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Greeoe is about the size of Vermont. Pnlestine ia one-fourth the size of New ïark. The Caspian Sea would stretch from New York to Kochester. Hindostán is more than a hundred times as large as Palestino. The great desert of# África has nearly the present dimensions of the United States. The English Ohannel is nearly as large as Lake Superior. The lied Sea mmld reach from Washington to Colorado, and is three times as large as Ontario; The Mediterranean, if placed aeross North America, would make sea navigotion from S;m Diego to Baltimore. Great Britain is two-thirds the sizc of Japan, one-twentieth the sizc of China, and one-twenty-fifth the size of the United States. Círeat Britain and Ireland nifl abowt as large as New Mexico, hut not as large es Iowa and Nebraaka. They are loss tin New York and Ohio. Madagascar is hm large as New sJure, Massaclausetts, Venuont, uonneetieut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and North Carolina, all put together. The Gnlf of Mexico is about ten times the sizo oi' Lakc Superior, and about tho size oí the Sea of Kamschatka, Bay of Bengal, China Sea, Okoska, or Japan Sea. Lake Ontario would go in either of fchem iifty times. The followlng bodies of water are noarly eqnal in siz!e: The Germán Ofeean, Black Soa, Yellow Sea. Hadson iiay is rathex larger; the Baltic, Adriatte, l'erKian ünlf, and Euxine Soa ore somcwhat : larger tban Laïie Superior. BiiüïEits once aúd: " An inconsistent woman ia one yho is no longer in love; a falso womón is one who is already i:i : lóye with anotlier person ; alickle womas is one wh ' noither knor.-s whom she i loves nor whetber she ïóvea or not, an;l the indifferent woman one wlio does not ! love at all."


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