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The Apoplectic Stroke--what Produces It

The Apoplectic Stroke--what Produces It image
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A middle-aged physician said oue day to the writer : "As 1 was walking down tl 10 street after dinnor I feit a shock in the back of my ncck, as if somo ono had struck me ; I have not feit well since. I fear 1 shall dio, just asall my ancestors have, of paralysis. AVhat ahall I do?" The answer was: " Diminiah the tensión on the blood vessels, and tlieir need be do fear of tearing them in a weak plaoe." Now, thia expresses in plain terms, tho exact oause oï apoploxy in tho great niajority of instanoes ; and it is ouo, too, which every one lias it in his power to prevent. A blood vesael of the brain, Erom canses wliich will pvesently lic mentioned, has lost aome of its elasti( strength ; food is abundant, digestión is good; blood is made in abundance, but little is worked off b3r exeroise ; the tensión on every artery and vein isa maximum rate; theeven, circuitous ilow is temporarily impeded at somo point, throwing :i dangeroua pressiire on another ; ttte Vessel which bas lost itn elastio strength gives way, blood 'm ponred out, a dot is Eornied, whieh, by its presBUre on tho brain, producer; complete raioonsciousnees. This is tho apopleotio Btroke. It will be perceived that there are Iwo leading conditions upon which tho production of tho Btroke depends ; a lessened strongth in tho vessol, and


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