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Facts For The Million

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Put bard sand instead of ashos 011 slippcry sidewalks. To oire scratohes iu horses, w.ash tlio legs with warm, steottg SOftpsads, and thou with beef brinc. If yon liavc bees pirlung or haudling acid ínnts and have stained your hands wash thcm in clear water, wipe them lightly, and, whüe they aro yét inoi.s', strike i match and shut your hands around il, so as to catch the amoke, and the stain will disappear. pLEANINIt OlIjOIíOTH. - OÜolotll fl ruined by' the applieation of lye-soiip, as (he [ye eats Ebe cloth, and after bemg washed it should bn wiped perfectly dry, or ti i o d&mpneas will soourot it. If laid down where the sim will shine 011 it mnch, it will be apt to stick fast to the Hoor, unless paper be laid under it. DboAï of tlin teetb 'm rcally causo 1 1 their being diasolved by aeids generated in the motvth by (he deoompoflitioD oi' small partióles of í'ood. It i olear, therefóre, wat the only method of preventing Slis is to apply Ib" brusli mmediately ftfter every meal. Soap is the best mibstanee to use on the brush, though it is advisablo occasionally to use a rather rough powder of some kind to keep the teetli in brilliant poliah. Inscriptions on OijD Coins. - We glean from an old magazine a method by whieh inscriptions nearly obliterated by age and wear from old silver coins may be rendered visible. It is stated to be oiic which was adopted at the mint, wlien some very old silver coins had been withdrawn from eircidation, and it consisted of ' pliicing the coin upon a pieco of red-hot iron - a poker would do - by which means the inacription was made to assume a greenish hue, whereby it becaiue readable. To Presebve Books. - A few drops of auy kind of perfumcd oil will secure books and manuscripts from the deterio1-ating effects of rnold and damp. The species of leather so exteusively used by bookbinders owes its powers of withstanding the effects of these destructive agents to the tar of the birch tx'ee - betula alba. The preserving of books written on papyrus and parchment by means of perf nmed oils was known to the ancients. The Romans made use for this purpose of the oil of cedar. The best oil for that purpose now kuown is the oil of yellow sandalwood. Cukious Faots. - An Italian 2'hysiologist says that if asmall quantity of strong liquor of ammonia be injected into the skin tissues of a dead body, it causes no change and exhibits no effects so far as color is coucerned. But in the living booY, and even where the patiënt is moribund, this procedure causes a deñnite spot or patch of a deep red color, verging occasionally on a purple tint. This test ailds another to the many already advocated with a viow to wcertain if dciith really has taken place, Ita sim uu -mts it to tlie attoution of physiologi.sts.


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