall. Oeo. H. Ehodes has been awarded the coutract for building the new Fifth Ward Engine House. - On Simday next, Rev. Dr. Brown, of St. Paul, Minn., will preach his first sermón at the Presbyterian Church. - The assault and battery case of the people vs. Albert Blaess comes off this morning before Justice McMahon. - In order to make room for his increasing stock of plants, James Toms is building au addition to bis green house. - Untii a new engine shall be obtaiued, Huron Fire Company will take charge of the old Belief engine at tires. - The examiuation of Charles Merritt, for seudiug a forged telegram, has again been contiuued until Thursday uext. - The Treasurer of Salem has settled with ?the County Treasurer, and the amount of unpaid taxes returned was 114.80. - Henry H. Wisler, charged with embezzlement, has setteld with the Singer Sewiug Machine Co., and the case has beeu withdrawn. - Mr. O. Collier, an old and respected resident of this city, had a severo paralytic stroke Tuesday morning, at his house on Liberty street. - Christian Young, a professional beggar, ffas sent to the Work House, Thursday bi Justice McMahon, for six mouths, for vagrancy. - The First Congregational Church societies of Lima and Chelsea having Consolidated, a bilí legalizing tha same passed the Senate Tuesday. - The great "Can Can," at the Opera House Monday evening, drew an immense audience, which shows what class of amusements are most appreciated. - The " Boy's Variety Combi nation" gave nother oï tlieir interesting entertainments at jtíahon's hall Saturda} evening, consisting negro minstrels, etc. - The I. O. G. T. have fitted up a new Lodge room in the third story of Wines & Worden's block, and removed iuto their new quarters on Friday last. - Bishop Gillespie will be in the city next Wednesday and Friday, wheu the right of coufirmatiou will be admimstered to members of his class m St. Audrew's Church. - John Howarri, employed by the Agricultural Compiuiy, while at work Friday got a piece of steel in one of his eyes. He suffered onsiderably uutil it was removed by X)r. Prothingham. - A large Newfoundland dog owned by Albrecht Owinner, attacked Thomas Kearns is he was crossiug Detroit street, Saturday, in front of the Agricultura! Hall, and bit him severely in the thigh. - James L. Hunter of Canada, son of Dr. lames Hunter, formerly of this city, has been here the past week settling up accounts growug out of the celebrated Hunter divorce case. lt w ill require uearly 813,000 to Bquare up. - Sheriff Fleming purchased a few days ago of Mr. Hagadone, of üakland county, a ïery promising youug trotter for $350. Mike thinks if he has no serious drawback that he will be able to keep up with the procession. - George Washington Ward, who was arsted for burglary committed at Saline on the 3d of Feftruary, had a pai'tial hearing before usticeForbes Monday. For want of time the xamination was coutinued until Monday eit. - Oramel Beckley, a resident of this city for he last 40 years, who manufactured and deivered nearly all the brick used in the contrnction of the first University building, died if oíd age at his residence in the Fifth ward ast Friday. - Francis Kopp, who has been confined in ;lie nalamazoo msane Asylum tor the last two reare, having relamed his reason, was dis:harged last week from that institution by Judge Cheever, and has returned to Lis home in this city. - H. C. Wilmot, City Bill Pcster, met with in accident last Friday. While engaged in decDrating tlie large bill boards on Washington street, his ladder slipped throwing him on the iidcwalk, spraining his hip badly and inflictingother injuries. - A serious accident happened to John Stimpson, in the township of Superior, Friday. Be was engaged in sawing wood for Ichobod trippen, with a machine, when his right ;humb got caught betweeu two cog wheels, ind terribly mashed. - Agent Sharpless, at the depot, during the jast week has furnished our business men with lutograph letters, informing them that, in 'ompliance with orders received, hereafter no ireight will be allowed to be taken from the lepot until all charges are paid. - On Sunday last, Prof. M. C. Tyler occupied the pulpit of the Woodward Avenue Congregational Church, Detroit, The "Passive Vittues," was the subject of the morning disouree. In the evening he lectured on " The Character and Crime of Pontius Pilate. - Considerable amusement was afforded the ipectators and members of the bar, who were in the Court room Friday last, in consequence Jfa little " on-pleasantness " that took