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Nothiug uew to note in fluancial eircles. The demand for favors ia not urgont, but the indicationa aro favorable fcr a lirmor market. iutcrist raten, 8(W10 por cent., aroording to security offoretl. " Bond flrm and steady at llCKtóllG-J-i for U. 8. 5-2Ü'8 of 'G2, and J.19JÍ :,-2Ub of '05 ; KMO-s, 11&JÍ0113& ; Ü. S. 'currencv C's, 118%@118%. Latest gold quotatioiM-ïlew York, 114% ; Clüeago, 114%@ Ui%. BKEADHTÜFF8. Tbe folloïiiig were the receipta snd Blüpmonta for tho wee!'., as compared with tho mme tiüu: last year : Reeeipts. Shipments. Articles, ■ - - 1875. I 1874. 1875. 1874. FIr hrlB..." aV.oli) 71,421 23,610 60,fi82 Wheni bu . . 21S,4Ca 496,000 84,S0 3aa,5C4 Cora bu 310,072 189,888 80,500 30,404 Oats, bu 122,320 173,360 64,421 8:1,087 Uxe l)u .. 6,051 2(),2U2 1,835 7,952 Bariey, bu 09,131 72,021 20,726 49,;W4 Dresed haga.! 8,800 7,384 0,820 8,618 Live hogs, No. 48,044 58,7.Ï7 2O,'J08 40,053 Cattlo, No. . . . . 14,162 16,386 8,510 11,747 The moveinont iu tho grain markets was rather light duriug the past weck, the only cereal wbieu attractod any particular attention being ápíing wheat. tho other raarketa ruijng eomparativeiy uiet. Local speculutors were üie prinoipafoperators, the orders received from interior pointe and other markets being very üght. During the greater part of the week j spring wheat wan ürm, severa! financially atrong opefatoBs bulliug the market, and aidod by i iavoiablo advices írom Liverpool and more ; couraging New ïork report, they succeodod in efitablishmg hm advnuce of lj@2c per bu. Shorts wero alarmed and anxioua to provide for tïieir contracta. Ilowever, the market has agaiu beon weak, and values receded to inaide prices. The decline waa duo partially to lens favorable adviecji and the increaaing stock in store, tlie receipta last week being alxint 134,000 bu in oxoess of the ahipments. 'l'lie main reason for the weakness was the absence of t!io "buli" movemont, epeculators ahowing but l'ttle confidenco in the future of tho trade, and allowing values to graduallv recode. Corn, oats, rye and barley were dull and eaay throaghout, the offeringa, although not particnlarly large, being in excesa of the denuuid. Becèipts invariably in excess of shipments. The outlook for the future of the grain trade i very uncertain, and Bpeculators ai-e more than uaually cautious in tradhig, showing a disposiüon to hold off and await future developments. Tho following tablo shows tho current quotatious at the opening and at the cloise : Opening. Cloting. Ko 2 p'g whcat. cash 85&86)i 86 O86, No. 2 cller March 8B#@8K 85J((8G Sn. '2 Seller April 87X@88 86Ji987.H No. 2corn, 'cash 645i@64Ji M No. 2 oom," Boller March.. 64Í65Í 8SÍB No. 2 corn, seller May .... 71 71 11 JÍ No. 2 oato, caah B3X S3ifS$ No 2oatK, sellcr March.. 53 (53U; 62)@62 No. 2 oats, Beller May... 56. 5o?56 No 2rye,h 98i@99 7 (sX No. 1 barlcy. caxh $1.12(ál.2O tl.0ó@1.12 No. 2 barley. saller Mar.. 1.12 1:08 I No. 2 barlcy, sellt-r Al'ril. l.W ■ X No. 3 biu-l.v. cash fl.0K31.07 981.01 I'KOSIONS. ïhe packing Beasou having closed the interest in the provisión raarket was lesa marked, and only a moderate bnsineti was reported. Values have decliued materially, mess pork ruling 20(ñ)25c lower, aud !ard %@%C off, btit closed iirmer. Mess pork cloed at 18.10r18.12X cash aud seller March, and 18.27i seller May. Lard elosed at L13.20 cash, 13.27X Beller April, aud Í13.50 seller May. Meata steady. LIVE STOCK. Under f avorablo Eastern advices aud liglit reoeipta both the cattle and hog markets have ruled Iirmer and higher. Cattle advauced about 15(c(.25c per 100 &s, closing firra at 4. 5@ 5 70 for fair to good, and í5.75(ciC25 choteo Btccr : extra, o.5ü@7.00 ; common, dul), 2 75@3.75, medium grados, $4.0ö@4.75 ; etock cattle, #2.75@4.2ö. Hogs 20@25c higher; closing steady at 4-6.2O@C.UO poor to choico ; Yorkera, 46.CÓM7.10 paor to choice heavy vroignfe) : Knik nf udea at L6.50(0.6.75 for Yorkers, and Í6 75@7.28 for heavy ; extra. :7.75(g8.