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Like A Child

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Playing tb rr in Uil '-liti. Chasing tbr butterfliea, G&tching i"; golden toy, Holding it fasí Ml il dJoa; Siuglng to match the bfrde, Calling the robín al uill. Glancing here :mi there, Nevi r i moment si til I.i!i ;i chüd, Going to echool, atjaat, Learning l read and write, Pttzzled over liis slate, Busj i (om morn till night, Strii Ing to a prize, Oareleas when il la won. Finding hifi ioj in the atrife, Not in the t fa ing that'a ilouc. Buey in eager trade, l ■. 1 1 ing and Belling again, Chaeing a golden i (ü;:i] "f ii transieni Alwaya bezinning anew, N, ver tii' long tak ' r, ,)iif.l ;ir n used to m butterfly 1 1 tote. Seeking ;i ffipman'e henrt, ■ Inning i( for hie owu, Then, too buay for love, Lcttlng it turn to stone. gore of hie plighted tfotb, Wbal moro twd i wifetoaak Ib h,e iint doing for her Eacb day bis daily tah ? cfiild, to pïne and complain! A chald, ti grow so [wie ! Fop want of Bome foolieb worda e ii b woman'a faitfa fail ? Worde ! he eaid them once Whai need of any thing mee? Does one whohas ;it red i room (i back and wait at the door ? Baby lffary and K;ii' Kever run climb hia knee; Motherly srms are op n " ]';itln r ÍS lMi.-y, yoU fiOC.' Too busj to stop to hear babble of brok n balk, To nirnl the jmnping-jack, Qt niake Öie new doU walk. 8o biisy thai when D atb comí a He pi' ada fox a líttl d lay, If not to finish bi work, At least a word to ■ A word to wlfe and child, A sentonce to teil Ihe truth, Tliat hc lovoa tiirTu now, at tbc lapt, Wiih the pai Bionate Im art of youih. The kir.scs of Dcath are cold, And they torn hia Upa i" stone ; Out of the warm, bright woi'ld Tho man goea aU alone. Do angi l ■ waif foi htm there Oves the roundleas aea? He fío' b, b i' ctune, ;i holplcaa wiglit., To ;i new world's myatery- like a child. - tlarper8 Magazine f qt April.


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