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Iron and Hardware S. D. KiMB.utic, successor to Eimbark Bros. & Co., wlio is pcrhaps most wide iy and generally related to the iron nnd heavy bardware trade, and who is regarded as a general western authorily in mattcra and statistics pertaining tolhat interest, when intervicwed bya Chicago Tribune reporter reccntly, candidly referred to the deprrssion In the oulside manufiict uring industry as the most conspicuous feature in the records of the year, hut reagoned iit a Way to apply efïects on a nfttional rather tfian a local BCalc. Tlit: business of the great house on Michigan avenue of which Mr Kimbark is tlie hcad, dating back a quarter of a century, entering Bomewhal largely into the history of the commerce of the city, has attained a stabilily and uuiformity by simple magnitude which would naturally prevent its being affected to any noticeable degrec by the, ordinary viciasitiulcs of the markets. It is clalmed thatto the opcrationa of this Uouse is duo the acquisition of considerable of the original temtory of trade nowconstitutin" theconinioii ground of the commerce of Chicago including tlic Salt Lake district, and remoter fie)ds to the West and South which were traversed by its agente, and made accessory to the business of the city, long before any buffalo or Indian, or othernativc. of those fertile but unchristian lands had ever been scared by the whistlc of a locomotivo. And whea it remembered that for twenty years the house has constituted a sort of stcady centre of distribution of iron and hardware supplies for uianufacturers, wagon-makers, blacksmiths, and merehants throughout the entire dominion of Western commerce, with .'",000 ! nent names on the books of the firm, and sales aggregating as high as $2,000,000 a year, it is reasonable to suppose that it would require Bomething more than the temporary depreesion in themanufacturing i industry to perceptibly aflect the uniform volume and courso of business. The I tablishment itself is one of the mercantile ! curiositics and solid attraclions of the city, a centre of very great interest to intelligent visitors gcnerally, as wcll as to a special community of mechanica, manufacturen ] and dealers, - and may bc properly ' natedaga perpetual industrial exposition of iron, steel, nails, carriage and heavy hardware, blacksmiths' outtïts, and wagon wood material, each classified department ! and cvery broad Hoor of the lofty building affording a display in enormousbulk more calculatcd lo surprise and interest the imagination of a wagon-maker, iron medíanle or dealer than a world's fair. ■ Bronchitis, on Ohbonio iSoiu; It is attended witli irritation at the broncUial tabes, which convoy tho aiirwe breathe into the lungB. This irritation produces Bore throat, hoiti'scne.4. oonghing. and sometimos spittinp of matter streaked with blood. If it is neglected it wil] extend down to tbc lungs, and Hottlc into conllrmed Consumption. Allou'e LungBalsam vill lio found a mest valuablc remedy for ouring tbi disease, and prevent ito running into Conaumptien. For sale by all medicine dealera. Du. A. Johnson, one of tho