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Medical, Advebtising. - The medical profesaion are outepoken in tlieir denunciation of the system of medical advertiHini;, aid declare tliat my medicine cliat is advertised is a frand. How thorouglily iiiconsiatrnt and imfair is sncli an argument. The men wlio are so lmd in thoir critíciams are those who adverHfe themselves as medical savants by ostcntíitious display; splendid resiáences witli massive door platea; fast horaes and cowtly cairiages. D. J. Walker, of ; California, an oíd practitioner, respeoted aliko íor his skill and conscientious independence, daros to diñer, and baving discovered in his Vineoar Bittees a pnrely herbalistic medicine, freo from all spirituous poisons, a wonderful speeitío for nnmerona disorders, advertises tlie I same for the relief of hia fellow man, and in borne out in his deolarations oí' its many virtuee by thonsands of invalids, who nve being cured of di by its use. 27 Tiie Masón & Hamlin Oboan Co. have oompleted and óccnpy their new factorie in Cambridgeport, Mass., in which tliey llave introduced maclúnery to an extent never before employed in the manufacture of organs. By tho aid of tíiis they not only produce tho best organs, but with greatest economy. Twice as many organs can be; produced, in proportion to the number of men employed, as would be poseible with ordinary facilities, and this is the reason not only for such admirable instruments, but also for such low prices. CIakpentees, see advertisement of Simmons' Sash Suppoi-tcr. Diert KucUlenly of Heart Iise:i9e. How ccmmou is tho aiinouncemeiit. ïliounandu are eudderjy nwept hito etemlty by tina fatal malaily. Tliis disease generally lias its origin in impure blood íilled witl irritating, poisonous ciaterial-s, wliicli circulutiug tbrough tbe lieart, irritate ita delicate tisBues. Tiiongli the irritatiou may at firtst be ouly slight, produoing a little palpitation, or irregular actiou, or dull, heavy, or sharp darting pains, yet by and by tlie diseas6 becomea íirmiy seated, aud inflammation, or hypertrophy, or thickening of the lining mombrauo or of tho Taires, in produced. líciw irise to give early attention to a case of thia kind. Üimatural throbbing or pain intlie región of the heart Ghoukl admonish. ono tlmt nll tí not right, and if j-ou would proserve it from f urtlier dieease, you must help it to heat righUy by tho use of Buch a remedy as will remove the cause of tlie trouble. Use Dr. Pierce'a Goklen Medical Discovery bofore the disease has become too seated, and it will, by ita grest blood purifying and wonderful regulating properties, effect a perfect curo. It coutainti merlk'inal properticn wliich act opecilically upon tho tÍHHuea of thc heart, briuging about a healt'uy action. Sold by all tírat-claaa druggista. HEABT DISKASE CUKED. R MKTOMT, Spaiiocr üo., Intl., l'eb. lst, 1874. Db r. A'. Pubcb, Buffalo, N. Y. : About two yeara ago I waa afflictcd with a diaease of tlie heart, which at times created a presauro around it, alznost causing suffocation. I saw an advertisement of your Golden Medical Diacovtry, recomraeuding the eame aa r. cure for dieease of the heart. I then bcught half a dozen bottlea of it, and after using three botÜe3 I wa;s cntirely relieved aud ain now enjoyiuggooJ health. CJratefuily yotirs, Vitus Killian. Deathr by Constjmption. - It is estimated tliat 100,000 