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The Postage Outrage

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Tho doubling oí the rate of postage on all third-claes matter, inoluding all transient newspapers, one cii' the last acts of the last Oöngress, is one of the most Bcandalous piceos oí legislation, of which Oongress is always capablo in the delirium of dyiug. The Amendment by whicn tliiH was cffected substituted " ounco " for " two (juncos," in :;iv! ion of tlio acts óf , and of oourse Qobody look eeeasioa t see what the precise effect of it, might be. T)ie j amendment was only intended to doublé the rate of pöstage on the pareéis of tnerchandise witti irhich the mails are uow ]ulo(l, luit ihc taugaage of the amendod l.iw ii]ücil ( the whole third closs of iii:iilal)l(! matter. It ia charitablc, at least,, to BuppOBe thai it was a niistalvC, but wr, bélievo, iiilcnded or pui. il is a greal outaageon tho pubh'c, and a great scandal the PostoiBee Department and the postal committees, without whose. saiiction tho amendmeni wonld nol have been adopted. The burden "I' the aerease of postage does not fall m aewspapBï publishers, but 011 ii i large ckas of persous of Binall meana tó whoiu their friends Bond their uivii newspapers, after fchey are read, or exchange own papers ■with other j friends, in a similar way. These practices are quite comnion, aml a postage of one cent enablee mauy people in this way to have papers or to exchange papers who would other wise havo to go without, or be conflned to those for which they theiaselves Bubscribed. Tho governmoni has derived a greatand paying ee onuo trom tlii.s Bource, whicli wil! }■■ greaüy diminished, we should think, ander tho new and almosl prohibitiva ratos. In mauy cases tho postigo will oost more tlian (ia1 papers themselves, and, in the caso of the Republicun, it jV, nearly as p to subscribe for thedailyorweeklj and get tbem lirsl hand, postage free, as to remail them, and, considenng the


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