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A. Burdette Smith

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FñQyfiElMQÍ Smith'slllustrated Pattern Bazaar ■ 03 M U B IV W ■ The only Magazine that IMPORTS STYLES an SELLS Pattcrri3 ofthem. Only 51.10 a year, wlth Premium, SeeBolowü (g I Lady8'3r237"Ladles' 3801. Ladles' ?SIS; ■ 3504. F,t Coat-v.T! ní.i Walst - I - Walst - som. Mlss'sWaisfui! i.,;,, 3 ,. lli Bullo, Linón oí iniiit- vory f'UWi itlnf entlrely new - hvi-uim c 1" "! Ituoili- hlrrsliiDn a 52 Cainel's-hnJr. for stret pililo. VT de1rHe. uiidn fnr Unndrlnc m E IcniM-lili ílMXod - l'íltfni wllh raw Puttern wllh l'nlt.'in wllli (■ ruttirn ít], q ' ,1 2,-, r.-tit. l.VM. 25 cnitn. 'H, 85 r-ntu. MM. as el. .VoJ.I, r.3 fm;i. cv .vw, Mc-nis. Ány Pattern on thls page rt:alled on recelpt of marked prlce. Smith's "InstantlevaW; J PrCÍJ I bSSToÍ ltisa&. parí" . hKr 11 0 !rrrS1!S1-I0'fortlBi!iZAA1'iTHÏq Wmgk n?,X0.?"Bleof TWO of the abeve Pattern.. ' H".' ■] VkEM%"m?I nl.E'eHBffiaSH vator" íixcd Ín Yon vator, malled to them FREE as THFiK iKL-HIlu. OR hn UËBÈbÏÏH "n ric "lour '.kin will secd you a certfflcate which will entitlo yüu to toloct ?cur sr ffigHMH whlle pfnit nu.aínium at any time. H ■mSLthSïïïHÏ! nfis n rniNf We sha1 ?ivo awL)y $2.135.00 -íííLS ItlopsUiertlrtln UULU OUIIl in COLD COIlTfo 102 Persons who nt .1 Tasteful 1,1 un tho larfrest Clubs for tbe BAZAAR ' l)c-twi_ rjcAinnrt ptrBt eliionablo Manner, n drw n „fAfOUBT. The person who ír'Ts un the LARCEST CLUB will th fullness to ü. Imrk. mkliiK pet L250.00. Sext larecest. S200.00. Nexi iarueet. SI5O,00 " straigrlit front." n Savea more ílext. 8100.00, eto. "We gavo $1,350-00 in O" 'Jt ÍazAaíí ihun Ten Times itaCoat. It r.n lie to = pGrsOns. whose ñames ana addveases will be lound in thía rlintiR'-a from One Dresaty anothcr. BAZAAR, with the number tbat each cue pent. Gt a copy Pric, 4B cntt encii. I Sample copy malled for 25 cents. SMITH'S INSTRUO TION BOOK or. Secreta of DrosB-níaklng." 3 O centa a year. Catalotrue luailod lor une stamp. Addrese, very plaln, P. O. Bos 5055. 914 Broadway, New York City,


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