die yearly in the United States with Conaumption. When Consumption i tírat appearñ there ia pain in the chest and opprosaion, attended with dillieulty of breathing. Soon there will be a cough, if uña irritation ia not h caled, and the effort to raiae will still add fue] to the flre. Allen'a Lnng Balaam will at once allav the pain aud irritated parta, stop tbe cougb, and prevent wliat would be Conaumption. It ia making curca of diaeased lungs I which were considored incurable. For sale by all medicine dealera. We have seen it stated in various papers throughout the country that agenta for the sale of Sheridan's Cavalry Condilion Powders were authorized to refund tlie money to anv per.son who hould use them and not be aatisfied with the reault. We doubted this at first, but tho proprietora authorize us to eay that it is true. Eleotricity is Lite. - All nervons dis' ordera, chronic diseaaes of the cheat, hcad, liver, stomach, liidueys and blood, aclies and pains, nervouR aud general debility, etc., quickj ly cured aftei[drugs fail by wearing Volta'a Electro Belts and Banda. Valuable book free, by Volta Belt Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. JoJinsorís Anodyne Linimentis, with. out doubt, the safeat. aurest, and best remedy i that has ever been inventad for interna] and externa] use. It ia applicable to a great variety of complainta, and ia equally beneñcial for man 1 or beaat. Glen Flora Minkkal Water.- If you would learn of ita wonderful curea addreaa N. II. Parka, WauHegan, 111., for circulara. Bdrnett's Cocoaine is the best and cheapest hair dresaing in the world. The NoiiTHWESTEitN Hokse-Nail Co. 's , 'Fiuishod" Nail is the best in the world. Orden for Vlstiins Carda sont to W. O. OANNON, 40 Kneol.ind Stffiet, l!.st.,n, Mass., wlll bo 1 piomptly and cunscientiousjy tilled. bee advortiseinent. gW.i month to npentR everyw-herp. Address iSJLijj Excelsiok M'F'U Co., Buchanan, Mich. AC.KNTS. Chang Cbana aolto at slght. Neceauryas Hmp. Goodifree. Chrms Chang M'f'gUo., Boston. tíííl fi Sa5 PER Rend for "Chromo" ÍJpXU catalogue. J. H. BÜFTORD'S SONS, Boston. PATK5ÍT Jiovcltics. IjirgestSt-ationeryPacküM n tho World. l'ELTON i. CO., 119 Nassau St„ N. Y. TCI CPDAOU Extra Inducementstolearn. Address I tLtbnHrnj.Abeineihy, Snpt., Cleveland, O. JKcCï0n er a fl' Terms f roe, Addresa p "J H p L U Geo. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine. T O OIIj CHHOMOS forSlj twoforüóc. Agents .L wanted. F.W. MoCleave t Co., Boston &. Chicago. MflMCV ma'!l' raptdty with Stencil ind Key-Oheck. mUllCI Outfita. CataloKucs, Samples and faU particulars f ree. S. M. Spencer, 117 Hanover-st., Boston. -r- Tho American Patrón Ís the most popular Grango 1 ao and farm paper- $1.25 a year. Specimen free. Adp , dross J. K. BARND, Publieher, Findlay, Ohio. Cíkyá Daily to Avenís. 85 new nrticlca and the best JP Af F;;mily Paier ii Aüioriea, witli 'Z $5 Oiromoa, , free. AMERlCANMTlGCÜ.,300Broadway,Ñ. Y. AGE1VTS WAXTED-Men or Women. $34 a . week orIuil foifeltod. 'ƒ'■' secretarte W rit e at once to COWEN & CO., Mighth Street, New York. '' W A "T T T? n A few General Agpnts to engage TT ly X JjJl in the eale of a Patent nueded in every tiouso. Headf sale. Aüdn'ï:s J. H. WATT it : liiïüö, Barnesville, Belmont County, Ohio. (tO K f A MONTH- AgerXs wnnted evprj-vbe. OJsJvJ Business honorable and Ih-st-clss. T' P-irticulai-ssentfiee. Address WoilTH & Co., St. Lnui., Mo, ADVERTISERS! Bend 26oenta to iiKO.P.ROWRLLA 0O..41 1'ark Row, New York, for thelr PtemI phlet" f Wu pit ■.