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A Valuable Invention

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Auy one who lias ever boon conuecfced witb the jjewspaper business knows liow atrociously are writton the dispatches for tlic telegraphio colamus of a paper. Nobody but au experieneed printer eau mflke l'licm out with any dogroo of oase, and before beiag Sent to the ijrinter they must first be "ñxed up" with great caro by the news editor. All this is fo be obviated by a simple apparatas callcd the " Typo Wribbr," to be attached to the ordinary telegrftphio mochanism, by means of which the operator not only reecives his report, but prints it on large bold type at tho same time. A keyboard is pin yod apon, fioniething af ter the piano fashion, aml sheet af ter sheet is printed on' with greater rapidity thau it can be wtítten by hand. The invent.ion can be detaehed, and can be usodiu printing off business Ietter3, or eveu in printing editorials. Its uses can be niado multitudinous. While time will certainly reuder it moro perfect, as every invention has froru timo to time been improved on, even as it now is it works most wonderíully and saoeesrfldly. Its general iniriMlurtioii will be uailed as a high favor by tin;


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