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The Connecticut Election

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The Democraoy won a great victory in Connecticut on Monday. The hopeB entertained by the Republicana of carrying the State on the general ticket and saving the three Congressional disttricts oontrolled by them at the last eleotion were dashed. They did not succeed in cutting down the Democratie majorities of last year. Gov. Ingersoll is re-elected by 6,000 majority over all, and the election of three Democratie Congressmen. Gen. Hawley isdefeated in the First District; Mr. Kellogg in the Second Distriot ; Mr. Starkweather (Rep.) in the Third District is re-elected by a bare majority ; Mr. Barnum is reelected in the Fourth. This reverses the order of Connecticut's Congressional delegation. The Legislature is also Demcratic in both braDches. The vote was the heaviest polled since 1868. The Democratie gain over last year is more than 3,500, and Ingersoll's majority is the largest ever received by any Democratie candtdate in the State. The Civil Rights Law has now been on the statute book more than a month and so far has failed to justify the expectations or predictions of either its friends or its enemies. The class of citizens who were led to believe that i would place them in imineditite posses sion of any new social privileges or im muuities have learned the lesson that no mere legal enatment can open to then the doors of hotels and theaters, niuoh less of private residences or places of pri vate entertainment from which they are at present excluded by custom or preju dice. As a measure of protection fo the colored man in thoae sections in which it has been alleged that he wa persecuted or in danger of persecution we do not see that it has any effee whatever. The Rhode Island election Wednes day resulted in a Republican viotory There was no election of Governor o Lieut. Governor, but the remainder o the Repuhcan ticket was elected. The question of the repeal of the Prohibi tory law partially broke up polttica parties, andi at present writiug it i hardly possible to give a correct claasi fication of the Assembly.


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