■, eont;LÍniti.í lists of ;i,(M)u ncv.opapers and ■ estimatü ahowinff cost of üdvertising. TflHIS paper ia printed with Ink furnished by Charles X Eneu Johnson & Co., 50Í South Tenth Ktreet, Philadelphia, and 59 Gold Street, New York. For salu in 1U and 2ó-pounci oms by THE NEWSPAPER UNION, Chicngo, 111. i - BAH HM 700SWPERB VARIETIES OFBAanfil Tl nn pil 600,000 Qreenhouse Planta. TJlIvPV K I IX r.. MailinK Planta a Speoialty. iUluWy ilUUlJU HluBtratcd Catalogue Frce. SWWöIB Prof. d. PQvn]p?o flninm Pnrp T Tn Mleeker'slCliiiiÜiJU U jJiulli uUlulsuccessful remedy of thepresaiit o&y. Scnd l'nr Papov üu Oplmn Hatinij. P. O. Box -175, LAtOïtTE, IND. iTr.lM 3 è4 bh ia 51 1 Kil EelI1" uook Send for olronlars 'iriit our extra temis to AgRiitp. NATiONAL rüli. (JO., CMcago, 111., or St. Louis, Mo. __ „_. Ifthr prettlesi CARDS yon evor W flni s.:i"% wltl' y"r Inndsninely l'nnted on BS M ïd i'i!i, sent, lnst,naid,upoll racoipt of l cents. F ■ H our triendswU] all want them vvlien t!it;y see SF 15? youre. Addtesá W. f'. t',VNi, ■;; Kncüland St., Boston, Ma. mAGKNTS WANTKD BVERTWHERE.- The oh lioest in ttie world - ImportAn' )riet!s - Inrjfest Cmnpany in Ameiioi- stiiplo artiole- pleaees evecybody - trad e Inoveasing - bes! lnduoement -don't waste time- send tor Circular f.. EOBERT WELLS, 43 Vesey Street, New York. P. O. Box 1387. KIF LES, SHOT-GPIfS, ITOIgygJiEYOLTEKS, OfsnvamlcTeryklnsl. ""'' t-m lWiH f,.r('ittnlnjrnr'. A.Hr.Ki Cr.-nt lVcslfn Cu UH nadrUMWorki, riIiailDlIiU, PA. ï BAREEL OF IffONEY Mado by our Afjents. Cari Pretzol's Illustrated Weekb', ( hioago, $3.60 ayear. Spice, Wit, Satire. Splendid Premiunj List. The best terms ofiered Agents. Samples and Circulara free, Bom in rana hv nriit-st. ; . --nta nr. tinvrda. IEL bL RAP HYi intefimmt younfi men andladies, to learn anti encago in tho j granhlng business, and insist. in introducinK the TypeWriterun tolcniiih lines. Permanent and profitable positiona may be attained in a fnw mmiths. PORTBR'S i NATIONAL TKLKGRAPH COLLEGE, Chicago, 111. i PIERCE WELLAUCER Conipany offers $1,O(K) to any one that will successfully oompete with tln_-m in boriiifí a D-iiich well, throufïh ■oapstone and eanfistone, and in thliintf ap ana passing bomden and luoee stnnes. Aents wanted in every State. 435 PER DAY GUARANTEED. Send for Catatxh'k. Adiiitjws CHAS. 1. P13KCE, Bloomfield, Iow. (tnn A DA Y. Agente want ed, male and femnlc, lor an cntively now invention. Write to tho 1PIU EUREKA MANF'G CO., Buehanan, Mlck. fronst nnt Employmp nt. - At homo, Male or Fej male, 430 a wpr-k wa-Tanted. No capital required. Partieulars and valnubJe samplu sent free, address, with 6c return stamp, O. KOSS, Williamsbuigh, N. Y. Fr atlvcrtisintí i ti any ncwsjiapr.r bef ore Boeing my now catalogue, of over ()NK TÏÏOÏSAM) rtj'rs. s. SANBQRN,lUMoDroe-at., Chicago, 111. ADinEBTISEBS JVho rtcsirc to re.ich country reiiders can do so Ín tiie test and cheapest mauncr by usina ene or more scctions oí THE 8MAT NjnvSPAPXB AüXILIABl Applytoia. E. PRATT.rOJackeoü-st,, Chicho." Yflniffi WFÏI sssfiMis with operator Salary from $60 to $100 por month. CirculitrR mailp.d frfti. N. W. TELEÜR4PH INSTITUTO, Janevi]lo,Wls. THE FÁVORÍTES K.piIÍ.Y PAVORITE. ) TaoTiHes J AJi;PA(lT!:i;iS' FAVORITEÍ Indícate ■_ : 1U, PAVORITK. S the Ue. For rail Information respeuting our Qoods. or Affsncleí fon Bame, iddni WEÉÍD SKAVI9ÍO flIAf fllSE ! y sil VMl ,at ilíirlibld, Cuilll., orourliranoh O:hce& in leading cities. SENT FREE A Hook expoBinK tlie myuteries of Ulfll I CT nrl howanyonomiy opérate rfíLL'O I . fully wftha capital of JJ50 or $1,000. Complete inBtruotions and illnstrnUiinn to nny address. TRl.'