place between two distinguished attorneys over a kook, which was being used in a case then on trial. - Several of the expert penmen of this styhave for some time practiced imitating de signature of F. E. Spinner, some of whom san write the characters equal to the original. The young men are now directing their attention to the signature of E. GK D. Holden, Secretary ot State. - James Mayer met with quite a serious accident on Thursday, of last week, at the furniture factory of J. Keek & Co., in the Second "ard. While ripping lumber, his left hand 'lipped and struck the rip saw, severiug the middle fingerat the second joint. Dr. McLean dressed the wound. - We cali attention to the new book, "Money and How to Make It," advertiüed in auother column. It is written by H L. Eeade, formerly editor of the Hearth and Home, and ''s practical thoughts and suggestions com"end it to readers in every walk of life. It fill have a large sale. - Great auxiety is mauifested by the stock'mlderu oí the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northwn Bailroad, that in case of a sudden freshet, tue bridffes a.TiH AnlvwrÉa lkpfuron fliio niti. r..,. Toledo will be swept away, thereyb necessitating a large expenditure to repair the damage, "Kl place the road in running order. Business men who receive gooda " by this line," and the 'ra.veling public, would be put to great incon'mence on accouut ei the canceling of trains. J. Keek & Co., furuiture manufacturera are receiving large orders for their goods, ara 's order to meet the demanda are now running "ieir extensivo mauufactory on full time, an( "we also increased the number of workmen a few days another addition will be made t "ie number of workmen, and the establish "it running to its full capacity. The flrm Prophesy that their business for the comiu ïar will xced that of auy other. - Jurtge Crane discharged the' jury from further attendance Weduesday, siiice whicl timo cases have been heard by the court. Th court adourn9 to-morrow. An adjourned term will bo held next week Saturday, for the ad mi88ion to the bur of the gradúate of th Law Department. - The Ann Arbor Agrieultural Oompan; are now running their works on f uil time, and with au increased number ot employees. The company now have their entire force engaget in building plows and cultivators for the spring trade, for which orders are boiug received from all parts of the country. - Having full faith that Spring is comiug Joe T. Jacobs has gone east to imrchase a spring stock of clothing. Any persou haviug any doubts in regard to the arnval of Spring this year can get overcoats, winter goods, un derwear, &c, of which goods the firra have a large stock still on hand, aud will be sold at bargains. - Notwithstanding the unfavorable weather of last Friday eveniug, a large audience atteuded the Old Folks' Concert, at the Opera House, for the benefit of the Congregational Church. The concert was a decided success and reflected. credit on the performers and originators of the aftair. The net receipts were about $200. - Chas. S. Millen, of the firm of C. H. Millen & Son, is now in New York purchasing a full stock of spring goods, which will probably arrive during the coming week. The flrm well know the wants of this community and their purchaseB are made with the view of suiting all classes, which accounts for the great popularity of their store. - A seedy looking individual, who gave his name as William Grady, has been staying at the County House the past winter. Saturday he came to the city and got on a spree, and was arrested by policeman Brown in the evening. Monday Justice Clark sent him to the work house for 65 days, and early the next inorning he was on his way to Detroit. - Saturday evening Jacob Eitlebus was making a disturbance und using abusive language toward one of the clerks in the C. O. D. grocery, when policemau Seabolt was sent for and escorted the disorderly to jail. On the way down he showed fight, but a tap on the head set him to thinking that it was not the correct thing to fooi with an officer. - At the Council meeting Monday evening, a committee consisting of Aid. Wood, Rhodes, Seabolt, Deubel and Walker, was appointed to procure the construction of a new engine house in the Fifth ward. The proposed new building to be similar to the one destroyed by flre last week. The Ghief Engineer was directed to purchase fiOÜ feet of new rubber hose. - Some days ago E. M. Crosby recoived from his step-sou, William Dorr, a fornier resident of this city, but now located near