most successful practitiöners oí bis timo, invented what is now called Johnson' s Anodyne Liniment. The great succnaH of tuin artiele' in the cure of Bronchitis, and all diseases of throatnnd lungs, will mako the nanie of Johnson not Iosr favorably, if lesi widely, known tban that of Louia Naïo]eo]i. MIDDi.K TENNBSSEB Improred FARMS for sala. Aadross C. Clement, Cleannont, Wanen Oo.f Tenn. ÖJOjA " ninnlh tn afrrnts fiYM-ywherf". Aiidress ! ■ f V J Excelsioe M'r'u Cq., Baobanao, Mich. BJRpQOfJ per dn.r at home. Terms fr-e. Adtlroos V? V H (J) i, U Geo. Ftisson i. Oo., Portland, Maine. AGBINTS. OhongCaiang sella at Wilt. Neaenary ai soap, Qoodsfroo. OSaagChaiiMrff Oo., Boston. CpXl cntnlogue. J. H. BUITORD'S SONS, Boston. "I OOIli CHROMOS for$l; twofoiSSo. Agenta JLW&Qted. F.W.MoCleave A OO., Boston t Chicago. EVERT PAjm.Y W,1STS IT. Monf j in It. ' 8ol hy AgMt. AddrosiM.N. LOVFXI„Eiie,Fa. i MfiWCV """'" ■"."■"' "HU Sti'ncil and Kej-Oheck. lllUntl Outflts. CataJottues, Samplea and full par. tiuulars frer,. S. M. Spencer, 117 Hanovr-et., Boston. f)0 DAY. ARPnts wanted, ninle and fcmalc, ior an entirely new invention. Writo to the Ij) 6ü EUREKA MANF'O CO., Iiuclianan, .MicU. ADVERTISBKS! Send 25 nfnts to GEO. P. ROWBLL & CO., !! Purl Itav, Neiv York, tor tbólr talphh't f lOOpagen, containhlK lists of 3,tHXJ iicwapapers and BstünataB showiu;; cost of advertising. 1VWTK1) AGIyVJ'K HTnryvhoretoi.finoi,rp.-)p,.. h.r"J.ifoof Dr. !.;■ .in ..:■■,.■," in-in tota ohildhood L nia ' f,;isr JoiirnnJ." Ftilt, r. ,,„,,!.. tthr.itfir, Ittrartiot Vropl' EMtoH. B. ti. HIT.SSlil.l.. Pnh., B ,ston. Masi! STA K!i.r.!,. Ko i.M.I propln in ( :!)iojgo iay of O. nill WOOD'S Iinnroroï iUstoratlT Sent ifU freeoi oiprw ohareaa on leoelpt of LOO, or iti b,iü(-f.„-.-ii.ii. Aaarew. j. if. kuib'vmj, Projirlcior, 10(1 Slonroe S..('IlltAi. I l.f.. rilHIS paper Is printod ith Ink furniehcd ly Ciiarlra J. Kneu Johnson & Oo.,6(;!) South Tenth Straet, Pliiladelphia, and 59 Gold Street, New Yuik. For Kalo in lü and 2ü-pound enns by 'i:HE NEWSPAPEK UNION. Chicago, 111. J3 " "ft"""ff BBT3";ST and hardestwork cJS- JSu ÜL, m ".. tq the house made oomparativi-ly easy and pleasünt. l'vnryone Interested in rrdiiriii' i' onuin $ vork stianld aend note a stamp for onr circular. GRAY, DIXON 4 CO., 51 Clyboum Ave., Chicago. Constant Employment.- At home, Male or Fenialfí, $3} a wpk w.trranted. No capital required. ParticnlarR and valiifible gaffinle sent froe, nddress, witli ' 6c return stamp, (J. ROSS, Williamiburgh, N. Y. (S O K i A MONTH- Afronta wantod evBrywhere. tDaJvJ' Bnaingsa honorablo ht:ï fifs-olaM. T" Particulars sent frp. Addrow Worm & Oo., Kt. Louis, Mo. Ë 1 1 PÜ 1 $% tl I ÏTl 'r'i'-m. ■ ( tnccesafa] B P 1 R 8 Hls R ï B H 8= 'r""''!.v of the presürfiülfSUÜnL;:;,;r„Kï:i tag. Pi-;r. ü. Meclcw, )'. O. ISoA 475, Liporte, Ind. mAO.KNTS WANTKD EVERYWHERE.