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How A Cat Won A Wager

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A number oí persona were m me American House billiard saloon recently, when a man carne in with a cat in his arms. A momentary wonder was expressed as to what tlie coinpanionship raeaut, as men are not in the habit of going aljont witil cats In thoil ariny. ïho observers had not long to wait, as tlie cat-carrior exclaimed: " Bet anybody this cat will enrry a bottle of ale ton feet. " Homebody, either doubting that pnssy would períorm tlie íeat or wiíling to see it done, took tho bet. . Two chalk liues wore made on the üoor, the bottlo v,;is produced, and the performance began. Tho bottle was placed on one mark, and the cat was to carry it to tlie othor. Soizing tho animal by 'tlie tail tho man hmig her head down over the bottle. Obeying ! a known impulse, the cat grabbed tlie i bottlo with her foro feet. The man then walked over to thc chalk mark, and the i eat, clinging dosperately to tha bottlo, carried it along the floor, to the speci; lied distance. The Traster was won.-


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