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The retiriiig Auditor-Gencral's report tor the fiscal yoar 1874 ia jiiHt publislied. It embraces a history oí' State linanees for Uk: laj-.t. thirtyeigut y èms, The grosa reoeipte of tho Troasury during the year 1873, were f2,211,165.73, which, added to tho balance on hand, $854 7'-i. ! !. aggregatoa f3,065,879.17. Amount of rarrants dr&trn áuringtheyoar, f1,995,604.85, wliick leavcn a balance of $1,070,274.82, including expensen for construotios of State roads. Receipte sjnce Marcb 1, 1830, Í3;, 701,758.11; disbursements, $32,634,483.82. Siiicc tho organization of the office of the Auditor-General, accounts liavo been oponed with aixty-eevon fuads, sixtecn of which have been clood ; and therc have been transacüons through tbirty-two duTÏng the fiscal ycarjunt clofied. llenera) Finid, opened AFarcli. 1836- Beoeipts, $22,412,170.30 ; oxpenditorea, $21,541,427.18 ; balance September 30, 1874, $871,043.12. One bond of $50 outetanding, when paid, wil] close tbc War Loan Sinking l'uml. EeceiptH Two Million Loan. $269,337.67 ; expenditures. L1,241,000; balanoe, $668,865.%. Swamp I.nnd Fund -Tho aota of 1859 and araendments have led to the worst poeeible resulte, throwing upon the market an kredeemable paper currencj-. Eeceipts, %:i, 803,519.70; expenditores and transfers, $3,610,351.69; balance, $193,168.07. Univereity Fund- BeoeiptB, $442,348.79; expendituree, 7, 201.40; tr&nsferred to Genera] Fund, $100,000; balance, $385,237.39. Agríoultural Colloge Fund Rocetpte, ï12:!,053.68 ; ezpenditures, .15, 17-4.54 ; balance, $107,879.14. Normal School Fund- Beceipts, 5'J,894.38 ; expcnditui-cs, $8,88S.72; balance, $51,038.66, PrUaary Kchool Fund - Iteccipta, $2,229,530.83 ; oxpenditures, $72,401.30 ; balance, $2,157,179.53; escheatu, $3,600. Asylum Fund - Total oredita to date ai-e $1,895,628.59; disburaoments, .1, 757,830.48 ; balance, $131,'657.61. State Building Fund - Total receipts, S578,303.30; total debita, $446,045.95; balance, $131,657.61. Tho Auditor-General favors inercased : tion, payment of tho títato debt, and avoidance of transfers from the different funds. I NDUSTKIAI, ITlOUKliSS. Tuk Newaygo Tribune ia the name of a new paper, published in Newaygo county, by }'almiter. It is ncatly printed and givcs cvidonce of enterpvise. Taticnts recently issucd to citizena of Michigan : Barrels, H. M. Fitzhugh, Bay City ; lirenprinklciH, D. Strattan, Cassopolis ; processes for chilliiiL; e;istings, E. A. Chubb, Ionia City ; tool-handles. 11. Staplcs, liattle Creck. Iits. Cj. K. Ai:ais, of Ilillsdaie, ia Fiaid to have Bucceoded in raming currante measuring one and three-fourths niches in circumferonce. DEATHS. A iiECTUKK v'aa advortÍKel to bo delivered at Monroo lat week, by llcv. Father Cooney, bat was postponed on account of the dcath of the mothor ol' the locturcr in tliat city. aged 95 years. PERSONAL. Ex-Pivesiuk-xt E. B. Faiiifieli), of HUlsdalo College, at present, and for tho past five years pastor of tiio First Congregational Cluu-ch of Mansiicld, Oliio, lias acceptod a unanimouH and entlmsiastie cali to the presidency of the Pcnusylvania State Normal School, located at Indiano, about flfty niile nortlieast or Pitteburgh. ]Io wil! move thero in April. A FIBBCE war is raging at Spring Lake over tlie position of Postmaster between the partisanflofL. O. Perham and Charles MoKay. Tho office ia worth $100 a yoar, and Ferham lias held it for tlie past fouitecn ycai-s ; but now as lio has grown ricli, and au MoKay íh wel] adapted to tho business, somc partios contend Lhatachange is deslrable. Much excitemoBt i, and both factiona are mafshaling their forecs. The Detroit Common Councü, by a vote of 17 to 5, rcfiisod to accept Mayor Moffal's resignaion, and he will rctain bis position. A'i' the convention of cider-makers which met at Detroit recently, Mr. II. Warner, of Coklwater, was ohosen President for the ensuing year, and John Clark, of Pontiac, Beoretary. The next meeting will be held at Jaukson, iu Maroh, 1870. TATISTICS. Tur, Allegan Dvraoerat saya Uiat líicliaid ! Woar brought into tliat lown a hog fattc-1 by himaelf whieh vci;;hcd when dresaed 881 pounds. LüfiAL. Mk. D. 1!. Smith, a merchant of Jackson, waa reccntly arreated on eomplaint oC Hitohoook. Eaaeltyn f Cío., Detroit, on the oharge of obtamius; goods andel falso pretensos, takon to Detroit and iraprisoned. ITe