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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. CCKORG, M. !., Physiclan and Bnrgeon. , Offlce and residí nce No. v WashÍDgtOD Btreet, our dooi-3 cast oí Mata, Aun Arlor, Alirh. EUG1ÍNK K. 1 l;l EAUFF, ('oir.niiniione.rof De il for the M:::e í' Peoiipylrauia. Office, HJJl'a Opera-Housp, Aun Arbor, M ob. írll, LEWITT, Vi. I).. Phyicin and Xnr geon. ciiVi'-c ofor IVutts' Jewelry Store, Main (.11 rof, iiii Arb.T. As IRBOR ihm.i; r.sri;.s, MiriiK Kal", M. ])., Superintendent. Office iu buildiageorner Mann and A'obI Htiron sir.r s. ■xiriNKS & WORDEN, id South Mln treet, W A 11 ti Vrli r. MicB., wholi s;i'o ;ind rota 1 dealrrs in Dry GtoíkIs i! irpeta a1 d Oroeeriös. M.VCIv A SCHMID, .!. Hen in Dry OoodP, Groceriw, Crookery, ís., No. 54 Scuth Main ir ii. .TACKSON, !■ i.i it, Bucoefaor to 0. B. W l''rt.T. Officoc-truflr Huin aud HüTOn-stfi,, over t'je ftore ol [la'e& Tiem in. Aun Arbor, Mich. ñ ■liMisi.ri'i ii requíred. SUTHERIAND .V WBEDON, L'fe u(l Tire Ensnranoe Agen'p, sud daa era in lieal Estáte. Office on Hurón 1 reet. BACH it Al!i;i.. doalers In Dry Ooodp, Bro. íte, kc, No. i; S-.-níh Main street, Ann Arbor. -1ITU. WAGNKR, dtaler Iu Rfsdy-Made CiothYV inP, Clotha, Casaime-rs, Ved(iagf, Trnoki. Carpet Bags, kn , 21 South M.,iu N0A1I W. CHEEVEB, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office in Proibaie Office, Ann Arbor. MBS. II. jThÏLTON, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURCEON Office aml Residence No. 88 Ann Streel, corner of Ingaüg, Ann Arbor, Mich. COflice hours 8 to 10 a. m., and 2 to 4 p. m. Rpference8 - Prof. Sager, Prof. Palmer. PB. Ö. A. LEITEB, PHYSICIAN AND SURCEON. ü:)i ' Jewelry Store, Main Street, B sidence $8 Easi Hurou Street, Ann Aiibob, ... Michigan. JOHN G. GALL D.'ilir in FRESH AND SALT N1EATS, LARD, Sausagcs, &c. Orders soliclted and promptiy filled wlth tbc best nieale iu tlie market. Cor. Uuron and Fourth-sts., Ann Arbor. 3. PBED. JBBOSS, Mauiifacturer of CARRIAGES, BUCCIES, Lumber Wagons, Spring Wagons, Cutters, Sleighs, &c. All vork warranted o( the best material. Repairlogdone prompüyand rensonaWy. All work warrantml to (iivc perfect eatisfactiun. 69 Suiilli Main Btreet. CKOOKEBY, GLASSWABË AND OKOCE1UES. J. & P. DONNELLY Have in store :■ large Hio,-k of Orociery, Qluaware, Ontlery, Grocerlee. &c, ko.. all to be so!dat uaasutUy low jiritcB. %'o. 11 Kast Huron-sl , Ann Arbor. HENBY MATTHEWS, Dealer iii FRESH AND SALT MEATS, Smokcd Ham, Sausage, Lard, etc. Hurón pitrel, nexl lo Leonard üouse. ■ ■ h il by cuBlomen promptly lilled. HENRY MUIiL'HY, Dealer in CROCERIES, HOSIERY, GLOVES, And Notions, Xo. D North Main Street, Arm Arbor. ■ Iroih. e taken in exohwige. EVEBYBODY SAYS TIIAÏ REVENAUCH IS THE Boss Photographer of Ann Arbor. L8 Sast Buron Sireet, up stair. W. A. L0VEJ0Y, Tobacconist ! DEAIiB IX BOTH FEÍE-CÜT ANJ) SMOKING Tobacco, ÖNUFF, PIPES, &c, At gío. 7 East Huron-st., Next lo üiu Etpiess OiBof, AXX ABBOB, - - - MIOBIGAN, New Bakery ! . E. STILING ons friendg and the pnbllo ■ i iipth,. Htnrc lately occüt 'I bj 3. o, Walsou S Co., 28 EMt Haron-üt., as a Bakery anfl Cotfecflonery Store, i nttention to bnsincM to merit ilian i i palrong-. ParlicuUr atil: ! ■■-■ aid to the Ice Cream Department. ■ ■ ': runld, all Utidsof Frull I im fiiruifhed fami or purl li FrnilM and ünnfectiouerr ili irr, of oh FiEMEMBER THE PLACE, No. 28 East Huron St.. AHM ARBOR.


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