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The markct wal dull at the opening bul olosed a Hlight improvemcnt, owing to the increasod activity in meroantüe oirclets. Interes) ratea 1@5 per cent. per monthon thestreet; 10 per cent. straighl loan ratrs. Oovernment bonda 12%@i2i tot 6'b of '81 ; H7U(a)117% ior o-20's of'()2:iml lüli'.. r„ 120 - .' for 5-211's of 65. Latent gold quotatíona NoTt York 115V @116; Chicago, ll.V;,(,(l1(t. BREADBTÜ1T8. The fotlowing were the reoeipta and ahipmenta for the week, as compared with the tjamo time last year : Arhcles. i 1". 1874. 187.1. 1874. Flonr, brls . . . . 6G.920 53,18.-, 411 ooi ÏTÜm Wlicat,bn 127,340 331,400 826 G57 562 533' Oon,bu 187,960 278,980 (4;37- ir,i'-t Oat,bn 67,428 226,082 78.788 169,708 Rye, l)ii 7:m 7,89S 1,050 7 121 Barley, bu. .. 40,182 23,120 82,932 29 322 DrsBBcd faogs . 1,537 871 [ 1 77'2 Live liogs, No. 79,865 68,240 4S wr. 80674 Ciittlr. No 20,622 18,870 16,122 l.voil The grain markets hnvc attracted more than the iiüiial amount of altention trom epeculatora, and an actiTe business was reported. The wheal nnd oom markets bare been the chiei eentera of ottraction, and trading waa mainlyin these grainfl. The tendenc; oí values has been to a liiglier range, and a marked advono establwhcd. Tlie bul) element Bcemed to liüve Ihc control of the market, the "balance of power" being in their hands Thoy were ably asBisted ín their cfforts to foroe prices to a higher range by the favorable adncee from the East, and the general favorable surroundlBga oí tfac markets. The receipte of al] kinds of gwin were light. wbile moderato shipmente were reported. The grain now in etore is mainly owned bylarge and Bnaneially strong operators, who are holding for purposes bent known to thomselvee. Shorts are therefore alarmed at the outlook, nnd were eagcr in their effortsto proyid for tlftir outstandinc oontr&cte. Wheat advanoed 4@%c fi tures, with au advance of hout 2c on cash. Oom advanced 2e on canb, :',■;■ on May and l%c on the April option. ïheoat, markel was quid 'uit higher, advancing about lic on the opüons ind io on cash. The stock iu store haa been considerably rcduced. and holdcrs were indifferent about selling. Rye wasquiet,but at the same time a lirm foeling prevailed and prices were i shode higher. For Heveral days ! there wae no roportod inspection into store, nnd holders in oonnequcnco were flrmorin their views. Barley was quiot and rather nnsettled. Tho ofCoringa of t!;o various grades were not largo. Altnongh Bomewhat Ui excess of the I (iemand, a woal feeliag was developed. The following tüblc showa the prices current i at tho opening and close of tho paat week : Opening. Cloainn, No. 2 sprinR whoat, cash '.i:i' .... :i.i ', 95?.'896 No. 2, seller April 93,s@03'i (494 No. 2, solliT May :i ; ■ ' . , ,„ ,',s . jN'c .' oqra, ciish iu '],.■;: ' „,',■; " No. 2oorn, eollcr April., cc'. Nb.2conj,reHerMay...' 72@74 7c, bid So. 3 Oats, caêii 64 @54K 50 ;N'-. 2 oats, seller April. . :t in'.i:" ( 55 N o. 2 oats, MUer May.... B7,'S7 B8JíS9U So. 2 nre-otsh B7 98 K @90 No.2 barley, casli $i.n,s' ,,,- .1: ,,j „1 No. 2 barley, sollcr l."s' ,,„ AV ,., , ",,, No. 2 barley, sallcr April 1.04 Q I 04 1 . 90 , . No. 3 barley, cash m 95 ' ,„. M PB0VISI0N8. The past week was one oí imnsiial activity M tliie market. ïlic domand was prinoipafly of a spccolative charactor and the business trausactcd consisted ohieflyoi transfers fromonemonth (o auother. The atlvices reeeived from ether markets were generajly of a favorable tenor and ealculatcd to inspire considerable iinnness among holders. Pricea were Crm and the fhictuatious were quito severo. The market closed al $19.95@20.00 for cash mese pork Í19.95(5 19.