wax discharged ■„ fter Bevera] dayB, the court holding tuut the oase Bhould have been triod whore tlie offense was alleged to have been oommitted, in JackBon Mr. Smith bas iimv coiumenced soit againet the Detroit liini for fulno impriaonment, laying damagea at 560,000. Tiih ons of Capt. K B. Ward, of Detroit, have appealed from the order admitting his will to probate, and the case will not stop short of tho Supremo Court. APPRAI8EB8 appointed to place a vnlue upon the estáte of the late Capt. E. B Ward, of Detroit, have ülod their report, which is summed np aa follows : Persona] property $2,713,180.66 Wiöconain landH 64,838.36 Obio lanil S70.9B3.60 [owa land 18,240.00 Michigan litudR, ranïe wet 764,384.59 Michigan land i ' 61,370.98 Wiscousin [ron Üompanj and Kast Sagtoaw 11,4Í9.O9 Chicago rit real estáte 63,600.00 Detr .il I tate 182,80 Wyandotte fhiji yard property 30,000.00 Missouri lands. ;17,:!7 t.! North Carolina íi"'f Georgia lands 6,386.50 BillS receivablr, Isml anwilit 41,822.0S f íi! N receivable, other Bottroe 48,313.07 Book accounts 63,208.43 Cashaouounl 31,140.70 int) lande 7O'J,8J3.07 Toliil The liabilitiea of the estáte maynotbeaocurately determined for severa! montos to come. Tm School Superintendent, alluding to tho CompulBory Eduoation lawof thta State, saye: ■■I liaveyetto Iearnof it enforoement iu a ki;le looaUty. It is ade&d letter on the statuti books." POLITICA!. Hou. Geo. 8. Bwutt, present incunibont, k the unanimous cUoice of tUe Bopublicans and Democrut-i oí Detroit for tho oflice of Recorder at the coming election. CASUAI.TII'.S. Maeï MoOlaik, of Ann Albor, ageA 10 yrurs. while playing witb somo m&tohes the otbei dny. Bccident&U; fired lier clothing, and, in bcr frigUt, rusbed down-etaira thearoby tanning tho flames anti] t'iry wente teyond rntro]. Slio waw terrilily burned, and .!kii1 in a Fow hours. A 'ui: at Negaunee last week destroyed the shopa andmUlof tlie Jackson Iron ('ouipany. ! g about $20,000. Tin: residencie of Mrs. John Angel!, ut Wc nona, l'.iy oounty, waa lotally fleetroyed by tóe last week. I a $2,500; nsurance, V, .. Do'nahi e, nri rking in ■'■ tinsoii a camp, on tho ' bippi m. ma aeeidcnUj küled by faUing trco, last ThuiH.lay. Dcccascd was a ('anadian. crimi;. Fannie E. Joma has been couvicted of rhildmurder at Saginaw, and Houteneed to hcvoii yonr in the penitentiary. Thia wan her nceoiid triiil. On tho Ih'Ht she was found guilty of nmr:or lo the Hocond degree. aud scnteuced to oighteen years1 mprisonment. A now trial wan grantod, with t'nc restüt aa Btutcd. On Monday ulglit a rich Gomiin of Mosroe, aamed Jacob Sachs, nliof lnm-icll' in tho hcad with iiiHtantly fatal rcsult. MISCKI.I.AXKOUS. Tuk Chicago Journal kíivs Lako Michigan is umloubtedly frozcn cntircly ovor at the eouth end, which is the flrst time Huch a thing han ever been knowu. The East Saginaw new Driving Park AshociatiOD have published thcir progranime. Tho raceH will takc place June 'Z'.L extending over fourdays. The premiums smoont to Y10,500, or il, 50(1 more than last year. Dutroit bas contributed over i(l,000 to tho gnusshoppar Hiifferers of Ncbraska and Dakota, and ík hüU oontributlng. Tur. uportsmen of Jackson have orgaui.ed luider the name of Torent and Btresm Club. hnndred citizens of Grand KnpidH recently f ormed a taxpayers' association for the purpose of considcring all mattera of material interest to the city. ülliccrs wero elected, and the aHOciation proceedcd at onco to considcr tho amendmoiits to the city charter, now bcforo the Leglslutuïe at LaiiHing. :ih Huinc prominent citizoiiH think t.bey OOght tobe changed from the coudition in which they wero lelt by the committee of tho cuuncil. THi; IEGISXÁTÜKB Tuësday, March 23.r#enafe- Büta were paneed concerning the preservation and protcction of townshlp records, forbidding thcin to! kept in saloons, etc. ; to provide for j:i ing ifafl oatafatndmg Interest-bearing warrants of the Univeritty of "Mu-liitiiiTi ; to repeal the Oompulsory Kducntion law. .... The special order, being the consideration f the Bensle bfil makbag it ;i criminal oflense to bU liquora to minora or inioxicated persons, and aeUera tn jnakc compenssttbn in the cMe of tojuriea to intoxicatcu persons for aU tajrie oaosed b seliing such Uquors, being Biibetantially the Ohio law ou that BUbject, waspassed - yeas, IS; nayt, 11. ljnt,,;f- Potitiona wera received for the