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The followiiig transfers of real estáte have jeeu recorded iu the office oí the Register of )eeds tof Washtenaw Couuty during the past ■eek : Naney Lee and Nancy J. Gibbs to James W. .Hen (quit claim), lauda ou sectious 13 aiui 24, odi. Í50U. L. Anna Avery to John F. Avery, the undiïded one-iourth interest iu 104 rods oi land ou ection 7, York. 1,100. Jacob Persin to Peter Krumpf, lot 1, block 9, village of Manchester. $550. Grilbert Hurd to Louisa J. Cody, 20 acre3 on ctioii 21, Pittsfield. 1,800. E. O. Smith to Geo. S. Wheeler, Iots4, "and biock 2, village of Salem. $140. Heirs ot Peter Duras to David Deyhle, 80 eres ou aection 10, Superior. $4,700. W. D. Morton to lohn Richards, 40 acres on ctiou IC, York. $1,500. W. R. Hamilton to Charles Hamilton, 30 eres on section 20, Salem. $1,725. Henry S. White to Susan M. Richardson pence, of Grand Rapids, house and lot on outh División street, Ana Arbor. $8,000. George Darkins to E. O. Smith, lot 4, block village oi Salem. $500. Joseph Rawson to Geo. S. Rawson, 240 acres u sections 9, 10, 22 and 23, Bridgewater. 17,00. Susan M. Dolbee to Henry Wil Is, lots 2, 3 nd 4, southwest sectiou oi village of Dixboro. 120. Edwin J. Mills to Michigan Paper Compay, the undivided ouü-hali interest in the Pajer Mili property and privileges at Geddes. 113,000. Francis Kopp to Geo. J. Kempf, 25 acres on ection 5, Pittstield. $3,825. Edward Treadwell to D. W. Noyes, 4 2-3 eres on section 19, Aun Arbor town. f2,800. Heirs of Ulrioh Kader to Frederick Kader, ie uudivided tíve-seveuths of 136 acres on ectiou 12 and 13, Bridgewater. $4,905.72. Frederick Kader to Gotlieb Hang, 35 acres n sectiou 12, Bridgewater. $1,767.50. Estáte of David Eaton to Reid Gillott, 25 eres ou sectiou 23, York. $750. Heirs of Jeremiah Aruold, by guardián, to ). K. Stringham, the uudivided two-sevenths f 60 acres on section 18, Bridgewater. $451. Uriah Arnold to D. K. Stringham, (quit claim), the e. hf. ot ue. qu. of sectiou L8, Bridgewater. $2,100. Heirs of Jereiniah Arnold to D. K. Stringham, (quit claim), 00 acres on sectiou 18, Bridgewater. $2,100] Norman Chapín to J. V. N. Gregory, lot and store in Exchaugc Block, Fifth ward, Ann Arbor. $4.000. W. F. Allen to Uriah Arnold, 100 acres ou secttous 23 and 24, Bridgewater. $2,500. Uathariue L. Frost to John Pykett, 40 acres on sectiou 27, Biidgewater. $460.