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Six MiliiIons. - About two years ago, Djs. ,T. "Walker, an oM and prominent physician oí California, diaoóreied, by actual expolíenos apon liis own system, i medicine whieh may honeatly lx; termed " a boon to KulVcriiig 'Iimnanity." ]?oing b combinatkm of herbalistío extraots, pungeat emd som to the teafee, aad yet possessed of gentío stimulative eliaracterïstics - although entirely free Erom alcohol - h; aamed it Vhtbsab üittiiks, and despite thé prejudico oxi.sting aruong hia profeasion against all patented medioiaes, hc dotcrminod to brave the joera of Iiíh brother prmotitíoñers, ' and givo to snffering humanity Qxe bó&öfit of Íiík accidental discoyeiy. Ho Bid r,o, and the benefite from ite ase became knowu. Tlic demaiul increased, and immense quanütiea were sold, at a merely nominal pnce. lis merit is told in thefact that "in two yeara over six müiIJons of bottlcs have been uold ;" and till the .lemmid iner ases. Siircly snob a man shonld be ranked among the benefaotora of the hu man race. 29 The conspicupus triumpü of Mössrs. Qeorge Steek á Co., ui' "New York, at the Vienna World'a Fair in 1873, at whiéh their pianos obtained the highest award - the only gold mcdal- luis begnn to yield them Bubstantial fruita. The inoreaaed pojjularity of tho Steek instrumente is uoticeable not only in New ïork, where thèir excellence has long been aoknowledged, Imt throughout the country, und moro especially in those oommimitiea that lay special claim to a oultivated musical taste. - New York Independent. Theue is no risk in buying a Masón A llaüiliii Cabinet Organ. " These tnstrumenta me known to bo the best of their class in the world. But if the opinión of a dealer be asked hc wilt frequently recommend sorae other, för tho simple; reasou tlüit he can get largoï commigsioua l'or inferior instrunients. l'.n.r, Kikg's assets are ostimated at $666,000; liis liabilities al $225,000; leaying a balance of $4 1 1,000, beaide $60,000 life insuranco and $76,000 settled on his wifx. Thrifty WilliMn! Eijccthiotpï is 1, AU nel -vdiis ilifiorders, chronic disoases of tbecUeat Uead, liver, utomacb, kidnoye aud blood, aches and pains, nervotis and gi aera] debility. etc., iujckl oured IrugB fail l vrearing Volta'e Electro Belis ! andBandB. Valuabié book free, by Volta Belt j Co., Cinomnati, ühio. Tuk publicare herebyaasnred, through tUi colanms of this paper tbat Parsona JHvrgatiot PMs contaln no íajuriouB principio, bnt thftl thej may be admisistered toobildren and the most weak and ahattered conetitutionB, in doses, wül; great oertaiat ol' success. 'i'nii 1 ■■:■,( Kloatic 'l'i-iiss, warrauted the "- il is Pomeroj 'i VI Rroadway, .. V. Oei it. lii-iiMnr':; ( Iocoainb ís the beal and olinapc I liaji dressing in the world. Thh TSosn s Housk-Nau. Cu. 'i :"'ix" Ntul U ths bet iu tho iverld.


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