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Billings Proverbs

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I notifís very suddenly that all them folks who go about the oonnü-y lmnting í'or work are generally kussid af raid tliey shall find it. The dead allwuss get more praizes than the living. We don't envy them, and aint afrade to do the square tliing on the ockashion. Menny a poor man haz been to feed on honesty until he starved to deth. All profuso people are selfash ; tliey either giv to receive in return or to be applauded. I notiss the best writers we hav alhvuss write for cash, and the poorest ones are I satisfied with glory. A pedigree iz a good thing enuff to hav in tho house, but iz a poor thing to liv on : it ought alhvays to be treatedlike venerable piece ov oíd cracked crockry, taken down once in a while and usted, and then sot back karefully. I never knu a man to fail in a good smze wlio sot hiz mark lii enuff, and xen went for tbat chalk mark without nny regard to enny tliing else. I dont Like to see a young man painully diskreet ; tliare iz grate danger ov íiz tiring out before he gits thru Ufe, and wlien he duz tire out he haint got nothing under heaven to fall bak on. Prayeis are good things, but if they ííid afi been answered ti are would liav pin more ruined tlmn benefitted by tbem. Poverty haz been callee! safe, btit even poverty haz to lock up its bread and ?heeze or looze it. Mankind wont work for nothing, they are solid on this issue ; men are even lionest for the farne or proíütt thare iz in the transackslmu. Every boddy seems to hanker for oíd age, and after they have got it then they do nothing but grunt about it. Profuso liberality iz generally the effekt ov vanity.


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