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Fourth Ward Republican Caucus

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lai-ty of "great moral kleas" had a happy, ime at their caucus in the Fourth wardt Weduesday eveuing. A large number of the better clatss ' ware in attendauce, but were utuumbereri and overpowered by the "rooks." 'iie meeting beiuj; called to order the business I electing delegates to the City Uonvention v;i3 h'rst proceeded with. Il was voted to elect ach delégate separately ; two were thus electd, the " better ciass " gettmg " scooped " each ime. Seeing the uselesaness of any iurther ontest, cousidering that the " rooks " had it II tlieir owii way, ïïm. Noble aróse and novcd that the balance of the delegates be lected on one ticket, which motlou was idopted. A hvely scrabble was then made to irepare tickets, a list was made, but before nany were written, J. F. Lawreuce moved hat the uiauner be again chauged, that deletates be elected viva voce, which was adopted. javvrence, ha ving a hst of the nanies, took a )osition and acted as "moving man." An effori was made to slip in the names of some such men as Dr. A. B. Palmer, Wm. Noble and Prof. Olney - but it was no go, the vote upon each being a thunderiug "no." After the seance the " rooks " were crowiug loudly over the tact that they had " cleaned out the d - d pious cusses." Accordmg to reports similar " whirls " were had in other wards.


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