ÜImillKiE CO., Bankees ASI) BkokEES.2 WaU Street, New York. JjFEIñ Massillon Hamster "SyLJfey m BUY the BEST. Míts.silloii'o. Jll CT MOXEYIXITSTJRE! Justout. UO I DMful,HandolD9,Ch8ap. Sella evory. THE where. A raro chañen. Also, BOOK NEWMAPS,CHART8,&C CY2U n. Ollr "(!W ('HRISTIA N A 5 iKA('Kr5,isusil(ínílid3Uccoss. C'inr clnnati prlces sámeos New York. Send OÜiljJ-i luySt,, N. Y., i. ÍT.) W. 4th St., 0in..O. flSSHil This PATENT CABINET or fír"i77jg L F T T r P Fll-Eisusofultoovcry L2, l'jlltiEÍ!? keop BILLS, jjETTBaI:WlUfl TEKS or PAPER3 always olean !■ ;t''Hi'ïV5;ï!lM and in alphabetical order; bolds S itrííf 'flln'''fe5Li 4,000 Lettert, can bo used on a desk 1 i-1fm or hung to the wnll. We prepay Y 'Ü I i I mürÜ25 Express charges. Send for circular "■■ ■ - -" and price list with 1,000 references. Addresa C. A. COOK & 00., Cñioago, 111. P1 'T 1TB tTt WIIAT AUE PILES 1 BRKAD! "PLAIN BLUKT 3 1 BFacts," aTrcutiscontlie % Causee, History, Cure and ■ HrerenüonofPltES. Pnb. lisheii by I". NRl'.KT AKI■ IB a'l'KIl&CO., 46 Walker Street, ■New York. Senl FRKE lo ali I H Sports of thc United States on ■ iJHiiBiifil BrVsrticcipt of a leuer stamp. ACENTS, TAKE NOTiCE. V"E HAVE SOW KEADY. LIVINCISTONE'S LAST JOURNALS. A. reprint of the work jast publishert in England. ApopuKredltionat a plice tD snit íhe times. It contaíns all Liie e:i{j;ravings, and ia jtwj tin: thin to sel!. Address for inrcuï.'ir. Á.UEBI0AH PüBLISlilSG Co., 118 liandolph Street, Cliicr.go, 11!. f-"n.. ■■■ This new Trues Is worn with perfect, cuinfort nifíht and dHy. Ad ipts itselt to cvfiiymotian of the body, ret-iiiniiifïruptareunderthe bardeal r.eiciseürscvemst stinin until pormanenlly cured. Bold choap by the Elasiic Trnss Co, ft o. 683 Broadway, N . Y. City. Sen "■ "iaU. Cali or sond for Circular, and be cured. DO YOUR OWN PRSNTINCÏ 0%. Hpeinting peess. L ;. 1 iBr5i"c!iiiniiiï int! Aniuienr ■■A Pviatvi-f, Srhools Wo-ioti5'Kt Man11 ufacturri 3t-r-hí(it, nr.d othera itia --, ■ the BEST evor invented. :S.MO ín use. ■ jV'-Ten ctylos, Pricas frora SG.OO o $150.00 I .' j IÍ3ENJ. O. WOODS&CO.?.Iamifrsan(l ï. tmr ' i' i in iii ' inï i' fr' Material, Bend -t i i' i rr Catalogue.) 49 Fedex-al St. Eoston. f portable" Soda Fountains. $40, $50, S75 & $100. GOOD, DURABLE AND CHEAP. Shippod re.-.dy for Uso. Manufacturad byUilAl'-UAN & OO., Seiid for á Oatalograe. IfcE p A 01! and the " Y. Satiirtliiy JomOtö Ifflöii nal, the Great Lilerary Weekly of America, for oneypar for the Rc-guilir Subsfription Piicp, u, pmíbj ■--;. lIS 7 ■ Names enived impnrtiüüy as received.snd FIVK Y■(■ DOLLARS CASH sent at once to every tiiüi subioiibor. Clubs of five (at JSeaoh) mayretatntht $.,', Tliis ia our "ohromo" - a Casb premium oí $5 to evoiy flith Kubscriber ! The finn niiino is a Bumdent guaranty of 1'iiirneDé and fuliillraent. Send morey order or regtotered letlar to UKAÖLK 4 ADAMS, Puulükers, U3 Willi.Tr. S reet. New York. Tt ii i ■ ji 'TmTI'rT" ói Co., Groeers, Í3Cl Hartfortí, : '.SfnFom f3B3pv tjikes the lend of all Ihead Pipparf!w3""J tiens. Oursnlesare four-fold what wG&Lfw ilioy weic a year figo." All like it. AS- Daiifoilli, SciicWr iSíCo.. { 12) ) yurSe'n Fnam fur the pnstthreo V V-VQflB9.Ay Á yeoiswith peifiict satisfaction Ui :ill vC-?y-'JM whohavebonghtit." "Itsocononw S Ofca w p wonderfnl ; one Tear'ssavimewiD SaftW''íiáp l";Tp'K'p.'jnT7.''