Jacksouville, florida, on the St. Johns river, a box of lemons and orauges raised on his farm. He went o the Sunny South several years ago and has now growing 2,000 lemon and orange trees, and expects to realize handsomely from the ale of fruit. - As Jethro May bee was being taken to jail Wednesday afteruoon in charge of Deputy heriff N. H. Piorce, he was attacked by the widow of the late Richard Flanuery in front f her store on Main street. She went for him with a club, but beiug the sprightelest of the wo, he kept out of her way. The officer put stop to her movements, and the club is now n the possession of Sheriff Fleming. - The celebrated stallion, Stony Ford, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian, has been purchased y Nelson Booth 'and John R. Campbell from Charles Backman, of Stony Ford farm, Orange ounty, N. Y., for 3,000. The horse is 15 1-2 lands high, ot a rich browu color, very symmetrical, and although he has never been in raining can trot a mile in 2.40. He has been ïeld by his former owner at $5,000. - Lively movements have been going on at he store of Wiues & Worden for the past weck iu opening their first invoice of spring oods. A large stock has already been raeived, and are now on exhibition. These oods have been bought at the lowest market ates, and we would recommend our readers o cali and see what chances are preseuted at bis house iu the way of cheap goods. - While Jacob Maurer was superintending a whitler at the works of the Ann Arbor Agicultural Company, on Thursday of last week ïad his right thumb so badly whittled that )r. Lewitt made an amputation, taking it off ven with the hand. The same day Gottleib lahnle, who succeeded Maurer, after working t the machine but a short time, got his fingers aught and badly cut. - Mack & Schmid have received the celejrated Dickens treble-warp alpacas, mohairs, nel brillianteens. They also have a f uil line of ie following popular brands, the Gnu, Colngwood, Grand Duchess, and Turner, and ffer them at lower prices than they can be ïought at any bankrupt sale in the county. Go ïere and see before you buy. They agree to five more value in all kinds of dry goods than an be obtained from any other place in Ann -rbor. - A peddler called at the residence of a gentleman on South Main Street Monday, to uy rags, when the lady of the house int ormed lim that there were a few in a barrel in the ood shed. They were weighed and paid for, when he took his departure. Not until her usband's return homo in the evening, was ie aware that she had sold his uew overalls, which he had placed in the barrel a few days efore, after doing some work around the ïouse. ■ - Buskiess in the city during the past week las been quite extensive, the streets being aily fllled with teams and people from the ountry. We have noticed many persons fiom emote parts of the county making extensive lurchases. The building of railroads around lis city for a time diverted a considerable mouut of its former trade in other direc;ions ; but the large and attractive stocks .ways kept by our merchants is bringing large amount of trade from neigboring ïties and villages, from persons who find largely to their interests to make purlases in this city. The stocks of goods ept by our dealers can not be excelled elsewhere in the State, and should draw customers or a circuit of at least 30 miles. _ ii m i ii A Joke. - For some time a number of young men, members of the Law and Medical Deartmenta, who have made their headquarters at the Leonard House, have been in an impeuuious condition, owing to the non arrival of emittances from home. Friday afternoon last a gentleman whom we will cali Langdon, while ngaged in conversation with one Brigham, tated to him in the presence of others that if ve received a letter that evening with an order n it he would treat the crowd. Soon after this announcement two of the party went to a book store and purchased envelope and paper and wrote the following impressive words, " go and treat." The letter was directed and taken to the postoffice, when one of the clerks was requested to put it into his (Langdon's) box, number 420. Some time after this, his friends were notifled of the transaction, and after the mail had been distributed, they all started for the office, but they were again doomed to disappointment, for no letters were received by any of them except the one distributed as above. He was not long in discovering that he had received " an order," and for a time the way the glasses were passed around at a saloon near by, was a caution.