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NEW ADVERTÏSEMENTS flotirT The Quality of our Flour MADE A SPECIALTV. J. M. SWIFT & CO., of the late firm of Deubel, Swift & Co., offer to the public a firat class brand of ï'lour. Orders ior ELOUR AND FEED! may be left afc the Post Office, in our Box. murked J. M. Swift&Co., or at the mil], which will be made a apecialty. DELIVERY FKEE- TERMS CASH. 1525wfi J. M. SWIFT & CO. Chancery Notioe. mHE CIRCUIT COURT tor the countyof WashJ- tenaw- in ehancery. Peter C. Roas, eomplain vfl. Catharme M. Ross, defendant. It satisfactorily appearing to this Court by affidavit and return oí the sheriff on the subpcena istsued in this cause, that the repidence of the defendnnt is in the State of New York, and that said defendant is not within the jurisdiotion of this Court, on motion of D. Cramer, solicitor for the coinplainant, it is ordered that the defendant cause her appearanoe tobe entered in this cause within three months i rom the date of thia order, and that in case of her apjearance she cause her answer to the coraplainant's bilí to be iiled in this cause, and a copy thereof to be aerved in the corapluinant or hia solicitor within twenty days af ter service on her or her solicitor, of a copy of the bill of complainant filed in thiB cause, anda llotic' of hisordjT, and in default as coufessed by the said defendant; and it is iurther ordered that within twenty days the said complainant cause a copy of this order to be publiahed in the Michigan Argus, a public newspaper printed in said county ol Washtenaw, and th;it the publication continue at least once each week for six ruccessive weeke or that he cause a copy of this order to be pert-onally served on the said Üefcndaiit, accordinjr to the rules and practice of this Court, Dated April 2, 1875. JOHN F. LAWRENCB, Circuit Court Commissioner in and for -D. Cbamfr, "Washtenaw County, Michigan. Solicitor for Complainant. 1525 MICHIGAN STATC BÜPTUKE OR HERNIA flltr, Union Hotel Block, Jaekson, Mich. Theonly INSTITUTION in the "Western States, and may well be eaid in this country, devoted exclusively to the Management, Treatmtnt and CURE of RtXPTURK or HERNIA. The Excelsior Klas tic Truss, manufactured at the Care, is conceded by the multitudes asina them to be superior to all others in point of comfort., convenience, and prnctical support. Bescriptive Circuláis sent iree to all. Address witli stamp A. DeLAFAYETTE ANGKLL, M. D , Box 422. Jackaon, Mich. AVERILL CHEMICAL PAINT FÍ To all who contémplate painting, we say us no other, It will cost less, laat much longer, a ik give a much fin er finish than any other paint in th market. It nold by the gallon, ready for imme dinte application, put up in packages to suii. tiem for sample card and price list to KOOI 11 Ar HART, __ 41 Michigan Ave., Detroit CLAS8 PAJÑT. WHOLESALE AND KETAIL. Window Glass. Plate Glass, Cut, Stained and En ameled Glaas, l'rciuh stncl ííei 111:111 I.unking" I'latcs, also Beymer, Bauman & o' .-trictly Pure White lead, all at bottom prices. If Ín want of tmything get our pnces. trio & muis. 108 Woodward Ave. and 10 and 12 'ongress 8t. E. DETROIT, MItH. I. J. 51ECHEM, M. D. lias opened an oiíice for medical practice on Main atreet, over Back & Abel's store. SYSTEM OF TREATIWENT: The Homeopathie, combined in special cases with Electricity. Off.ce HornB { jj1,' 1524w3 FARMERS TAKE NOTICE. Tliose wishiny to ruiae Barley can tet pure seed, froe iro:n Oats, oí E. L. Boyden, of Webstar. Also have a quantity of Choice CLOVER SEED, My own raising, forjialo, and I keep on hand Illinois Timotliy Setil lor sale. N. B - A little time oould he had on the above if neeesaary, by giving approved notes. E. L. BOYDEN. TORENT! Forthree or five years, the property of David DeForest estáte, comprining a two story dwelling house with 12 rooms and a good cellar, three siory bnek bleek 2Kx4O feet, good barn, tenement house with amjtle gronnds. For particular enquire at premisew, No 35 División 