!;l(:' " $biLLLnzZJ&l"!G Biinnc St., New York. bs' f hu LIA] i To sell t;,6 HOME SHUTTLE SB1VINO MACHINE. PBKli Si",. Reader! ! yon om malie money selllUK the ' lÜtlEï SII CTTIiK," wlieilxr ion are EXFJJRIE 'KJ) in Hin laisinuss or not. II yoo wlnh to buy ,-. S1EW] NO MACHINE fur fomily use, ur tireulars will show you bow to save money. Ad; JoïlXSOSi, CLARK & CO., CnicAao, Ilijnoib. AGEiüTS WASTBD for !ie JTEW BOOK " Peoplo Prom THE OTHER WORLD." j The Great BensaÜOD of tlm Age. Invoatisation of thö i (Tonderftil Spirit Míiiwí'fstalions at thoKcliiy Ilomcstcnc!, "VI., by the .ow York Graphic ConimisI sioner. Most iist.mishmji reults. The wiiule country ! i-fitonished. 5OJ"U ]■'■;'■ Engraving, taken J'rom Lijt. 1 Send for (Jircubr f-ir Territiy, Terins, etc, to i AMERICAN PUlíLlíiHING CO., 118 Hiindolph St, ( nioago, in. Til AQTUMñTíftQ THa GREEN RIVer I U HÖ I nlflH I ïliöi ASTHMA CUHE i made , and told by J. lï ut A Son, and warranted to vc-liuve i every omsö of ASTHMA in three to live mLnutes.iDnaling I as pm' (];riv[D!is itcnditiK 0'ich p;iokgo. It has bei ! tested tour yorsin hundreds of cises. Raoent attaoka are cured by a fe-.v sittiníís. Ftdl packjiRe, two and onehlf oumrs. 2 tt) ; tin' i).Tck;it:,, 85. 00, by mail, posti ao prepaid. Six pooka8b; Kxpreas, for $y.W. All ' onleismll receive pruir.nt : tu'iiii.n. In Söndtnx for the GURE, eend P. O. Urdor, Draft, or Rcgitred Letter, at our lisk, naming tht$ paper. J. HART A SOIV, Cambrifle, 111. WANTED-THEENN MUTUAL Life Insurance Company, OF PHILADELPHIA, An oirt and succonsfui Life Cumpany, desires to secure the SPrvices of a r-li;;bli' perst in, u n.i bas had 'periencH , as a Life Insurance St)liuitor, as District Agnt, fur this locülity. The Pwin is entirely Mutttal- maten mimal dlvidends, or return nf surpluB, to Eta members, and has m l&rge a ! proportionof Asyet to tiablUtlea as any Mutual Lif ! Oom any in the United States. It issues polioles oi all desirttble forms, which are all noa-forfettable, and oan offer indnoements t,i the fnsuiing pablioequaJ to nny. i It is prepared to make liberal ommiBsion ( lontracta with ezperienced men. In the SSyeanol üs existence tlio . PENBÍ MTTTVAIj haa diipnted the Dayuient of but twoPoUcies. Apply to H. S. hTiiPllKXii. 'i.,..p,vsi dent, !.-Jl Chestnat St, Philadelphia, Pa., oi to 1 W. IREDELL, Superintendent of "VVusturu AifenciH? 'i3 .xancinnati, O. Í BÏBLE LOOKÏNG-GLASS REFLECTOR, Compaiiion and Gruicle TO TUE GRBAT ÏRUTHS OP THE SACRED SCRIPTURBS. SIX BOOK.8 I?J O.VE. Illnstrated by nearly 300 Knrn ving-, Bho-.vinK every vaiitily ot tmman character, and every quullty ir tli human haart 'J'ltorouUly ISranffelira] and Orthodox, bat nol -.