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Omver Johnson 's tesiimony tl ia i he was "a Spirituaüst butnot a fooi," leads the St. Louík Ttepublican to inquire if Mr. Johnson isu't addioted to making fine distinctioiis. Professional lobbyists will niake :i note of the decisión by tho Unitod State i Supremo Oourt tluit a contract for compensation for servioes in securing the passage of a bilí is Ilegal, void, opposcd to public polioy, and cannot be eni'oreoil. Gov. Gaston, of Massachusetts, declined to review tbc 8t. Patrick's ilny procession iu Boston, deeming it derogatory to the dignity of the Executive of the; Qommonweolth to review au armed procession, the same beiiig no part of the militia. Evbn railroad wars are no always unprofltablo. A gratífying incident of the present hostilities betwecn the Baltiiuore and Ohio and Peansylvania Railroad Oompanies is the general reduction of ratea for l'reight from New Vork by the three trunk lines to the West. TH fruit prospect iu tlis Northwest s botter than appearod fromflrstr eports. Li Michigan it is thought to be domonBtrated thai such fruit trees as the peach, cherry, pear, qninoe, etc., as well aa the more tender varieties of strawberry and rasberry, can endure a lover temperatare llmn even this winter has ]rodnced. Dan Ricb's croditors number 200, but not a single ono oí them appeared at a recent meeting to oompromise matters beforo the Register in Bankruptey in Pitteburgh. As it costs $1.60 tot a credtor to file a claim, and aa Dan bas only a Birit of to pay {85,000 wifch, the debfcor was allowed to soleet bis own assiguee. The PhHadelphia Tnquirer tliinks thai relief from hard times would be found in the opening of the Black Hills country. It would start the country apon b new career of prospcrity. The Indians, who have no privileges which they w-'ül ' Qotsellor exobange, do not want tlic gold in the Black HiUs, and the country does want it. A State which faite to have a wonderful oldest inhabitanfc dio occasionally is not much of a State. California,, ! fore, steps to the front witli her oldest. 8bo has ju-I .hiiii.d liim lieneatli hia nativo sou. Hia name was Justiano Boxas, and bis age was 122 yeara wben iie shuffled off hia mortal ooil. California can j take the premium. Geokok Fbanck Tkain has once more ■ retired erover" from public life, and wil] live at hia home iu New York, having aold lus property at Omaha. He is disgusted wiöi the American peoplo, beoause they have all alen.!? thought he was joking in ïiominating himseif for Pre.sidonfc It is impoBsible f ar Americans to discrimüate between jokes and serious t:ilk. he says. Ah bater-State oratorical contest is to 1 1(' o at the capital of Indiana, on: 6th of May. inteUeotual contests of : this characterare awAkeniagoonsiderable attention thronghout the country, and as the one named abovc-vvill bo participated in by representativa from six States, viz., Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconain and Missouri, there will be a wide-spread interest feit in its result. The aflairs of the Pacilic Mail Steam:hip OomiKiuy havo pas;;ed int-o theftbBolute control of Sidney Dillon and Jay krald. llds Ioóka bad for the company. These gentlemen, it is truc, are good managers, anti oad coutrivo to malie money where others woüld lóse if. Kut thotrouldeia 11 he eamings stick to their inifivrs, while the ï-eiimiuder of the stockholdera aie very apt to como out of the little end of tlie hom. BarwteBNthe Indiana ana the United States fcroops, tlio minors in the Black llills country are likèty to have an unfortunato time of it. A band of hostile Sioux and a detachment of Gen. Ord's cavalry are both making for the camp of the gojd-seekers, and the result of the race setües their fate, If the troopa get there flrst, the leaders of the exploriag expodition will be arrefsted and eonflnod, the wagona bnme and the outfit destroyed; in the other case, there may be no one loft to teil the story. The pi-oipcct of relid' from üic terrible grasBhoppcr scojirges whichfortwo yeara past have baêd visftcátipoiíaiarge ssetion of fche frontiei 8tato is not veiy flittering. A farmer of Blue Earth ooanty (Minn.), recently fomul in one l' ■■!; of earth, 80Ó eggs, aU of whiph, after biing placeft f ár a stóvé, hatched out. It ie state 1 ihafc quite a number of i farmers, disconniged with ö prospecta, liave abandoaed ílieír homesteads and leít the country, íad it is f eared that those eounties most afflicted will be : terly desserted in i saort thime. Six htmdred and eighty thousaud dollar í in gold wa lately transported by rail trom San Francisco t_ New York, ki one '■ pife." The precióos metal mus in lts cruda state, and was done up in fifteon boxes, each oaataining a fraption over $45,000. The boias were aboui twelve inches in leiigth, four iuches in height, and four incies wide, and were wrapp3din silk (ln-ca.1, which was corered wilh s aling-wax. Tire treasui-e was in ontógé of a single expres messenger, who Vrm locfced in tbe car, his only oo apany boing six heavy Colt's ' ïevolvers. Thb deathof Jóho Mitchel, the Irish i 'lioiii-.t, Was anii,ined by cable SDveral daya ago. His a -tiye life, both in his native land and in America, as well ai the events attending hiB recent r (urn to Ireland, the circumstances ntt n, ■ his clection to the Britieh Parliament as a representative of tlio County of Tippcrary, have made his name familiar to the püiilic. ,r,,im Mitcliel was boni in the town of Dungiven, County of Derry, Ireland, Nov. 3, 1815, where his father officiated asa mmister of the Presbv'""■■ He giaduated at Trinity C.,11. .,,.. Dabhn, in 1836, studied law, and practioed hia profession for six ry and Banbridge. He e r1-' ' i!ie mse'of Üe extreme1 ÍU5 -ma callea to i takc un editorial position on th ■ Niltion. Ilis artíclea ware revolutionary in spirit, and sooh got the paper into tronble with the government. ín 1817 lio estabb'shed tbc United Triahman, an organ of ! ral opiniüiis. After an existenceof three montha tho journid was snppressed, and the editor Boutenoed to axpatriation for the term oï fonrteen years, On the 19th of July, 1864, he eflfected-his escape from Australia, landing in New York on Nov. 29. ITis oaroer in the New World is too wel] kuowü to require rehearsal herO.


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