8t. 1524w2 MUST BEJPD ÜP. OINOE MAKING A CHANOH IN M V ÜUSIO NESS I hiive allowert over live ïiionths For th of my oíd booka. A rery lurge number of aecounti still remain anpaid, and Must be paid within 60 Days OB WII.L BE SUBJECT TO CO0I& J. T. SWATHEL. Ann Arbor, April 2, 1875. SmlSM Commissioners Notice. UTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wnshtonaw, -5 88. The undersinod havmg been appointed by ie Probate (Jourt for awid county, commissioners .o receive, examine and adjust all claims and denands of ill persons against the estáte of Catharine idd, late of saic eounty deceaaed, hereby give uiice that six months frora date are allowed, by rder of Haid Probate (Joart, for creditnrs to preent their olaiina against the estáte of said deund, and that they will meet at the resience of Edward Drke, in the township of Lüdi, n said county, on Saturday, thtj twenty-eecond ay of May, and on Waturday, the twenty-Ürat ttj of August next, at ten o'clnok a. m., of each of ud days, to receive, examine and adjust said ninas, ltttöd February 23, A. Ü. 1875. 1519 ?ÍMJÍ-l4H.!commi..1On.r.. FOR SALE VERYCHEAP! i I ONIÍ LABOE FireProofSafe 2 Show Cases, One Largo Goal Stove, STORE SÏOOLS. Counter Scales, DESKS, CHAIRS, AND OTHER Furníture and Fixtures belonging to the late FARMES' STORE. The above articles will be disjiosed oL very cheap to save removal. WM. McPHERSON & SONS. NEW ARRIVAL OF SPRING AND StJMMER CLOTHING. WM. WAGNEB Has .1 iis.1 Beccivcd A FBNE STOCK, Which must and will be sold at PKÏCES TO SUIT THE TIMES Alao a full stock of Cloths, to be CUT AND MADE TO ORDER. Style and Work warranted to suit. Also a Full Line of Furnisliing Goods. CALL and C. WM. WAGNEB, 21 South Maih St. Ann Akboe. 1496 $20,000 ín Greenbacks ! Twelftii Annual GIFT OF PREMIUMS TO StTBSCRIBERS OF THE DETROIT COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER ! WILL TAKE PLACE APEIL 21st, 1875SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! Subscription Price $2.50 Per Year. Lesa Tlian Two Monfhs to Elapse Boiore uur Animal Dlstribiition. A Class Family Newspaper, and Shoidd he ia Every Houteheld. lf20 &3 Subscribe at Once willi Any of Our Authorixed ar ni, or Siml for Circular and Suinple Copy to WM. H. BURK, Lamed Street West, Detroit. MOHB SEWTEASlLNDCOFFEES! LOWER PRICES ! LOWER PRICES ! Don't fiiil to visit the Cash Groceht Hodbe of if Edwaid Uuffy, during the nuxt tliirty days, ind examine hia Teas and Coffees of the latest importations, whieh will be eold AT NEW YORK PRICES. Sugars, Syrupa, and Spioes, together with a full ine of General üroceriea, very low íor Cash. Chuap bargains for the next ïhirty Duys in BOOTS ól SHOES ndia Rubber and wool lined Gooda, together with a f ullline of Gentlemens Furnishing and Hosiery üoode. Please cali and examine goods and pricee, and 1 will ensure Satisfaction. It pays for everybody to trade at the CASH GROCEHY HOUSE OF EDWARD DUFFY. Maynard Blook, Cor. Main and Ann 6t , 511 Ann Arbor, Mioh "The Vi to Wealtlt, if jou dcslre t, 1 a pluiu as tlie wuy to Martel." - Franklin. AGENTS WA.NTED to oanass in Wfiwhtííntiw nnd adjominj: ('ounties fol the nwbook ''HUCUKSS IN BUüIN'KSS," or IVTi'ÏKI TF"V This country has money %rl JU Mm for cverybody. Money in AND 'l'rade, in the Mili, in Mines, ÜOAV ou the Parin, in the Garden, To in Wheat , in Corn, in Stock, uiirn jm and in Poultiy. This boi k ■llAivli 11. shows how Business Men, 'armera, Workinginen, Young Men and Women, 1 raay get, save loan and use it. It is just the )ook needed, and will sell fast. Address for eircurs and tenas, J. V... WcClJROï A: CO., Juccossors to Ziegler & McCurdy,) 108 W. Fourth .., Cincinnali, O.: Fifth Avenue & Adams öt,, bicago, 111. ; 620 Olive 8t., 8t. Louis, Mo. N. B.- The l'eopla'a Standard Edition of the oly Bible, published by us, ie the flnest, cheapest nd best. Agents make from 850 to 880 per onth selling it with other books, without extra xpeaie. 6wl(30.


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