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Lazynósa Bems to bo az nati-al az . uut jüsi bout az helthy too. Tii'J lame and tlie lazy have elwuss boon provided for, the world has nlwuns ; on thom and alwusa will. Lazy iollis are ahvuss wanting siimtliing, but thoy ain't alwuss happy when they git it. I hnv Btuddyed the lazy man ldusaly, iind &e tbc philoaophers teil us that lazynesa haz niined moro folka thau the taeazlea haa, I uevcr knu a lazy man to quite apile yet or loze enny iatt. " LazyncBS iz sed to invite doviltry, but mi experienpe haz been tiiat a lazy rasknl kant earn days wagee at misohièf. I dont luv lazy folks, 1 dont even regpeot them, but I kant help but admire the way they eat. i I never kim a lazy man yet but natl a irazy nppeüght, mul if he couldn't git lirloiu Btake, wóuld iakc common liasb, w kodphish bnlls for brekfast, and shove iiz plate up the sekoud time for fiiim nore. Lazyncss iz ono ov tlio fust laivs ov ifttur, and for fhnt very renson, I supEóSe, ia entiüed ü aonre compasfrttn. Lazy folks are geüernlly fait, and good aakived. 1 hav oeen them SO aud iooile, that thfy ■wtraldn't even fitc flies.


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