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How A Lady Should Sit On A Horse

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The ideal of i lino horsewoman is erect without beiug rigid, perfectly Í square to the front, and, until qnite at j homo in the uldle, looking religiously between herhoi-sc'sears. The shoulders ■■■ihoiild be perl'cetly square, bnt Ihrown back a little, so aa to expand the ohcst I and mnkü a hollow waiat, " such as ia ; öbserved in waltziug, " but always flexible. On the flexibility of the person abovo the seat all the grace of equestrianisin, and on the iirmness bclow all the safety, depend. Nervousness niakes botfa men and womon poke heada forward - a stupid trick in i man, unpardonable in a woman. A lady should bend like a willow in a storm, aiways i turning to an easy yet ncai-ly up'right position. This seat should be acquired ; wiule the lady's horse is led, iit'st by Imnd, Ihcn with Q leadiug-stick, and linally with a lttnging-rein, whicli will give room for cantering in eircles. lint where a pupl is encumbered with reina, a whip, and diroetions í'or guiding a horse, she may be excused for forgetting I ■U abont her seát or her position. The arms down to the elbows shoold hang loosely near but not lixed to the aides, and the hands, in the abaence of reina, may rest in front of the waist.


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