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Moody And Sankey

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Scareely for a lmndred years, oertainly not during the present ccntury, bas England experienced mioli a popular roligions excitement as now prevails thero iinder the labora of the two American revivalists, Moody and Sankey. That country has not been wauting in grea' i preachers, somc of whom have dovelopcd j rare powers as pulpit orators and lar teachers; but none of them siuce the days of Wesloy and WMtefleld havo producod cftccta at all comparable to those produoed by the two Americans abovc named. Moody is a nativo of Massachusetts, but for somc time a resident of Chicago, where he wttó pretty well known as a workiug member of the ïoung Meii's Christian Association. He is not an ordainod preachor, and was nevcr supposcd to havo auy special gil'ts of oratory, nj; ooted only for lus earnest devotioii to the work of evangelization and hifi boldnese in proolaiming gospel truth. Mr. Stmkey is from Pennsylyania, and doos not preacb at all, but aings. He fifia the intervals of Mr. Moody's talking by siuging revival hymns v.'itli great earnestnesa and pathos, aeoompanying himself on a pabinet organ. Almost from tho very bogiuning their labora abroad havo b(en atteuded by wonderful result i. The groat cities of Hcotland, like Edinburg and Glasgow, theaof Ireland, and qow oí' England, have witnesscd a religious excitement l'ar surpassing anything in the memory of thoae now living. Their fame soon spread throughout the kingdom, and wherevei tliey wout groat orówda havo, flocked to hoar them. Their oongregatious, gonerally numbering many tliousands, have embraped all classes of society, and vast nuiabers of , persona huw made their firat public fesskms of religión nnder their ministration. Something lees tban a fortnight ago they arrived in London, whore they are now aÜdrëssing immenso audienoes with the usual resulta. The stolid English people are tttirred as they havo rarely been u-red before, and the movement has already beoome one i the mo


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