- i:m;ni : neither Dry, 8 inctiinanioua aor Sansatlonal, but tuli n: old-iaahlone 1 honesty and plety. Soumi Êo tlits oore, its grapbio ptotures and readtag stiiko home. ficini.' a Qu&rto, it i .i oompJUÜOB in shape and ciiaraclor Ut t!ie Kainiiy Blble, whiLr!i it reiteota and explains. PitiUtVHl.V NO Wi.l'.K IN OUR 1.ANUIAUK lüSUWell adapted to toaeb tho graat vltaJ trathsof oorreot living. Iris Haviho a Grkat Sai n. Many Asenta are mak. hu (rom S5O t-i SHin per week. AOENTS VAn'.I KVKBYWHKRK. Great in. duoements offered. Bend i, - for Complete Outl.t, and begin af On. e. AM BRAULEÏ, ; IUIIETSO, A ., 60 Nortb Koarih Street, PhUaalplila, Pa. ■J7 3E3CIÏ! IHST PRAIRIE LANDS __ IOWA AND NEBRASKA, TOR EALE BY TUE Bnrlington & Missouri Riyer R, R, Cú, ' On Ten Years' Credit at 6 Per Cen'. Interest. ONK Y1LLION A CRF.X in Lnca and Smithern Xebraska. Tlic lirnsi country IHfvoil(l to romblne FARMING u n,l STJKK-ItAISINO. Products will Pay for Land and Improvements Long Before the Principal Becomes Due. URCE DISCOUNTS FOR CASH. "The ao-called destitufinn in Nebraska lies in tho far .estern región, boyond 1 lie lands ot t ho B. ifc M. It. R. Co." ■VForotconlan that will describe fully these lands, and the terins of salo, apply to or addtaos L.AND COMMI8SIOJ1EB, Burlington, lowa, for Iowa Lnnds, or Lincoln, Neb., far Nebracka lindf. (t fi fl " í fi il A Vcclt and expenses to all. Articles I f Düaü fflaaaai iracggft srab&g; g Proell's Siu Wood Fgipi jEíín Wood Eave-Trough Tubing. '■ i&vSM fia lf ï'on wa '''' BEST of thêee artl, IfijMi I cíes, so to your Hardwsreor Aericul [l'ilc'LJ toral Imp ■ Hfffttf r'()t kvv-' t);viri,or v.-;;l -.nt fjet tluin Sí 1V1 ïi for t 'u, seud direct tu the I ÍII'mL -R Cataloguen and Trico I ■ ' ■ ■ m to J. F. ÏOffEU . Qi III. i , '"" „_________ i Bowa R. R. Land Co. has for sale 1,500,000 Aciíeb nf Railroad Lands in the Middle Región of Western lowa. i BETTEIl LANDS AT CHEAPEÏl PRICES 1 tbnn can be fonnd elsewhere wlthln civilization. No hoppers. No aguo. No Indiana. Average credit prica $5and Í6 per acre. Start right. Oxll or aendto ■ the Oorapany'8 office, 83 R.indolph atreet. Chicas, and i.btaiTi full Information and bow to reacb the lands free. For rnnpl and pamphlets, wlth pi ices and terms, addreM Iowa llailroad Land Co., v: ,i ílurRítpids.íoTTa. JOHN 13. GAXHOUN, Land OommlMionar. The best anl eheopet Pr.ii:! i:i hc j World Iran, Ti:i or Woed. For salo Liy Poniera everysvhpio. PStNCES' METAIXIC l'AIXï ('O. Vónnft'rorB, 96CeiarSt, NcwTort. XSTCAJVJCÏG'FI.- Purchaccrs will please Bee that our name aijd trado ni:irk are on each and every package. Band for a Circula A NEW FEATUiïE. To tho 3.000 Ilt-ustkatioxs heretofore in Webstor's Unabriügeü wo have recontly added tour pages or COLOREO IULUSTRATIONS, engraved eipressly for tho work, at large expense. ES-TUe Atitlioriiy of Evcrybody. PROOF-SO TO X. The sales of Webster Dictionaries throughout the country in 1873 wero 20 timas as largo as the sales of any other Dictionarius. In proof of thi we mil send to any Sirson,onapp!ication,the8tateracnts of more than 100 ookseller from every section of the country. Publisned by G. t C. MBR.RIAM, Springfield, Mass. HÖTËÏST _ Kñf? BAKERS, # r?Jöt IGROGBRS, W Al j HQUSEKÊEPES, BOARDING HOUSrS, & PRÍVATE FAMILIES. I htre ttn IMPROVKÍ) RECEIPT for niaVIrig a PITRE iíAKINGnrlK.VST POWDRM eau! to the best in the markiït, ivith whieh I will F?nd a lwot Kivivi JtO ncw and EXCKILBIVT HJK'i'fïi't for ussingit in cooking. RTy B&klng Powder can be mnde for 16 cents a poond. Whjr pay 50 or 6!) cents per pouttd when you cnn easity make your own for 10 cents? Price of myreceipt 81. "2ö. It wül, hnwuvor, bo sent upon roceipt of $1.00 by mail, with(lin;ctions(in EngllBh and Germán) for ma kin and using, if the