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A Ferocious Baboon--lively Scenes On Shipboard

A Ferocious Baboon--lively Scenes On Shipboard image
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The Liverpool Expresa tells the following story : A few days since there arrived in Liverpool one of the largest, if notthelargest, malebaboons ever brought to this port. The animal is about five feet in height, has an immense head and jaws for his size. The lower part of the face and as far back as the ears is covered with long, thick hair - the whiskers on the checks standing almost straight out, while the hair on the lowcr lip and chin hangs down over the breast. Tliis animal ras captured several months ago near Magdala, Abyssinia, and is known in that country, where it is the terror of the natives, as belonging to a species of baboon called " lion-slayers" - a species now almost extinct. While on board the ship the lion-slayer exhibited all the ferocity which M. de Chaillu ascribes to the "gorilla, and as an instance of this we may state that on board the same ship were two large and valuable ostriclies and a fine female leöpïErtt B0Ö1 tbre baboon and leopard were secui-ed in wellconstructed cages, while the ' ' birds of the desert" were allowed to wander about the deck. One day, by some means, the lion-slayer got out of his cage, and, before he coiúd be secured. had eaught and torn to pieces one of the ostriclies. Two days after this he again broke loose, caught hold of the other ostrich and wrenched the head and neck from the body and otherwise mangled it. He then made an attack on the cage in which the leopard was confined. Fortunately the bars were stout enough to withsttuid the attack, otherwise the strength and ferocity of the two animáis wouhl have been severelv tested. Before a sufficient iramber of the crew oould be ïnustered to capture the baboon hc escaped on to the poop, and thence into the mizzen rigging, where he stayed for some time. At last, however, he was caught " chattoring to himself." A ruiming noose was dropped over him and he waa brought on deck. Here he made desperate attempts to get away, and the sailors describe his strength as somethiug enormous. His jower of holding on to anything he seized was most tenaoiouo, whilst his almost fiendish look - the thiek hair about lis neck, head and faco standing erect, rendered his appearance in the highest degree hideous and repulsivo in the extreme. Notwithstanding the efforts of six men, he maintained himself on deck ; and it was not until a handful of peppel was thrown in his eyes that a chance of enveloping him in a tarpaulin oould be obtained. Thus wrapped up he was carried to his quarters, where he rernained until liis arrival in Liverpool, when he was purchased by Mr. Cross for a considerable siim. On being conveyed to the atores in Oldhall street, the brute again became infuriated, and tore violentlyat the bars of the cage. On taking the cage past one in which were a pair of Siberian wolves, he made a desperate attemp to get at them, but failed.


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