(!0. Bheep active and higUor ; salea at íí.OOCgG.ÜO poot to choice. DRESSED HOfiR, SEEDS AND HKJIIWINES. Dressed liogs were in good request, and prices ruled iirm. The receipta were iight. aud the market closed with about all sold, at 7.30 for light, aiid at $8.25@8.S0 for heavy weighta. , Sceds wero in large supply, and the market ruled dull, particularly for time tur, The ket closed nt $2.40@2.50 for good to prime timothy : $C.25@6.30 for medium dover ; ífl.lJ5 O2.00 for as ; 8ü@85c for Hungai'ian, and , 80@95o íor millct. iiighwinea wero quiet, witb. buyers snd eellers apart in their views, and valúes nominal at $1.08@l.Í0. PBO0TJOR The moveraent In butter continúes ligUt, and a rather wcnk ieeling prevailB. Soles for tho week ranged at 1C(L iUc for poor to tav, and at ". íor good to cboice fresli roll. Broomcorn was in good demand and íirm at ll(al.'c fe' No 1 and extra. l!cewax remains quiet but steady at 26@28c for good to prime yollow. rn beau were in good demand aud pricea iirm at W.85@2.0e, ícoording to quahty. There waa a local aiid shipy.iug demand for cheetse, aud prieea uiider light stocks were firrn at 15fel8c for good to prime Western. Gider waa quiet at about $0.00 for chotee sweet. t'ranberricB closed with a sligl'.t iiaprovement in the demand, at :?9.50@11.50 for eood to choice ciütivated. Choice sound dried peas sokl reatUiy at 2.00@2.20 for ehoioe I green, and $1.90@2.00 for m.-.rrowfnt. Egga wero scaree end piices very irregular ; cloaed at 35c íor freah. aud 12@22c for commou to i choice pickled. FeatLer steady at 48(íí,52c for Uve geoae ; 25(,30 for (arfo tui'key, and 5c för ! chicken. Apples mot wíth a fair inquiry at Sa.50@8.00 per brl for good to choice m lots, nud í-etail sales were mado at íf3.5n. Hides wero uncüangea; i'A("in 'ul í?V S üi I 8(tt8Wc for heavy salted, 'Je for hght do, and ; a lOfuille for kip. iiopa remaiu quiet at 33(a;i0c for'good to choice now. Hay was firm and ' prices ruled 50c@$lQO per ton highar ; elosed 1 ■flS.OOtólU.CO lor No. I timothy. Poultry was ín good dcuand, with ouly a moderate ; , BUpply on tbe market ; prices were bigber ; clofied at 14@15o per tt for turkeys, 12@13c for ctaickeos, and 8@10o for geese. Potatoea under ligl't offerings were firm and bigber ; cloned at tfl.05(itl.l5 for ieachblowH and 95@1.00for oarly rose. ïallow was iirm at 8%c per ib for cake and 8c for solid. Vegetables reraaau steady at $8.75@4.25 for red oniona, and $4.50 I (til.75 for choice yellow ; tornips lirrn at 80c@ tfí.OO for rutabaga; 50(G5c, and cabbage 75o@1.00. Veal nold at t@10o for commori to choice. COOPEnAOK, I.pU:EI. AND WOOL. Tlie demand was fair, bat the offeringB were cousidevablv largor and prices wero a shade eawier ; the market elosed at Í1.U0 for pojk barrels, and $1.80 for lard tierces, and at il. 90 @2.20 for whisky barrols. Lumbar quiot and Bteady; foncing, $12.0ü(il3.0Ü ; commun I lxjards, $11.00(12.00. Wóol was quiet aud j I uncbanged ; tub washod, 48@55c ; imo and i medium neece, 45@48c ; and iine to medium nnwashed, 30(.33c, according to quality. Tclograpliic Market Keporttf. NEW YöliK. IJKKVES 10 @ I3 Hoos- Dressed 'Aé 'A Cottos 15 , 1 louh -Siipcrüuc Western 1 30 ÍS 4 J Wiii'vr- Ho. 2 C!licRj0 111 S' Ivi No. 1 Spring 1 16 ê 1 20 „ K li 8.r) i4":.ï.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.v.......:... w 'om:- New Mess 19 25 ( Stoaiu IStfls 1 ST. LOUIS. .Vhkat- No. 2 Red 106 @ 1 0J Jorn- No. 2 New 0 (á " Jats-No.2 BS jB8 :Iyk- No. 2 "8 (S 1 00 l'oitu- Mess 18 75 @ .. [,Al;l 1.13Í14 HoGfl 7üo @ 7 jg 3ATTLB 4 50 @ 5 60 MILWAUKEF.. n-HKAT-No.l 91 @ 92 No.2 86 é 87 Gons- No.2 62 @ Oats-Ko.2 82 S d YE 1 OU (it 1 "Z BAMÜ-iriï."."... n @ 1 10 CINCINNAÏI. Bad l 7 J 12 Cokn-Ncw 67 @ 6S Oats 5i) 62 KVK .i ■.'.'.■.■.■......... 1 08 @ 1 09 l'oim- Mim 1!) 00 @ .. LAlt 13 14 TOLUDO. WHJUT-Bitni U IJ" Amber 10' 12 0MU.-N6W % f (JAT B8 @ " DETROIT. W.lEAT-Extra } U @ I " oa'.'.v:::.'.v::.'::.v.v..::::: I fii CLEVELAND, V.-iieat-No. 1 Eed la ' So.2Bed r 1 ConN 68 ( 72 Oats ■■ 68 62


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