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Sharp Cali. The books and accounts of the late publisher of the Arqus will soon be put in the hands of an ofncer for adjustment and collection. All who would save costs should make a note of this fact and act promp'tly. Settleinentscan be made at the Auous office. Auu Arbor, March 11, 1875. E. B. POND. LiaAies' Temporalice Union. The meeting of the Ludies' Temptrance Union of Ann Arbor will be held in the parlor of the M. E. Cburch, at three o'clock p. m., Friday Murch 19th, 1875. MES. J. M. CHASE, Seoy. Ann Arbor, March 10, 1875. At Home Again. Dr. North having concluded to sell or rent his country seat, has again taken up the practico of Dentistry, and opened rooms over Johnson'e Hat store, where he will bepleaaed to meet hisold f rienda who may need his professional skill. He is prepared to inyert teeth on rubber base, celluloid, gold or ëilver, aa may be desired. Teeth fllled with pure gold, and by other approved principies. DR. SEO. W. NORTH. Ann Arbor, December, 1874. lS10m3 THE AKN ARBOR SAVIIVTGS BANK -A.nn Arhor, Michigan. Receives deposita uf One Dollar and upwards finí1 allowH Five percent, interest on all deposita remtúiiiug three months or longer. Interest Compounded s mi Aimu.illi. Also buys and sells U. S. Bonds. (Jold, Silver and Interest Coupons, and New York, Detroit aud Chicago Exchange. Also sells Sight Draita on Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, or any other part of the Europiaii ('ontiuent. This Bank is oiganized ander the General Banking Law of tl] is Sdile. The Stockholders are individuaüy liabie to the aniount of their stock, and the who!e cajiital is security for depositors, whiie with Banksof issue, the capital is invested for the security of bill-holders. This fact makes this Institution a very safe depository of monies. Married Women can deposit subject to their own drafts only. ffloney to Loan on Approved Secnrities. DIRECTORS: S. Smith, C. Mack, W. W. Winks, R. A. Bbal, W. D. Harriman. 1). Hiscock, W. Deubel. OFFICERS: R. S. Smith, Pres't. C. Mack, Vice-Pres't. C. E. Hiscock, Teller.


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