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"no Such Husband."

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Gibbs is a tombstone agent. He fincis it to bis advantage to work upon the eelings in making a sale. The other lay lie happened to be in a strange secion, and was sent to cali upon a Mrs. Brown who had recently lost her husDand. He introduoed himself and was mvited to sit down. He spoke of the weather, and then getting round to business, he said, rather tenderly : " So you have lost yoiir husband ?" She wept and said that it had that semblarloO. He Baid that lie sympathized with her in the liour of hor alHiction ; that the best of frierais were cloomed to part, and but few knew any more whose turn woiúd be next. He liad not the honor of being aquainted with Mr. Brown, but he had neard lum spoken of all over the country in the highest tenns of praiso (this was liis usual style, whether he had or not). Everybody connidered him an honorable man and an affectionato lmsband, aud they mourned hiss loss with most tender affection, and he deserved ñtting memory, and as it was the last rite she could do, he begged her to [ook over some excellent monumonta designs in Italian and American rnaxble, which ho was prepared to sell at the lowest term. Said sbe : " Look'ahore, mister, you said he was au honorable man and an affectionate husband, when yon know you lie ; he wasn't no such a thing. It's trae I've lost Mm ; but ho a'n't dead ; he a'n't the kind tJiat dies. He ran off last Wednesday with another woman, and doesn't need a tombstone, I'm sorry to say, and I'd bo much obliged if you'd not come back here again uutil you have occasion, mister." Gibbs faded away from there, and staid in the noighborhood two days, endeavoring to cultívate an aqnaintanco with the man who sent him to the " Widow Brown." TSAETIEN, son of Prince Chun, has been proolaimed Emperor of China.


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