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Tuebday, March 9. - The Senato elccted Ferry, of Michigan, President pro tem. . . .The standing committees were announced, after which Morton concluded hi support of Pinchbac'k claims. He wan followcd by Merrimon, who Opposed the admission of Pinehback After a short exccutive session the Senate adjourned. Wepxesday, March 10. - Merrimon resumed hiii speech against the adiuiesion of Pinchback, and concluded at 2 o'clock, whereupon the Senate went into executive Bession, and subsequenlly adjourned. Tuuiïsday, March 11. - Clayton's reaolution to appoint a comniitteo to go to the Indian country dnring the sumnier months was killed by a vote of 39 to 22, after which the Senate went into executive sossion. Fiïiday, March 12.- The Sonate resumed the discupsion of Pinchbaek's claims, McCreery, Saulsbury and Christiaucy speaking against his atlmi.ssion. The latter held that no legal govcrnment exipted in Lonisiaua, and that coüscquently the Legislature had no power to elect and give Pinrhback credentiala entitling him to a seat in the Senate. There was no de facto governnient iu LouiKiana, and the recognition of Kellogg by the President did not make one. . . . Vice-President Wilson presented the meniorial of the heira of Willlam K. Sebastian, Senator irom Arkausas in 1801, asking that the resohition expelling hiui from the Seuate be resoinded. Heferred. Sattjbday, March 13. - The Senate Bpent the open portion of its seasion debating the Pinthbüclc case. The discuseion was participated in by Morton, Thurman and "Whyte. No conclusión WB reaohed. Monday, March 15. - Senate - Ingalls introduced a resolution requesting the Irc8Ídcntto transmit to the Senate, if not incompatiblo with tho public interest, any inforination in his possession in regard to the promised emigration to the B'ack Hills country, held by the Sioux Indiane under the treaty of Feb. 24, 186Ú ; whether said emigra tion is with the consent of the Indians holding said country, and, if not, what measures willbe taken in reference to the Faino. Agreed to Consideraron of the resolution for the admiasion of Pinchback as Senator from Louieiana was Uien resunied, and Mr. Ferry (Ct.) addreeaed the Stnate.


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