- The ohoioest in thrworld- Importers' priooa- laiffwt (■oinpanv in Amorici- tjiplu artiole - pleuea evprytwxly- trnli inrmneing- best tnciu-empnts - ijon't wiiKln end for Circular t ROtSERT WELLS, i.i Vcscj Street, New York. P.O. Bos l'iS7. HIFLES, SIIOT-firXS, riSTOLSwg BEYOIjYEBS, Of any and crery kind. Scnd stamp ES ot nuá riitol TVcrka, !MI I 8BLHUII, JP A, EÊSfil 700SUFERB VARIETIES OFBflfijBfl nniin 500,000 Grecnliouee Planta üilVrV I l. TiA Mailing Planta a Specinlty. JlUüiJlJ Ui Uil IHustrntr.l Catalogas Free. iküBBW 9I9NIV E.Y.TEAS&CO.Richmond.hui B_ Of the mitist( VKÖgyoiMvrr Si Í3 s;l v1rttn your aaine handsomejy printed on ñ them, sent, postpRJd.npon receipt of 2( cents. H Your friendo wiU i]l want tliem whnn tliey see 'Ajf yuurs. Addroaa W. ;. CANXON, 46 Kneeland St., Bo&ton, Masa. FT 7FA3ÏT 7V Bhoadwat, New York, 9 m l'xïiuli ïaannfnctiurerof Soz.iZOoU) ,I':SK,líV -..i Bvotraec7iptlt)n. 'niesrock Islaiïe.very Dbiloe nnd isoffered atretallnt t :;iri prir'-s t keep out workmen polng, liil!.-, amant $15, P. O. order in ftdranoe. Over 416. (J. O. D. privilege t: oxiiminy. Gatr.lnKiiiss free. Malled for 'it cl:;. I;irire discount to detüsrs. Only perfect Thraador made, ITsed bythebllad iu all Asynims. ' WJRIXa Al'l-M, OO., I'-il iUnui. Slrtct, Roston, j Boid In cftiia by DniciatH, 85 ccuts and opwanls. SÏEKTD .. XJOIiLAR Por aitvortisint; J& nrws]i;ipr bcfore scr-intf my new i'.'italiiRVnf over ONU THODSANII r.-ii)6rs. s. P. 8AÜBOBN,114Menroe-at., C Mengo ,111. -Í3LJJ Y .EdbS, J,XWb.KiS hV't" SSflH '" rcach 00""tly readers can do so In the ft v,V ,V íSíüíf" 1M""ir 'O' o.: or more sectelec ráph y. sea founjroen sndladiea, to lo.irn and ensnee in the tole, -rapninit Imsmesn. nnrt nsci%t in [ntroduolnü tli Type Wdteruri (eleffrapfa lines. Peunant'iit ;iml nroÖtable nosi"";'„'„ ",':'ƒ '"' ■■"■.'■■'"."''' '" ' ''■ months. PORTKR'S NATIONAL TBLBORAPH ÜOLLBUE, Ohlotgo, 111. ft11" ' "gat Tïsc Oiii-mT;) 'omiiiiinity, jáL3LgZ&LA ï'. -. A.. sar .-"Ave niiicl-l ]-liiis( WtJÏ A.JcFarJmui, C .'" ; .-" ú k Ser, F':''m ;■ f ,-■ -1 1 . 1 v . . ,' . ni ITIP&tJYi '.■."■'""■■' ■-ndifillli.nVlt." I I [ ' . ■ t i i "■ ui "!nl ;-. .ut ti'bie wijl i;niii jmd 3 ujilfl k MilK. l'Vi1.-. ii -., nnd mskes the moet. %JHctiS""m t7AS dflifions l:-.i(l. iíípc.nií A Cikry n i i&2iSí7 i TMraw. Smlf.irCironIrtoGjai i y '- l;,....' c, , j DanoSt.,N.Y. AOJBÜVTS H'.UTKI) 1 .1 ihe New Iïi!, SUOCESSin BÖSiMESS 'l'liis country bas monoj (r overybodT. Moncy In Tbade, In tbo Mn.L, In MnrES. on the 1'akm In 'he ( WhcMt. in Sluck, in Pimltry. Thl I k Etaowi how BuSlnoM Mon, Funners, Worklngnien, YounK Men and Wouhb, all luay get, nac. loa and tut II. Just the bonk nendnd, and wlll aell fast. Addro, for ctroulan and tenus, .). '. .HnriillV it '., t'liirlinuti O,! ClUeugo, Ul.i St. 1. mis, .11. N. Il THE PJCOPLES STANDAIiD KDITION of XHK Biblk, putillatiad bj iu. l.h mr t, h and 'tikt Agenta inake from .""(O to SO [iBr montn Belling it uil h .ulier b;K,ks, wlthonl extra exnmise, winllltü rEn dat. ToesUttae H)ME Sll 1 'I "f'I.H SKUI(i si,'iilM':. PRKEMJ, Remlerü yon oim mate 1 KlIinK the " 1IUAIF. NIH 'l"l' (.!.;," whetkei Ïim Hie i', P1-WÍ 1 Krl'",l In 1 . (yon ola luyaHEWlUG .MACHI Mí , onr onanMn vul huw you how to uvo aionej-. AdSvHJVO.V, CI.AKK éi CO., Chícaos, Iuiko. I C,íl Dnlly to Asnnt. 85 ncw articlf andthobMt I fren. AMBBlQAJf ílTQ CO., 8W Brosday, ST Y. A BARBEL OF iONEY ■ Madebyour Agenta. Cari PrateTs HluBtratwl Woekly, ('hic,'u:u. :íii ji .;■",-■(-. Bploe, Wit, Hatto. Splendid Premium l.i'i. The beet teriiis offetedÁfniM, Samplei mul Clrcnlsn freo. BOOK NEWMAPá.CHARrS.