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A Terrible Fight

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A terrible ligld, between 8 man and a btdl-dog took place near Glasgow, 8öo( land, a short lame since, the eircum stances of which go to show how human intelligence oan debase itself, not to the leve] ai the brute creation, bul íar betow that standard. It. i said that sucli iancounters are by no meaos uncommon iu thal aeighborhood, a statement which we incerely tniHt is incorrect It seems tliat two men, whose ñames are Daniel Shields and Don&ld Duml'.ii I v, met nt a drinking saloon, when the lattor oommenoed lo boost of the pluck and powers generally of a dog wliicli he owned, oí the buil species. Shields, wlio wmi excited by liijuor, deolared tlmt he oould whip fche dtanb animal with nothiag but his flete. Dumbarty vt-ry much doubted that, and offered to beta gallon oí' whisky that he could not. The talk upon the subject grew warmer and warmer, until aeveral others joined in the matter, and a formal bei au above was arranged. No time, it waa declared, was like the present time, and BO the flght, it was resolved, should come olï at once. Dumbarty went home tor his dog, while all the interested parties adjourned to a secluded spot not íar away. Hero an arena was marked out, and the preliminariea aumuifted in the most formal manner, the rules of the prize ling bcing adopted, the aame as though two pugilista were to cOnttr'd forBuperiority in sparring, It was not long before Dumbarty appeared with hifi dog, a medium -sized animal, which he held in restraint until the word was given, when he released him and set the animal at Shields. The latter stood alone in the middle of the rinp, and the dog, seeming to understand perfectly what was expected of him, leaped forward and sprang at Shields' throat, Irat was roceived in mid-air witli a blow straight from the shoulder, taking I hun between nis throat and jaw with I such foróé !,s to send the dog high in the , nir and over the heads of the byatanders. An opening was made in the ring, and I the dog rushed back toward Shiolds. ïhis tune the man was the attaoking party, and meeting t)ie animal before he eould spring upon him from tlie gronnd, Shields kicked him with his heavy brogan alioes, so as to send him once moro like a foot-ball into the air, and, as was afterward found, breaking one of the animal' ribs. Bnt the dog never uttered a cvy. He was "grit" alíthrougli. The instinct of the animal now tanght him cantion, and in place of springing reokleasly at his enemy a third time, he camo i'orward oautiously, and watched his chanco to Sljring nnon Shields with:g nnnseii 1' tjip saaie Borl 01 catastrophe which he had etperienoed. : If he oould once flx his jawa upon the uiau's body - that was his ïiiihiral game. This time the dog jiunped on the one side and the other, avoiding the approaoh of Shields, nntil by a sudden movement he jumped forward and üxcul hia tecth in the npper part of the man's hip. !lt was a terrible grip, and bulldogs are proverbial for holding on when they once get their jaws iixed upon an enemy. Tho man had a big quid of tobáceo in bis inouth, and by bonding down his liead suooeeded in expeclorating nearly half a gilí of the strongest kind of tobáceo saliva tlirough the dog's jaws into kis throat, at the samo timo Heining one of the fore-paws, biting it tlirough so as to nearly Bever it i'rom tin' liinb. The tobacco-jnice nearly ohoked the animal tu cleath, to say nothing oi' his paw, the mout sensitivo part of a dog's body, and be Blank awav. ]t wa.3 none tob 'in, foi Shields was bleeding profusely trom the frightful wound in his thigh, some artery having been sefered, and be soon became pwf tially insensible. He was conducted to the hospital, and properly resusoitated by Borgicai lid. It was a pretly costly gallon of whisky for tho winner.


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