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The Democratie Convention for the nominaion of a candidate for Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial District, was held at Jackson yesterday, Hon. Geo. M. Huntington, of Mason, reeived the nomination. Mr. H. ia a Senator n the present Legislature, an able lawyer, and will if elected make a first-class Judge. Aebested foe Foeöery. - During the past ix months George Eogers has been workmg ör different parties near this city and was His greatest failing benig a desire for strong rink, which he would occasionally indulge in o excess. On Saturday, the 27th of Februry, he registered his name at the Gregory ïouse and the next day the proprietor, Mr. A. A. Gregory, presented his bill, He stated ie had no mouey, but would give an order on . J. Parshall, whom he was working for. Ie requested Mr. Gregory to write one and ie would go and get it signed. He was gone ome time when he returned with it and setled his account. Some days after, Mr. ParIways considered a honest, inoffensive man. ome days after Mr. Parshall was presented with the order, which he rëfused to pay t, pronouncing it a forgery. A warrant was ssued by Justice Clark, on Saturday, and iven to W. B. Sumner, Deputy Sheriff, for he arrest of Rogers, who was found at Carenter's Corners. His examination came off ionday, which resulted in his being held for ,rial at the present term of the Circuit Court. n default of $500 bail he was committed to tie county jail. But a short time ago he obained goods of Bach & Abel on a forged rder. Mr. Abel, with the assistance of Sheriff rleming, found a number of yards of calicó. which Hogers had pawned at a saloon on Washington street. Ypsilanti Taxes. - Capt. C. Newell, Martial of Ypsilanti, settled with County Treasuer Fairchild Tuesday, and made his return of npaid taxes. The amount of taxes returned re : lst dist., $373.53 ; 2d dist., $259.03- Total, 632.56. The total amount of taxes levied in tie city for the year was $41,083.50, divided as ollows : FIEBT DISTBICT. State, ... $2,991.90 County, ..-- 3,535.88 City, - - - 9,166.43 Street .... 2,161.85 School, ... 9,023.45 Rejected, ... 1.76 Cleamug Walks, - - 82. lö Total, - - - $25,963.42 SEOOND EI8TEICT. State, ... $1,579.65 Couuty, .... 1,867.46 City, - - - 4,770.00 School, .... 4,759.51 Street, - - - 1,590.00 ItejBCted, ... 40.00 Total, ... $14,616.62 The assessed valuation of the city was, lst dist., $601,000 ; 2d dist., $318,000. The Maybee TKIAL.-Jethro May bee, charged with utriking the fatal blow 011 the evenmg of the 3üth of Ootober, that oaused soon after tho the deatli of Richard Flannery, was placed on trial lor murder, ín the Circuit Court Monday. Considerable difficulty waa experienced in obtaining a jury, but at twelve o'clock the requisite number of jurymen had been secured when the count was adjourued until 1 1-2 o'clock. Edward P. Allen of Ypsilanti, conducted the prosecution, and John F. Lawrence and A. J. Sawyer appeared for Maybee. Notwithstanding the large audience present, the utmost order was maintained throughout the trial, which lasted uutil Wednesday noon when the jury retired to the jury room. After being out four hours they were brought into court, when the foreman stated that it was impossible for them to agree upon a verdict, and they were discharged from the further consideration of the case. The jury stood aeven for acquital and five for conviction.


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