&e. C A' N Sttti" èlü tJJÍ-iÍJ l.-ty st., K. Y,, 4 17 IV. 4th St., l'iii ! ,ü. osififïsiP Pin w eífíi dnHíiry nlrLL üUi, Munnfíioturers of Tiitcnt Breach-loadinff, Milit.irv Spxrlins;anilOre'!imoor Rifle. The ürsl i n theWoríd. wmner at Inlorlmíinnal nn-i irlv all other prtnolpoj mntclicñ at Oreedmoor. (.Soe OffioifU Hcourd.) Sporting Rifles, $30 lo $30 Creedmoor Rifles, elovations for 1300 yds , $90 & $125 Snd for IlluRlratod Catalogue. A'iMOliY ASD OmtE.) E. G. WESTOOTT Habiford, Cosn. $ Fmldent Til SQTHMflTïP? TnK curen RiviüR nnd ulú l.v.I. ilirt 8on, nd iramnted to relieTa evei;v cse ot AS'1'11 M A Ín ttlroe to ñve mínatDs.lnbaUng as per diroultons attndlat h packnge, ít ha tend foor yonrs tn bnndreU vA ■ - -. Eteoeni httacki tmemre'l bya few slttin. !n: pu 3se.twoand -)neh.ilf OimaeS. $2.1-): Illrrc ;,u !, (; ■■,:':, 1. l,v niftil.pOSÊ Bi! prepald, 8Ö paakagea, bj tCxpress, fir W.m. All ordarswU] recülTO prompt Rttentlon. [n sendmg tvr tho OUBK, und P. O, Order,,or Be(tsts3 Lcttor, UL our riéií, nanlng jr("J. II !T .t SOBT, t 'iiubvlilgr, III. t PORTABLE Soda Fountains. $40, $50, L75 & $100. GOOD, DURA HUÍ AND CI1HAP. Mmnfacturod bjToílAPMAN 4 CO., tíoGiid fur a Óatoloim. DO YOUR OWW PRINTINC! i II PR1NTING PRESS. h'i ■' ' E'of irciii'Mi4iiiil i inttctir ; ; ,i ,;;:;! I;:ni ■■, s.-l !, Sociclir., I ; . ;ii-.rtiii'i'i ...Mmlninls tlrri!l íJ "■■: ij Iti'BESTrv.niimilol. lli.OOO IniMe. ::Ten Ríylcs, Prics from 5.00 to $150.00 ■ ISETiJ. O. WOODS&CÓ, : VrfÈüadBiicni.T-iimHkiiuljorPrlntins Mater'al, ! 8endBt8mpf-rCsteUiLt.te.) 49 Federal St. Boston. W PowU's Star Wcod Pumps ! HDL Waukcgan Farm Ii!ii] :s, ■ffl Wood Eave-Trough Tubing. ffiwÊl l yu want ttifl BBBT o f (hese art yjn l clc, po to your Hardware or Agrlcnl wU tt taral lmplement Stores. If tliey do UB? iXE k not kcef tbeni, qr will nnt get tnem ffl T lv "or yu scnd direct to the Factory, ■ M'lll R Catalogues and Prlce Lista malled ilffiy X) nnon applicarfon to ■z=-JmR fc . F. P0WLLL, Wsnkegaa, m. -"---T _--w ThlB now Truss is worn aI-..''' :--?fel nhl' perfect comfort nih 3ï T A ! T T PPMimfl Adapt8 Itseil t gjfl IL A ü 1 10 BSot-ety motion oi lbo bodj wiL T ïï TT S S P"'iJ r'í;'iiiii;: , iiii 1 11 Cs--" . __ -y}: hardesi exeiciseoi seberos íví2" 'v ■' ' .-'- í Mi,:in unril permanent) ffj ■ ff curod. S;ld ciioap by the j vX Elastic Truss Co, No.683 0roacJway, N.Y.City. Sant by maiL OaU or Band for Circular, and be curt-d Sowa R. R. Land Co. ! hu for Mlol,%OO.OOf) Acber of Raüroad Ii,tnds h the Middle Röffion of Western lowm. i BETTER T.AXDS AT CHEAPER PKICKS thein cnn be fmmd eisewberc witliin civilizaticn. No Rrash oppers. No acue. No Imiinns. Averij redit pnce $6 and Sfi per acre. Start rijjht. Cali or" sflnd t the Oompnyfi office 93 Randolph streef, Chloaso, ani ubtalo full inform.Ltion and how to rench the lnnds free Por msps and pamphlets, with piioen and term, nddresi ïowü Kaüroad Land Co., C'hicairo, orCBdirJvipids, Imva JOHN Ji. OAXHOUN, Land Commissionor. Thp bost and rh-apcst P.iint In lic World for Iran. TIn o Wnml. Tor unie PUNCES' METAIXIO PAIM' ( O.. MnDnft.'rors, 96 Crrtnr St New Yrrk 6-CT.TTIO:V.