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- The Junior Exhibltion of thu High School takes place tliia eveniug at Uuiou Hall. __ A oompan y is heing organizod in this city to „Tade the Black Hills country in April. _A valuable Newfoundland dug belonging (o John Phillips was poisoned Saturday. _- The work of building the new engine house in the Fitth ward has heen commenced. - The last lecture before the Senior Law jjjgs was deliveied yesterday by Prof. Wells. _i'iie Washtenaw County l'oor House contaius löü persons, 31 of whoni are coufined in the Insane Asylum. The graduating exorcices of the Senior das! of the Saline Union School wil! be held „est Friday evening. Twenty young men will be tried for asgault and battery Monday, before Justice Thatcher of Chelsea. - In order to vote at the coming election, it ,nll be necessary to re-register your name. gee notice in auother column. - The Bepublieaii Convention to nomínate scandidate for Judge of this judicial district, ffül be held in Jacksou to-day. - The Law and Medical commenjemeut tates place next Wertnesday. The exercises irillbe held in University Hall. - Joe T. Jacobs is now in the eastern marjets purchasing his Spring stock of clothing. Xhe new goods are expected uext week. - Four young men will be examined by Justice McMahon to-morrow, for creating a distarbauce at the residence of Lucinda Weeks. - Geo. W. Ward wis examiued Mouday liefore Justice Forbes, of Saline, on the charge of burglary. Bound over to the Circuit Court. - The Ladies' Temperance Union will meet His afternoon in the parlors of the M. E. Church. A general invitation is extended to uil. - Gen. John O'Xeill delivered a lecture at HcMahon's Hall Tluusday eveniug on "Immigratiou to the West and Irish affairs generallv." - E. G-. Schaffer, Register of Deeds, reports business du!l at his office, and says his receipts from fees since Jan. lst are Í100 less than for tbesame time last year. - Thomas Granville while rescuing his dog, which had got urder the ice on the river Sunday, feil in up to his neck, but managed toget out with his dog all right. - Mrs. George E. Sanford, who was married on Sunday evening February 21st iu the M. E Church, died Wednesday from a suddeu attack of rheumatism of the heart. - A new registration of the veters of this citv will be made on Monday, Tuesdav, and Wednesday, March 29th, 30th, and 31st. All voters are required to re-register. -John B. Geer and Silas Thompson are oír engaired m a series of law suits before Justioe McMahon. Two of the cases will be bied to-morrow and one Jlonday next. - Henry Ellis, arrested on the charge of bastardy some days ago, was before Justice Forbes, of Saline, Monday. By consent the case was adjourned until the 29th of March. - Sunday afternoou one Fletcher and a Germán indulged in a set to on the corner of Hmon and Fourth streets. Policeman Browu uterfered and put a stop to the disturbance. - The assault and battery case of John IiVLin against Albert Blaess was settled before Justice McHnhon Friday last by the defendant pleading guilty. He was iined six dollars and costs. - On Tuesday evening next the alumni of the Ltw Department will hold their annual reunión in the Uuiversity Hall, cousisting of au oration and other public literary exercises. - On Saturday, George S. Wheeler, County Superintendent of Schools, was busily engaged in examining would-be teachers. Some 50 ladies and gentlemen applied, and certifficates to 30 were given. - The family of John Collins, who live on the flats near the jail, were compelled to speud the night, Monday, with their neighbors. Keason: high water in Allen's creek, which Jootled their house. - Monday afternoon several gentlemen went up to the first railroad bndge to observe the movemeuts of the ice, and before their return the sudden rain storm gave them a thorough drenching. - A valuable cow, purchased by Benjamin F. Cole at a sale lately held in this couuty, was drowned in the cathole at the intersection of the road that runs to Cornwell's factory and the Gorham road, west. -Eev. Dr. Fowler, President of the Northwestern University, of Evanston, 111., is expected to address the Students' Christian Association in University hall uext Sabbath evening at half past seven. - A gentleman (?) residing on North Main street, was on his way home a few eveuings ftgo, and by mistake got into his neighbor's louse. It will be a long time before he take3 uiother drop of the " crathur." - The examination of the young lads charged with steahng from the State street hook store, and Deet from Clark & Cropsey, ha been coutinued until the 27th of this month, before Justice McMahou. - Edward Short was before Justice McMahon Tuesday morning for conductmg him!lf in an ungentlemanly manner the evening before. After paying his fine he was short $ 25, whi:h 8um went to replenish the city chequer. - Johu Korburg, who resides in the Third ard was 6eriously injured while stabliug his oow last Saturday. She turned upon him and before he could get out of her way, he was bruised by being stampod upou, and now he is 'na critical coudition. George Peach, a resident oi the village Deiter, was in the city Montlay purchasing gwxl8. While on his way home in the eventog, his horses were stopped by two men opPosit the residence of X. B. Covert. ïhey tole goods to the value of A27. - Prof. Kedzie, of the Agricultura! College, Lansing, is to deliver the address to the paduating class