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A Quaint Picture Of The Capital Of Maryland

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lor a hundred and eighty years Aunapolis has been the capital oï Maryland. lts social glories are not so much of the days of the cavaliers as of those of powdered wigs, knc(; breeches, and ttireecornered hats, when the genlry of the provine1 made the little capital their winter reaidence, and their wives and . daughtors on festivo occasions exchanged stately greetiugs with the asseinbled oompany in towcring head-dreases, lustrous satine, and ricb brocados, or trod :i mensuro in tho dance to the thumming of the harpsichords and the spiunette. V confesa wc have a liking for our quaiut little capital, witli its streets riulinting from inner circl'o likethe cibfl .'I' i bid-, 'h fan. It is our only remainiiig relie ol colonial times, with its greal marjsionsandit8squftt,low-browed housi a that repose within their shadows, It is a liit of the old world txansplanted to the banks of tao Sevcm. Ita prevailing aspect is that of decayed gcntility. lts choioest anoalfl hit remioisoenoes iold by the winter flreside, or after tea, and bei foro tables are set fur whist. A lew anoient gentlewomen, proud of their lineage, still make it their abiding place, and live, as it wcre, on the traditions of the paat. Tlieir genealógica! knowledge is as minute as it is wonderful. It is I quant, too, if youwantto know " who's who," nrhere thej oame f rom, whom thej sprang from, and whether the pol was . earthenware or porcelain, they can teil you, and can deeoribe with partictüarity of circumstaiice the procoaa of matioi).-


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