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Why A Child Loves Sugar

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The craving of ehildren for sweete is well knowii to be one of the most imperious of their appetátes. It lias rèfer ence probably t' 1h:t ( iiseless act' whioh espeoially characterizes the age of ehüdhood. It may be tliat sugar perforras in their systemttie part eiiacted by the fatty subs'tanee in the bodies of adulto. "As it undergoea oxulatïon - is biiriit up, cireiüating with the blood - it may be the souroe of the power which enafclea them to keep iii motion frooa morning to ïiight. Besides tliis it ia knownthatit renden; easier and more t the digestión óf tfie albtiinro fond 11)1011 whicll ( 1 1 - 1 1 ■ -i.-lli (, pends. In respecl to thttM oflioes it íh, therefore, nearly easentiaJ to tlicir well being. And vel Jiuw Btrong, for generatíona, baa been the prejudiee against sugar ! Under wkt difficulties, and is tlio 6oe f whnt diseonrae-enients and protests, have our


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