in the Medical department on '-;i,esday forenoon, in Uuiversity hall. Ii the afternoon Hon. Dwight May of Kalama zoo, will address the Senior Law class. - Mis. M&rgaret Quigley, an oíd resident ot Northfield died Saturday last, at 12 o'olock ged 72 years. Slie carne to this State ín 1838, when the couutry was alniost an unl'roken wiklerness. A large circle of friends ill nioum her loss froni amoug them. - The bridge that crosses AUen's creek on Miíler Avenue, carne near gomg oft with the Wel Monday. The dirt underneath is washed Mit to the depth of three ieet, and unies the iunage is repaired before the frost is out of the ground, there is danger oï the bridge talling. - Mr. R. A. Schnabel, of the Michigan Staata, pubiished at Grand Kapiis, was in ÖW city Monday in the interest of his paper. The Staatzeitung is a new enterprise of the barden City, but being the only Germán paPor publislied in Western Michigan, we augur tor ita success. Mr. Juhti Haarer, of this city, ' the agent for this locality. - Mr. H. B. Jones, ot Dexter, has adveitised his entire herd oï short horna at public auction on Tuesday, March 23d, 1875. Mr. Jones "8 been engaged as a breeder of riue stock 'or some years, and a good opportunity will probably be ofFered to those who may wish to 'mprove their cattle. Poor healtli is giveu as rtasou for discontinuing th utarpris. The Coiinty Clerk has received tho oommi.isions lor reeently appointed Notarías, whicli are ready for delivery to persons eutitled to tliem. He has also received a full BUpply of eleotion hlanks, whicli Towiiship Clerlrt eau get by calling at lus office. - The pólice were lookiug for two graduatos of the Country Pooi House Fridftyoveniiig. One of the partios was annless ; tho other had lost a leg while intoxicatod. During tho day they had boen iin}iosing npon people and succeeded in obtaining a rimsiderable sum of nioucy. Learuing that they were wanted, tliey went west on the late train. - Frank Ruck is a lato arrival frora Cinciuuatti, Saturday eveuiag while umlur tin: ntluence of liquor he shot throogh o"e of he píate glass wiudows of Baoh iV; Abel1 rtore, John Loveland, Cliiof oi I'ulico, rolioved hiiu of his revolvor and Bionday morning he waa aken betore Juêtice MoMahon, wlieu he plead guilty and was fined i'.l and eosts. He settled with Bach & Abel by paying them $36. - Thursday evemng ot lust week, two gonmen named Shute and Walker, were pleasure riding, in company with ludies, on the Ypsianti road near tho County House, the cuttor in wliich Shute was riding lipset, tlirowing out he occupauts, the horae touk fright and ran away. Pursuit was made and the horse and utter were found lying in a cattle-guard on he D. H. & I. II. R. No particular damage was done. - Some weoks ago, Charles Merrett, a proluce dealer in Eaton Eapids, was arrested and irought to this city on the complaint of one Sherman, for sending a íorged telegram, whore)y certain parties were swindled out of a conïderable sum of money in the purchase of a ot of pork. The case nas boon continued a nnmber of times and was finally disposed of esterday before Justice Clark. Prosecutiug Attorney Frazor nolle protequied the case. - A tramp printer struck the city öaturday, and engaged board ;it a private house oq Detroit street, representing that he was an employé at the Aegus office. After breaktast Monday morning lie left the boarding house to comraence the week's business, and has not yet returned for his dinner, nor has he made any applicatiou at this office for work. Boarding house proprietors should be cautious of all classes of tramps, take none unless vouched or by soine responsible person. - During the day and night Monday, each ailroad bridge between Ypsilanti and Dexter was guarded by a large forcé of carpenters and aborers, ready for any emergency that might rise on account of the ice and flood. The ack trains were kept in readiness with a forcé t men to move at a moment's notice. Wood 'as distributed at each bridge, and blaziug ires kept burning during the night, from the Efht of which the men were enabled to keep watch. All trains were required to come to a uil stop at each bridge, and crossed at a slow eed. - We have receivcd faun the author, Mr . K. Gibson, of Watrousvillc, Tuscola county, neat little volume entitled "Pastime Jotngs while on a visit to Great Britain in the ummer of 1873." The writer who was formerly a resident of Ann Arbor Town, says he malies uo pretensious to give any new historcal facts, but simply to relate in a truthiul ïanuer what he saw during the visit. To ny person inteuding to make a trip to Euope, a great deal of useful information eau e obtained from this work. It can be fouud t the bookstore of John Moore. - The concert of the Uuiversity Sodality nd the Glee Club was not 80 well attended as s its excellence would seem to deniand. The udience - a select one - was surprised at the iroticieucy mauifested by the student musiaus, and the concert was pronounced au unuaüüed success by an audience which paid ie closest atteutiou. Mr. Baker's performuce on the flute was especia Uy applauded nd repeatedly encored. The Glee Club susained its well-earned reputation and aided enerally in making the concert, one wliich repeated, would draw out a larger attenanut'. After the eutertaiument the memeis of both organizations were the guests t President and Mra. Angelí, at a reception attended by membersof the Faculty and other invited triends.