-Purchascr3 vill plJse jee thatour name ar.d trade m.irkareoneachand cv i Y mekare. Kond for a Circular. SCHOÖUlüWlOOXl Comnfiii-e your Instrucción wtlJk Ainerican Uosl Mhé Readers ! IN" 3 BOOKS. Book I [85 ets. 1 Ins a oharmlag oonrae for Primair Bchools, iï.'k !1 [Motu.] has n,- oqally attraotire fti Giummat Schooiii, nnd SiK.k KI riOi-iv] i ti-,.,l for hiitber OTammar clasima iind Hteh SoUools. Tiw tmrj pijictlca.1, tnterestine ond thorongh course in these boufca was oonatructed by L. O. Emerson iind W. S. Tilden. a rompanion hooi; us ClirM'rljl Aroíí-c(. A largo eolleotfon of eenisj üchcol Songs, by L. O. Kmouson. A popular book. 50 ets. Alfrtcard tahe vp THE HOüa OF SINGINQ, CHOICE TRIOS, or THE SONG MONARCH. ThweUook re (ra Hioh Schools nnd Acaremies. -I he uur tfsiiiging [1jOO], !.y L. O. Emerson ïnd v. s. Tildi'ii, is Arrangnd for ■!, :j nr } v-ic'; trio[$1.00), b.v W.S. Tilden, for :; nioes, ua óhoieo In eveir BonBe. and rl Soiuj Mmaret [75 ctsj, by H. B. Palmer, nsslited by !,.(). Bmetson, nneicolled ui !..ok for Singing Cldösüs, is oiiually guod for liiyh Schools. All books sont, poslpaid, for rotail price. OLIVER DITSON & CO., CHAS. H. DITSON & CO., Boston 711 Broadway, H. Y. Myíinnnal Catalogue of Vegetable anti Flower Serfl for 1875 will be Font fre to 11 whn apply. 'ustomers of Irtst seuon osed not write forit. ín It will b fnun'I se7eral valuadle varieties of new vegetíi))lts bitrodnoed for the tits iiTiio th:s aeaaon, having taade new vegetable a ipeoi&lty for many ye;trs. Growing over a hvndred and 1[fty mriffíts en luy sf vernl ftinus, I WOuld ;:irticular!y invito the p:itron;iqo oí market gardoners iitiil ;ill othsri who are cspecially doairoua tï havo their seed juir1 and freíh, and of thñ oery biut alrain. AH soed sent out brom ray establifilimtnt aro coverod by throo warrants as i ven in mj catalogas. JAMES J. H. GHEGÜRY, [ MftrblchtOttd, Mnss. PT"T "TT! Lñ WIIAT ARK I'II.KS Ï1ÏKAD! "PLAIH BLIIKT y S IKacts," aTreatiseon tho Ü B Ti Canses, Uistory, Core and 8 1 B 1 TÉ ' '■-i: ' '., 4fÍ WnlkCf f-'lrppt. I S I tafia o f ihe Initod Si ai es oa "i "hH 1 ■ IWr ceipt of a letter fiiamp. TXXJCJ JBBST PRAIRIE LANDS IN IOWA AND NEBRASKA, VOS BAIJB BY THE Burlington & Missouri Biyer R. R. Cn. On Ten Years' CredH at 6 Per Ccn'. Interest. OAi MItLJON ÁCBE3 in Iota m? Smtí Aera ffiiltriirtw TIn iïiivsi couittry ii 1hr -vnrlii o romblue PARInNG aud STOtiK-RAIWlVO. Producís will Pay for Land aml Improvftments Long Before the Principal Beocmcs Due. LARGE DISCOÜNTS FOR CASH. "Th8o-oalled deaUtatlon in Nebraaka li.-s in tha fei stem n--i.ii!, beyond tin; Isndsoi K. .t .M. ii. R,Oo." r" Forolroulara that wili doscrlbe fuik thewse lands, and the torois of 3.ilo, apply to or fcddrMfl LAM) OMMISSÍÍtAKÜ, BarUnctopi low, for Eovi Londa, or Unouln, Neb., for Nebraska Iwtnd. Dr. J. Ifalfcer's California y ?ar Bitters aro a pnrely '■■ pioparation, mado chictiy from tive hcrbs found on the fower tht' Sierra Nevada mountn nki the medicina! proporties of y]r. aro extracted therofrom wjthoul of Alcohol. Tho (ucstion ia daily askod, "What is tho caui 'mparallelcd success of Vijíegak B tees?" Our answer is, that thej the causo of diseasc, and tho pa corera his health Tkey are I b!ood purifierand a lifo-giving p a perfec; lleno vator art) Jm ■' ;he system, Novei bofon hietofy f the -world has a medicine m oompoundeil possossing tha rematfaS quahtiea of Vinroar Bitters in hcick of evcry disease man is hoir lo j, are a gentío Purgativo as well as a 'mj relioving CongOHticin (ir InfUnnmation the Liver and Vh cera'. Ovpans, 1)' .'.cases, Tho proporties of Dr. Wa;,kbh YiftOARBiTj'Kiis are Aperient, li Carrninative, Natritious, Laxativo, fedative, CountoT-Irritant, Smiori) fee, and Anti-Büions. Gratciul Thousamls procla EGAK BlTTEKS thc lUOSt VVOllfli vigoraut tbat ever sustaiued tb system. NoTorson cantake these BHhg according to directions, and rem unwcll, provided their bonea arenot stroyed by mineral oison or otbñ means, and vital organs wasted beyoos repair. Jíilious, Remittent and lutermittent Fevers, viiich aro si lont in the valleys of our grea throughout tho United States, e thoso of the Mississippi, Ohio, V Illinois, Tennessee, Cumbcrlaml, Ark sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grandi PearI, Alabaina, ilobile, Savam anoke, James, and man y othei their vast tributarios, throughout cutiré country during the Slimmer aj Autumu, and remarkably so duringseisons of unusual heat and dryneo, an invariably accompanied by extensivederangernents of the stomach and lm;, and other abdominal viscera. In tbn treatment, a purgative, cxertingap erf ui iiiHucnce npon these vaiious organs, is essentially neecssary. Ther; is no cathartic for the purpose equalj De. J. Walkek's Vixegar li as they will speedily remove the dart colored viscid matter with wLich !: bowels are ioaded, at the sai Btinuilating the secretions of tho liver, and generally restoring tho healtty fanctious of tlie digestive organs. Fortify the body igainst ilise by pnrifying all its Huidswitli Yixeoai BiTTKHS. No epidemie can take lioli ofasystem thns fore-armed. Djspepsia or Indigestión, ílcadiche, Pain in tho Shoulders, TIgbtness of tlie Chest. Dizzinc Eructations of the Stomach. üml Tasle in tlie .Mouth, Hilious Attacks. I'alpitatation of tlie Ileart, Inlianniiati Lungs, Pain in the región of tlie KMneys, and a hundred otbev painfnl symptoms, are the ofTsprings of i One bottlowill provo a betteruarantM of its merits than a Icpjfth advjrtisenient. Scrofiila, or King'a EvH,Wbitt Swellings, Ulcers, lirj-sipelas, Pwollral .cd. Ciiiitre, Scrofuloua InflaiiimaUmis, IndotaS InflwnmatioUH, Mercurial Jri'ectii Sores, Eruptions f the Skin, Soro i. In these, as in all otlicr cunslitutiunal D easo, "Walkku'.s Vikkgar Jíittkus han shown thoir gre.U curativo powers in tl most obstinate and iutractablu ':t For Inflainniatoi'.v and Chroiiit Ilheuniatism, Gout, Bil tent and Interraittont Fevcrs, D; tlie lilood, Livor, Kiihieys a:ul I'liiddi, tlicso Bitters havo no fqua!. Such are causcd by Vitiated lilood. Mechanica] Discases.