Ü7JÍ teller April, and í2í).25( 20.30 sclleí May. Swoct pickled ham closed at llfó)Í2c for 15 lbs. avpra e. Caah lard nominal atv 13 90 per 100 11)3. DÍ1E8SKD IPKS, BEED8 ,NI) HIGHWINES. The packin; season is abont over. and the arnvals during the weel; conaisted of a few odd lot, which sold to city Í8.50@9.00 per 100 lbs. Seeds were dull, and timothy closed al $2.00@2.35 tor common to primo, and i 6 35 @6.40 for medium dover. Mas quotable at ÏSl.95@2jO5. Hvuigarian 90@95e, and millet Ï)1.25@I735 foi goed to prime. Highwiuea closed quiet bnt Bteady at about f 1.12. PHODtTOE. Hutter waa again dull and prices wore vrrv weak ; closed nt 12(Vi 10c for good to choice roíl m lots, and lG@22o in a retail way. Paeki d grades range at IÖ( 14c for poor to fair, and 15@ ); for good to choice in round lot-. Bonus were m fair retjuewt at fl.85@1.90 for E torn mediums. Broom oom was also in (Iemand and pnces were firrn at ÏV-Uu 14o for No. 1 to choice hurl, and ll@18o for ntalk braid. Beeswax (niet at 2G@28o. Clieese quiet hut Bteady at 15@17q, for good to prime estern. Cider firm when choice, at iC.OO per brl, but common raled dull. Cranberries were higher ; (notabie at 812.00@14.00 for fair to choice cultivated. Dried peas steady at 2.15@2.80 for good to elioico green, and ■].;",(, 1.75 for marrowfat. Dried fruits in fairdemand at ii(!),'c for Eastern apples, and 9%@9Vc for halvee peaches Erks closed at 22@28c for fres!i. Feathers quiet ai 48@52c for prime live gesse and S8@ 10c for choice turkoy tail feathers. Hides were dull at ■ '. ,'('iV for grubby, and in fairdemand at 7r for green. 8@8Vo for heavy green salted and 9 9o for light do. Hops were qniét 38(g 40c for good to choice. Honeyin light demand at 23u, 24c for choice incomhs". and 10@lüc for strained. llay was in good domand at Y17.00 @20 for No. 2 to choice No. 1 timothy ; 50 (a 19 for upland prairie, Poultry closed easier : turkoys U(8ll8c per lb, and ehickens llM3c FotatoeK steady at t1.07K1.10 for Ëastern I peachblows in car lots, and' H.15@1.20 trom : store; Western do about 90c@-ïl.Ö5. Tallow 8Jjfd forsolid, and si;,V for cake. Vegetables weak at 3.75@4 per brl for onions ; C0@80c per hu for turnips, and about 75e@él per doz for cabbage. Veal sold at 4@9c for common to choice. COOPEBAOE, LUMBEK AND WOOD. Thare was a fair demaad for park barrels at 1.10l.l2,U'. Lard tiereen steady at $1.35. Otlier kind quiot. Lumber waa in botter deinand ; pricea were Bteady. A tock boards S2.00(5.00, mul B do $28.00@30.00 : loist ; and acamtling ïll. (()(, 12.00 for il. and fencing $12.50@13.50. Wood was quiet at $7.80 per : oord hickory and maple Iji tlic yards, and $6 00 for slabs. Telegraphlo Market Reporta. NEW YORK Beevks u @ i3 IlOfiS - DlTSHcd 9 (ííi ]() COTTON l(ii..;(,f. lly Flodb- Superflne WeBtorn i in",,, 490 Wheax-No. 2 Chicago 1 i („ 1 i No. 1 Spring 1 21) (rf, j .j2 Oo 84 (4 Hti Oats 7,, n Bm 0+ „ w EVjm -NowMeiM 3000 w.'lix) Lard- Sleam 13@ Uv KT. LOUIS. Whkat- No. 2 Heil 1 (in (ff j jo CoilN- No. 2 New ((i ,4 6i OATS NO.2 -,S S ,;„ Hïk -No. 2 98 @ 1 00 POBK- Mots 19 00 („2U 00 1 Al1" i;i'..s.f M'. Hoos 7 00 @ 7 7.-, " C" ''.F, ,5 ;,„ („. (; M MILWAÜKEE. VtnXAT-Xo. 1 !C 3 '8 No. 2 ■. hu a 80 Oorn-Bo. 2 ol „ m ""-♦■2 sa ... .1 " 1 uo @ i oa Bauley- No. 2 1 02 (3 1 04 CINC1NKAÏI. Wheat- Rod i jo ra i w OOB tfew 18 (A 70 1 Oats 6-, @ 83 ltYK í Oí @ 1 10 POBK- SICBS 2U 00 @31 00 1-AIi" 33 (.i, H TOLEDO. Extra i u (S, i ] Ambcï i 08 ,li Cok es @ 70 O" 58 @ 60 DETROIT. Wheat - Extra i jg i 14 Aanboi 1 06 (,í 1 08 COK -Now 70 @ 7a Oats 5g ( no (■.i:'j:i,a!si. Whjüt- No. r Rod 1 10 @ 1 12 No. a Bed 1 08 @ 1 08 COB (18 @ 73 Oats gg q bj


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