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The Weather We May Expect Next Summer

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Professor Tioe, the meteorologista to whose reniarkable predictions, and their uo less remarkable fulfilment, coneerning the physical perturbations whioh accompa'nied the late equinox of Venus, we referred a lew days ago, states that the period i'roiu the 15th of June next, through the first of July will be a sea son of high electiro tensiĆ³n in the atuiosphere, many thunder storm8, possialy inany rainfalls and cyclones, suoh as waterspouts and tornadoes. The cycle occurs again about the iniddle of Ootoser. The phenouiena twenty days be'ore and after should, he says, be par;icularly noted. He claims that there are meteorogical cyoles which are iuiuenced by the equinox of Venu, and ;he record of the phenomena he adduoces, not ouly proves the occurrence of jerturbations at these equinoxes, but hat they begin to manifest themselves as early as twenty and sometimes as early as twenty-five days anterior to he oocurence of the equinox, and may continue many daya subsequent to it. ?he exact day of bad weather cannot be foretold, nor the immediate locality of the paroxisra ; but by means of this ystem he claims to be able to teil where the disturbance will be feit least and where it is Hable to be the greatest.


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