- Per gaged in l'aints and Minoráis, such as l'iuinber.s, Type-setters, (Jold-beaters, ui Miners, as lliey nd vaneo in lile, a to paralysis of tlie Bowels. ï ïgftinst lilis, take a close of Walki E(iAR Bn'TB8 oecasionally. ForSKhi Diseasesj Emption ter, Salt-Rlieum, Blotches, Spots, I'iuiple l'ustules, Boils, Carbunclos, King Scald-liead, Sore Kve.=, Erysipelj Seurfs, Discolorations of the' Skin, UuiW" and Diseases of the Skin of whatevi or nature, are litérally dug nu and carried out of tlie system in a short time bj )f theso Bitters. Pin, Tupe, and oílicr WorWi urking in tlic systein of so ninny ti are effectuatly uestroyed and reinoVod. 5 system of medicine, no vernuftig holminitics will ÍYec the system fruí ike these Bitterg. For Fentale Coniplaints,ii r ola, married or single, al thedaH nanhood, or tho tuni of lile, tln ütters display so depided an influí mproveinent is soon pcrcoptiblo. Cleaiise the Vitiated IJlo ever yon find ita iinpnriticsburstiiij he skin in Pimples, Eruptions, léanse it when yon find it obstri luggish in tbe veins; elcanse it v bul ; yimr l'eelings will tell yon whe he blood pure, aud the health of 'J ■11 follow, R. II. McDOSALI) & CO., Drugjrists mul Gen. . gts., S:m Francisco, Call6r and cor. of Washington and Charlton Sis., N.1 Sold Ijy ill UruggUIs aud Inl"' ÁSENTSWANTEDSiMift for circulara -ind our extra terme to A T1ONAL PUB. lil., Ohiüngo, 111., or StJ Mi PER DAY Conimisslon.nrifciilr.iW111' 0 L 'iP ry, and expenses, We olt-r. ■.,.- - Apply now. li. V. XVrblKtriVt'a.. MÚI GÜ1Ê 'Jma wik) nmrrted or coiitcni]hil l'rlceWels. livinsll. Address Dr. Huil '''"'■" ary. UNortb EUliÜl Btreet. Bt. I,uuls. 11'' "SSTWHITTIBB, No. 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, ïocnntlDn?s (o ireat nll caaea of obsiacles to marris, 6Wj inpurlttes, evrj ilment or HÚ-kiiesa whioh l indisoretioD or impnirlcDo. irith unparllel Dr. W.a eRtabli.-chment is chartercd by the latecf V so'irt, ws fonnded a-id has been es Ub lisbod to BJifo, certain and reliable relief. Btine a srsduK Jerenl medical colleges, and bnving the experic8wj I.iog nn-3 suec.Kful life In hia Mpt'ciaHics heb rcnndlai that arecf!ectii;il iu all ihcse cases. K pW5 are beiüS trciitriftby mail or expresa ever', matter who fjiled, cali or writc. Frora tbi f 1 Dï tii-r of a]pUi:;itlnu.i he is rnablcd to keep l3 ctlir low. ."(i pOfies, ;iing full smptoms, for U'O si 'BI1' rViARRIACE CUIDE, ■■■■'. i.ular biok wfclch houH b re:, I I b'lf. No n.arricd fair, or persons oonlcmplali"! "", n;g-, can añora todo without it. Itcontninslhi literator, on thi, ,,t,jcct, the redt. f nr. : '-.ik rxncrlcnco ; alao tbe best thoiichts from I ia huropo aod America. Sent Bpalct, post-paid f.1;' " nEönriifflHiffl4 NO. 618 North l'lfth Slrci't, St. Louis, Mtt. P,,.,i LISHED 18S7. Carea 11 uffetera without tl"" Cr?-)r. li.'s "TrciliM. on Special Disea. .Si fnlly explnin thfi tinture, caiiKs. symptoms, t. ,-urn .-.11 fomya nf Neryóus Dxbilily, n 11 DiM" by the " Krtbr of Tonth," nnd vïfnnble infc""'1 '" Jed other delicate sul)j(!etB, fi-nt l'V.Kt: In l'lin "" ■nvelope. - " O. N. U. N" '' WHEBÍ VVKlTIKti TO AnVERTISfig piense stiy you snw th; aaveiww iii tliis in per. ! vvoi-Ngw. ov.t.. iau4wM!L-titf pimples FfíCfj I? ,t __ - -


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