name of the NEWSPAPER Ís Kiven in which this advertisenient is seon. The cost of this reckipt is saved in evkhy thkkk POUNDS of the Powdor made. Ingrediënt kopt by grocers and drnggistB everjwhere. Adá?W. BKIGGS, Practical Drugglst, My annual Catalogue of Vegetable and Flower Seed for 1875 will be sent J'ree to all who opply. Customers of last seaaon need not write for it. In it will be found sevI eral valualjle varieties of new vegetables introdueed for ! the firat time this season, having made new vegetables a ppecialty for many years. Growing over a hwidred and ñfty rarietie on my several farms, I would p;irticnl(irly invite the patronage of raarkat gard(ners and all others who are espeeinlly deairous to havo their seed pure and frpsïi, and "f (hp, vvry beM sfrai'w. All seed sent out from my establishment are covered by three v.;irrants as given in my catalogue. JAMES J. H. GREOORY, Marblelxtad, Mass. ÖRGANS For Home Use, and for Churehes and Halls. NEW AND IMPROVED STYLES. Unequalecl in Tone, and in Beauty of Exterior. Tiie Smltb American Organ Co. OF JiOSTOJy, MASS., Cali attention t: their KTew I-Ii, Wtth Engravings and Descnpüons, and assure the public that in these Instru! ments are to be found combined the best effects which j thoy have mado in their twonty-five years of experienco. ; No other Instrument so exactly imitatea the Pipt' Organ tone. PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES. Lists eent fi-ee on Hiipücation. AAS PER DA Y Commission,orS30aveeksalaÖ fe Q rj'. and expenses. Wp offer it and will iyit. ! Apply now, U. W. Webber 6i Co., Marión, O. 'Iioho wlio Ufe msiTlod or contcnilitati' m;tit::iL ' rricaWcU. bymatl. Address Dr. Butts' Dispeo trv. 12 Noriii Elebtb st. Luuis. M dr!"whïttiek, No, 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, Ko., coDtinuea to treat ai! cases oT obstacles to marrlafte, blood Imnurlüflc, every ailmeut or sickucss which rcsults from in lisorction or impruiicnce, with uuparalleled inoMna Dr. W.'a entalilishmont ia chartered by the Ptateof iiisBonrl, was fouadjd n.u-1 hia been cHtabüühcd to seoure tute, oertain nud reliblö relief. Bt-inii a uraduate of jeveral radfcal colbifca, and having ihe experience oí a long nud Buccessful Ufe in hia apocimties he haa perfected remedies ihat art; eETfctual ia all these cases. HU patieuta are bciDs treated by muil or expresa evervwtieie. No ma Hit whn failod, nall or write. From thè great number of ppll3t.Uooa he is euabled to keen his cliiirges lo. ."iÖ pases, Klviiig full symptoma, for two stamps. MARRIACE CUIDE, MOpajM, popular book which should be read hy evorywxly. P.o inirned pair, or persons comen: plating mar. Naga, can a flor il to do without it. H contaiua the creaui of ui 'lic il UtenUure on this subject, tho rcsultsof Dr Vi' 'b '■ tzperteoOB i also the best t hongo. tu from bta worka iu Kuroie aml America. Sent scalcd, pont-pald tbr 60 OU. dr. otIohaE; NO. 619 Nortb Fiith Streot, St. Louis, Mo., ESTABLISHKD 1837. OaresoU snfFi'rerB without the uee of Morcury. ChaUVSfl rc:ison:ibK lees. Zfflr. B.'s "Treritisc on BpêdJÜ Diseases," which fully cxplatns tho nature, causes, svmitoins, and means bo cura all forins of Nervoua Debuiér, all Diseases carised by the " firrors of Youth," nnd valuable informatjon OU other delicate subjects, sent FitEE in plain bealed j enrelope. J


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