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Horrible Parricide

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The Shreveport (La.) Times givea the particulars oí' a most shocking parricida which w;is reoently enaoted in De Soto Parish, in that State : " Samuel Sanford, 77 years oíd, his son John Sanford, aged 80 years, and a sou-in-law ot the old man, named Ben Pittman, while on their way frorn Shlby county, Texas, to Shreveport, stopped on the wde of the röad to eat dinner. As the old man was sitting against a fcroe )ils non stepped uj t hini, drew his six-shooter, and remarkirig, "I have got you where I have wantod you for tour years," fired two shots into hie faiher'a siut or breast. The latti r sprang i, tuounted his horae and gallopcd ofl', when the son pnrsued Mm, and, overtaking kim, presouted liis pistol at his head. The old man begged him nol to shoot itgain, sayüig : " You have killed me, and I wish to Bay something before I die," or someihing to thai offoot. The son theu rode off and made liis escape into Texas. At last accounts Mr. Sanford was ulive, but not expected to reoover. The act was prompteu by a de,iic on the part of the son to get the property of tlie father."


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