cstabliKliuient of a dental BChool íu Michigan Univcrsity ; for a grant of land in aid of the Marquotte and Htackinaw raüroad, and agaiost any chance in thi taxation of State and uatioual bankö. . . .BüIm ere paseed to repeal the law for the taxation of dn ; nroliibiting the setting of trapw or niriny t:unK in woods or uiclosed grounds ; and amending the law establishine ;i Board of Fire md Water CoinmisBioners in Marquette. WEDNieDAY, March 34. - Sonate- Tho Beuate, üi committce of the whole, considcred everal bilis relatiiig to regulaöon of the liquor traftic, with tho result that all weré reporied back and tabled. These iiill wcroilius disposed "f bocausethere ia a wish to take more time fot their ocmslderation, and, being upon the tabla, they can be taken up, ïf sodesired, ut any time. lme- Tlio majority (four membern) of the raad Committee reportad adverscly upon the House bilí BUbjectingraüroadstolóoá] taxationin thetownK through whicJi tbey pass, f or the reasoo that many oí the railroad in the Uvb special charters, wliirli require them v pay u Bpeoiflo State tax; that a spedflc tax npon earnings is the properinode to ansesa raüroada ; and that all othormedea are unjuwt and impracticable. ïLo nüncrity of the committec- uno member - favorod Uu; bill, and belicved the pxopoeed mcthodof taxation the .jut-t anrt proper oue A great part of the SOBsloll van apent in disouselng the apportiooment of Representativos, no conclusiona were reached, and the bill wae recommttted to the special oommittee, with instrii'tii'nw t(. nirke it conform to tli'' fi'iititntion, Bection 8, articie 4, and Bection 22 of thoBohedule. Tlüs action will likcly bc reconfidered. .V motiDn by BepreBeniative Hulbert, of ïloughton, to instruct the eommittro to report a bill wüh aixty-flve EopresentaSv iastead of 100, and making the ratio 20,000, was lost- 30 to i'J. Thia action, too, will most hkely bc reconuidered, as cfforts will bo made to unite the Democracy npod t as a mensure in the inteTests of economy ann greatei effleienoy in the legislativo department of the government. Thvbsday, Mai-ch 25.- Senate- The Seuate ysissid the bill which is intended to legalize all aetn. horctoforo done in dividing townships or countlea contrary to the constitutional proYiiou with respect to reprefiontative difitrieta, although an eiïort was inaiK' to the contrary. . . .The bill establifthing a Board of Iledlod Censors was paased in the morning, recont-idered and tablod in the afternoon, and, juet bef ore the close of the Senato, again revised and pasBOd by tlio bare constitutional majority The bilis appropriating monoy to the Kalamazoo InBane Aslnin for a copper roof, and a stone coruice to tho n'rw Capítol, wcre passod. The last two appropriated í 7r.i)0ii The joint rcsohition of Adalr pio].nsin an amcndment to tlie conbtitution rU'iking out Bection which forbids tho licensiug of Baloons paased - ') to 3. Hmm-Tbe greator portion ol the day was taken apin the discussion of the bilis rolatingto the liquor traílh'. Speeches were made by MeMT. Klein, Potter, Küboume, E. H. Srocn, liriggs, Littlc, West, Hart, Hoyt, Copley, Benedict, Daley, Wood, Uackus and others. Feiday, Murch 2G.- ft-nate- Tlie Seuate ordered that the bill rclative to the amendment to tho Kafnn;i and lïuomin a-t bc taken from the general order and recmimutlcd The bill making appropriations io the State public school fund for the purelias, of land and the erection of new buildings was passed. Houee - Adama' joint rcsolution for the ameudmcut to the eonrtiUition, striking out the anti"4ens clase, was passed byavote of 92 to 5 - Bills were passed authoriïiug the Board of State Anditora to adjost eertnin claims for Bpeoific taes, arisi&g trom the diserimination made betv.een iron mined by incorporated DOmpanies and that mi. i i-c I by Individuals and partnerships; facibtating tb-' formaüon of oo-oporative aasooiaüoDs; alh-uiu;; mcmberBOf the Lezislatnre from the upper penlnsula$5adaj hiBti id of 3....Thelarger ponton of the day waa consumed ia the diBoussiop ol tho bill repeaüng the I'rohibitory Liquor law. MondAT, March 29.- Senate- Clliaj-gca of i i-uilty by the Warden of the State Trison wero invoatlgatod. ]n:;e -Coneidcrable time was spent in votiug apon a ooncuxrent rcsolution of adjoumment, bo as to cnable niembers to attend the election.


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